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Heart Transplant Settlement (Stop the blood letting)

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posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 10:38 AM
Well despite the family of Jesica Santillan stated claim that they did not want money, the relatives of the girl who recived the wrong bloodtype heart/lung, settled with Duke University.

No one will argue that it was a tragic mistake. An unforgivible error etc., but at some point the bloodletting of the medical community has got to stop. This was a girl that was brought into this country illegally with the expressed intent to get free healthcare. "Santillan's family illegally entered the United States from Tamazula, Mexico, a town 275 miles west of Mexico City, so that she could receive medical treatment. Relatives have stated that the family paid a smuggler to get them across the border".

After she died, the family refused to transpland any of her organs.

Now Duke has to shell out money both for the treatment and the settlement. THe point I am making is that if this is allowed to continue, you may wake up one morning and find out that your local hospital has closed, or your doc is unwilling to perform a surgery you need because you may sue. Healthcare as we know it will collapse under the weight of excessive regulations and lawsuits

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