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Green Fireballs,Scarlet splashes,Red Rain in India....??

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posted on Oct, 21 2010 @ 01:49 AM
Here is an excerpt from Donald Keyhoes book.Flying Saucers From Outer Space.
I bring this to your attention because of the subject matter.I believe that these vizitors activities have been perhaps played down by all in the know.....
Please read the conversaation knowing it really took place between Major keyhoe and a trusted fellow officer back in the early fifties.
On reading about the fireballs and the scarlet splashes it becomes aparent that A contact of a sort has definately been established with our guests long ago....
And B they have been doing things here other than just abducting the odd comely wench....
mora on that later

Friends or Foes?

It doesn’t have to be bad news, I told Riordan. I think it may depend on us. Anyway, let's check the things the saucers seem most interested in. Maybe you'll spot some clue I've missed."

"Have you plotted any foreign sightings?" asked Riordan, as I spread out the United States map.

"No, but they show the same pattern."

Riordan bent over the map, which showed the following key locations:

1. Atomic energy plants at Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Hanford, and smaller plants such as Newport, Indiana. The most frequent observations were over the Los Alamos area.

2. U. S. Air Force Bases as follows: Davis-Monthan and Williams, Arizona; Fairfield-Suisan, Hamilton, George, March, Muroc, and Travis, California; the Air Defense Command Headquarters, Colorado Springs; Patrick, Florida; Hunter, Moody, and Robbins, Georgia; O'Hare, Scott, and Chanute, Illinois; Andrews, Maryland; Westover, Massachusetts; Selfridge, Michigan; Keesler, Mississippi; Offutt, Nebraska; Grenier, New Hampshire; Holloman, Kirtland, and Walker, New Mexico; Mitchel, New York; Pope, North Carolina; Lockbourne and Wright-Patterson,



Ohio; Tinker, Oklahoma; Greenville, South Carolina; Rapid City, South Dakota; Carswell, Ellington, Kelly, Randolph, Laredo, and San Marcos, Texas; Langley Field, Virginia; McChord, Washington.

(In addition to these, as I told Riordan, UFO's have been sighted over or near American bases in Alaska, the Canal Zone, Greenland, Germany, Hawaii, Japan, and Korea.)

3. Naval bases and Navy and Marine Corps air stations at: Alameda, El Toro, and San Diego, California; Jacksonville and Key West, Florida; Atlantic City and Lakehurst, New Jersey; Tongue Point, Oregon; Beaufort, South Carolina; Norfolk and Quantico, Virginia.

4. The high-altitude rocket-testing base at White Sands, New Mexico, where discs circled or paced rockets in flight.

5. Aircraft plants in California, Kansas, Washington, and Texas, where most of the industry is concentrated.

6. Most of the major cities of the United States. The complete list is too long to use, but it includes important cities in almost every state, such as: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis and St. Paul, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Portland, Santa Fe, Des Moines, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Birmingham.

"There are some important sightings which don't show on that map," I told Riordan, "I didn't pinpoint all the spots where saucers have approached or circled planes, because it would look as though they were ground sightings. But there have been hundreds of those reports, as you know."

"Yes, and they've taken some close-range looks at the ground war in Korea, too. About the cities—what do the saucers seem to be checking?"

"There's been only one detailed report—the Washington case. When no airliners were near, the saucers flew over the White House, the Capitol, Andrews Field, the aircraft plant at Riverdale, and the Navy Yard. One or two circled



the airway radio beacons. Of course, they were all over the area, but those seemed to be the main points of interest. Whenever an airliner took off or approached the airport, several saucers would dart over as if for a closer look.

"Most of the cities where they've hovered or circled have defense industries, a big airport, or defense bases, so it's hard to tell just what they were looking at. One thing, they don't seem much interested in ground transportation; though there have been a few cases of saucers following trains. And several times I've seen unconfirmed reports of discs buzzing cars on highways. Some sounded like fakes, but there was one, last July, near Enid, Oklahoma, where the police said the driver was still shaking when he made the report."

