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"One Fifth Of The Worlds Vertebrates Currently Threatened,"Major World Study Finds."

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posted on Oct, 27 2010 @ 03:51 PM
From "Science Daily",

Dated Oct 26th, comes a dark assessment regarding the future of roughly one fifth of the worlds vertebrates.One hundred and seventy scientists from around the world have just finished a major study and have found that "The quantifying rate of decline amongst vertebrate species has reached a global scale for the first time ."scientists feel this could be the earths sixth mass extinction in history .

With all the news lately regarding wars and possible terrorist attacks,global cooling and global warming,disclosure,and 2012,we all seem to forget about the creatures we share this planet with.Being human has given us the will to do what ever we please regarding the shared ground we inhabit,and now we could be seeing the beginnings of our arrogance and lack of any kind os symbiotic relationship with this planet.

I cant say for certain that humanity is fully responsible for what this study has discovered.We were not obviously responsible for the first five extinctions,so my gut tells me this could be something that happens by forces, be it earthly or solar.But I do know,we have not been very good keepers of this world and our lack of concern for our enviroment could be rapidly speeding up this type of extinction.

Take this next story.It was just relaesed by National Geographic on Oct,27th and leads exactly to what I was saying about how humans are not helping matters when it comes to biodiversity and animal species.

A new type of monkey discovered in Myanmar scientists are calling "the Snub Nosed Monkey" because of its snubbed nose,has just recently been scientifically observed by scientists and the only one observed of its species seen so far , was quickly killed and eaten by local villagers in the area."The high demand for monkey meat in the area scientists say is the only reason it is considered endangered."]

Now I can not speculate on how I would react in the situation that some of those villagers face on a daily basis,
and this could be as simply explained as the same thing as a local hunter in North America going out and shooting a deer or a fowl for meat.Maybe this has gone on in this region for thousands of years and this is a sensationalized story by The National Geographic to further a cause.Maybe these people have a more symbiotic relationship with their forests and their monkeys than we have in North America with our billion chicken , chicken farms, or our steriod injected cattle.But I do think that these two stories are important and maybe we all need to step back for a second and look at how we treat our fellows species, and even how we ingest our fellow species,
because it can be a very good barometer of how we treat each other. Peace.
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Sorry, this thread needs to be moved .My bad. Peace.
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posted on Oct, 28 2010 @ 12:05 PM
I am going to repost this in the proper forum.thanks.Peace.

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