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Webster Tarpley posting on Zero Hedge

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posted on Oct, 26 2010 @ 03:25 AM
Webster Tarpley is posting a 12 part history of the Venetian Black Nobility over on Zero Hedge. His pen name over there is geopol, and he's active in the comment sections. So far 3 parts have been posted, and they are excellent. If you want the history of the vampire bankers that run things today, this stuff is the best there is. I also highly recommend that you read all of the comments. ZH has one of the best peanut galleries on the web.

The Venetian Conspiracy...Why we find ourselves here..A series .. 1/12

The ORIGINS 2/12


More to come later!

Also here is an hour and a half documentary about the Venetian Black Nobility from just before the Dark Ages, to just before the New Dark Ages (coming soon to a Western country near you!!)
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