"And I suppose his friends made a fool out of him," Riordan said tartly.

"Probably. Well, that's the general setup. Of course, saucers have been seen at dozens of other places, but these are the ones where they've made repeat visits or shown special interest."

Riordan stood up, moved restlessly around the room.

"Maybe I'm a pessimist," he muttered. "But with all those repeats at atomic plants, and checking on our planes and air defenses—well, it looks as if they're getting ready for an attack."

"I know it looks bad. But it's still just circumstantial evidence."

"Many a man's been hung on less," retorted Riordan. He took out his pipe, shoved it back into his pocket. "You say the pattern's about the same in other countries?"

"Except for the atomic energy angle and I couldn't check on that. Probably the saucers have looked over Russia's A-bomb plants, too, but only a few UFO reports have leaked through the Iron Curtain. I do know that two saucers circled the uranium mines in South Africa, some time back. And several were seen over Australia just after Britain exploded its first A bomb there. But there have



been enough reports to show that foreign air defenses and planes have gotten a close going-over. It's worried several countries enough to have them start investigations."

"Yes, you told me," said Riordan.

"But they haven't given out any official case reports that I know of. I've got a few unofficially. In one British case, a rotating disc chased a Meteor jet over Topcliffe Airdrome. And down in the Belgian Congo an air service fighter chased two saucers that were looking over an air base. There've been dozens of foreign airliner reports. Around February of '51, an East African Airways crew and some of the passengers saw a long, rocket-shaped saucer— the pilots estimated the length at about 200 feet. There was another case, farther back, in Australia, where everybody on an airliner signed affidavits describing a rocket-shaped ship they'd seen."

"I guess it's world-wide, then. I thought at first they were concentrating on us."

"I think they are, now. Probably because we've got the lead in A bombs and we look like the strongest nation."

Riordan shook his head moodily.

"That's what bothers me, Don. It looks as though they're measuring us for a knockout. And those green fireballs— if they're not meteors there’s only one possible answer."

"I know. Guided missiles launched from space."

"What else could they be? It would be simple enough to drop them from one of the big ships and guide them in by radar."

"You're not the only one who thinks it's the answer. I know one astrophysicist who says they may be warnings for us to lay off making A bombs—that's because most of them came in over New Mexico."

"That may be true. It's obvious they weren't trying to hit any bases or cities. With radar they wouldn't miss."

"No, they've already proved they can come as close as they want. Not with the green missiles—I'm talking about the red spray cases."



"What happened?" said Riordan.

"It was a queer business. I was surprised that Project Sign let it get out—you'll find it listed as Case 225 in the 1949 summaries. One night, back in '49, a strange reddish light was sighted at Albuquerque, where they'd also been seeing the green fireballs. The saucer came in at about 500 feet, then it suddenly dropped down to 200 feet and exploded in a red spray."

Riordan sat up quickly.

"Did it hurt anybody?"

"No, just scared a few people. It wasn't directly over the city. A pilot told me later it was out near the airport."

"Lucky—it could have set off a panic."

"Here's the part that clinches it. This happened on three other nights—same place, same hour."

"This is the worst thing you've told me," Riordan said slowly. "It's bad—damned bad."

"I don't like it, either. The things were guided there and exploded by remote control—there's no doubt about it. Of course, they could have been flash bombs for UFO cameras higher up, but I can't see it."

"Neither can I," said Riordan. "I happen to know there'd been several daytime sightings at Albuquerque—so why should they bother with night pictures, and four times at that?"

"All right, I admit it was some kind of small flying bomb being used in a test."

"And if they can guide a small one in that accurately," said Riordan, "they could put a big one—probably an A bomb—over any place they wanted to hit. It's plain as the nose on your face—those were ranging tests, for close-up control. The Air Force must know it, too."

"Project Sign didn't give any hint of what they thought. In fact, they left the case out of the actual summaries. But when they released the report it carried a secret analysis by the Air Weather Service—a check to see if balloons could explain any of the flying saucer sightings."



