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Should the UK stop foreign Aid?

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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 04:21 PM
Originally posted by js331975

Yes. The thought should be country first world second.

I agree, but it’s usually good to explain why…

Human Nature…
There are many versions of capitalism but all start with “me first” world second.
There are many forms of government that proclaim “you first” “me second” but they are all the very, worst forms of government. Why? Because never (probably even one second) do the people in these governments stop thinking “me first” (they just grow to have enough audacity to not admit, the very obvious)

That’s why the world should think in terms of country first. It’s ironic that the reason why the First World War went on so long, is because everybody ended up believing their own propaganda i.e. that it was for the world (“power blocks” of the time). Had each country thought of their own interests (and not the “worlds”) (something too big for any politician to properly comprehend) then peace would have been reached in a fraction of the time.

Current Danger…
The dangerous thing is (perhaps a big majority) of the U.K electorate actually believes “me first” has been replaced with “world-EU first”. WHEN: The only replacement is that “me country first” has been replaced “world first, for me interests” (i.e. not the for the public, countries, or worlds interests).

As long as humans are ruled by other humans it will never change. Anything else is the path to evil, because deception is always one such path.

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