"Don't tell me they tried to call this an exploding balloon —four times in the same place?"

"No, they admitted it couldn't be. But that's how I found out what Case 225 was—and also how I got my lead on the green fireballs."

"You say they omitted those cases, too, from the Project report?"

"That's right. Here, I’ll show you."

I got out the copy I'd typed—the Air Force had released just one report. In the Project analysis section, six case numbers were followed by blanks—Numbers 223, 225, 226, 227, 230, and 231. Why the secret Air Weather Service analysis had been released, when it showed these omitted cases, had never been explained.

"That was right after my first article in True," I told Riordan. "They were in a hurry, trying to offset it, and I guess somebody slipped up."

"Just another snafu," he said. "What's AWS say about the green fireballs?"

"They called them green flares then. Here's Case 223— it says the object was definitely a green flare, seen near Albuquerque. The next one, Case 224, was listed in the Project section, but they don't say a word about any green flare. They just show that something was seen at Las Vegas on December 8, 1948, and then say to compare it with Case 223, which they omitted."

Turning to the Air Weather Service comment, I read it to Riordan:

"Case 224. Description exactly as that in 223, only at an altitude of 13,500 feet. Seen 2 ½ hours after scheduled balloon release time. Winds at levels from 10,000 to 15,000 feet, WNW, while flare was reported traveling at very high speed in WSW direction. Very accurate observations made by two FBI agents. Definitely not a balloon."

"Very bright deduction," Riordan said sarcastically.

"They had to say that, Jim, even though they knew the



balloon answer was ridiculous. I told you it was AWS's job to say yes or no on balloons."

"OK—it just sounded silly." Riordan picked up the report and silently read the other AWS comments, which were as follows:

"Case 226. Sighted one hour after release time at Albuquerque. Same green flare as in previous five or six cases, and moving into the wind from east to west. No balloon . . . Case 227. Read report of incident. Definitely not a weather balloon. Serves as a guide to interpretation of 223, 224, 225, and 226 . . . Case 230. Exactly as described in 223, etc. Definitely no balloon . . . Case 231. Another glowing green flare just as described above."

Riordan put his finger on the "guide to interpretation" line.

"That's the tip-off. Even then, they must have known those were guided missiles. That's what scared them into setting up Project Twinkle."

"It looks that way. But it still doesn't prove the saucer people are hostile."

"Are you crazy?" demanded Riordan. "It can't add up to anything else. You admitted the red spray things were ranging bombs under remote control."

"Yes, and I'm convinced the green fireballs are guided missiles. But those tests began four years ago. If an attack was all they had in mind, they'd have hit us long before this."

"What else could they possibly—"

The phone cut Riordan off. When I picked it up I heard a familiar voice.

"This is W. B. Smith. I've been here several days, but this is my first chance to call you about a talk. I know its short notice, but this is my last day in Washington."

posted on Oct, 21 2010 @ 02:16 AM
As you can see having read of them, the green fireballs wth no meteoric similarities(other than descending from space)seem to have been directed towards areas where nuclear activity was occuring.
It is my conjecture that rather than being demonstrations of missle prowess, they may have had to do more with decontamination or stabilisation of past detonation sites.where the atom bomb was perfected.
At present i would appreciate any reference to green fireballs, especially in relation to nuclear sites and accidents that you may run across, This may go towards establishing some kind of motive for these fireballs.

The Red Explosions over albaqueque Are also perhaps key to getting behind the mask of mystery which our visitors have offered us since we became aware of them.
In the conversation The two military men come to the conclusion these scarket spolashes are evidene of targeting activity and an attempt to imply they could hold the means to destroy at will.
yet, it is also possible these strange occurences(goverment documented bona fide)
Could mean something entirely other than that.
Imagination can provide many different alternatives.

Red Rain in India.

Here is another sky gift that remains very controverial yet seems quite cut and dried as to the details....
Again perhaps the boys topside may have something to do with this.The likelihood of their involvement is far higher in my est than that they have nothing to do with this......

As one gets deeper into this red rain thing we learn that there have been yellow and also black rains as well.....
I believe that we here on ATS should be more actively keeping track of these details,
I sense a certain connectivity between these occurances, yet the web is not revealed through lack of information nodes...
perhaps you have info which could help join the few dots available?

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posted on Oct, 21 2010 @ 02:57 AM
That link you posted on red rain now comes up with Page not found |
Somethings definately afoot

posted on Oct, 21 2010 @ 03:08 AM
replaced with a working one now....try that....

posted on Oct, 21 2010 @ 03:14 AM
funny to hear them talk of "radar" as being the beat all in guidance systems.
I bet the missile tech we have now would also seem alien to them.

posted on Oct, 21 2010 @ 03:16 AM
How is it that people can remember exact conversations from over 50 years ago? I've always been suspect of that.

posted on Oct, 21 2010 @ 08:27 AM

Full book available here.....

Where is this headed?You ask.....
Without continuing to argue wether they are like to try tpo dig up aand discuss what they may have been doing on all levels we are aware of....
Perhaps through collective speculation we can find a clue heretofore withheld,or concealed.

Having seen and heard both Donald Keyhoe, and Ed Ruppelt speak,my gut tells me they were honourable men who took their oaths as officers of the USA military in earnest.I believe their actions and written works to be the truth as they knew it.(Much of it documented by the airforce or other service in question.)
This early fifties reportage is what i believe to be the last real look the public has ever gotten concerning UFOs.
Is a link to another green bolide which may or may not fit the pattern which im sure exists in these and other strange occurances pertaining to our skies.

If one considers that the visitors are sitting at the top of a gravity shute which can deliver any type of thing/weapon/virus/a bomb, or just about anything else for no cost no trouble to them.
It becomes aparent that the presence of the visitors though it cannot be denied exactly, neither can it be confirmed either.....(I can imagine a very despondent segment of humanity simply giving up at that point....faced with the enormity of our predicament.)

Still these events such as the Chernobyl UFO,story,the deactivated missles of Malmstrom air base,and other reports have an encouraging side to them as well....

The info from Keyhoes book shows that there has been virtually no progress in the study of UFOs since 1954 when the airforce CLEARED FOR PUBLICATION< THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL HYPOTHESIS BEING LIKELY!
Beyond this fact we have been virtually stonewalled for fifty years.
From the infiltration of NICAP by the CIA, to the millions of feet of hoaxed and spurious footage one finds everywhere these days,The truth is become diluted to babbling of idiots.
Going back to the pre Condon assessments of these honest men,before the CIA got involved, and the military for the most part was attempting to serve the people, in the candid statements and straightforward story this book tells......There can be no doubtswhatsoever that we have been indeed in contact with at least one extraterrestrial race.This fact i believe to be established and documented sufficiently in Keyhoes book.
With that taken as a given, is there any collective way we can determine or deduce more information?
From strange growling noises seemingly in the these strange green bolides which do not conform to the norm,I wonder, could we be experiencing the opportunity to witness a type 2 civilization in action.?
Do they even recognise our existance on a meaningful level?

More bright fireballs many of these explode leaving no fragments to be found, though there have been extensive searches made for them.
What could be being delivered into our very atmosphere by means of these fiery heralds?
Though we do get our share of meteorites as well, these firballs behave indiffernt pattern.
Their trajectory is often not that of a typical meteor.

More iinteresting skyevents......1949
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posted on Oct, 21 2010 @ 10:35 PM
Here find another greenish blue fireball.....april 2010
And here is a more recent one

The Opportunity these fireballs represent as delivery systems for whatever our visitors wish to drop on us shouldnt be underestimated.
I had hopes that there may be other reports from other locales experiencing fireballs or meteors which may explode overhead.
The report of UFOs exploding over Albaqurque NM in scarlet splashes of colour three nights running at precisely the same hour, in conjunction with the green fireballs which NM has had far more than its statistical worthy of further researches.
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