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Social Telepresence

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posted on Oct, 20 2010 @ 10:14 PM

Social Telepresence

Tele-presence can be defined as having the visual and auditory senses operating at a live (non-virtual) location remote from one's own physical location. Effectively removing the eyes and ears from the body’s location and having them operate in real time from somewhere else.

Tele-presence is currently being used for military and exploratory purposes allowing the body to exist in dangerous or inhospitable physical environments.

This project uses similar technology but explores its use in a social context.

The remote hardware consists of a small camera and a binaural microphone. The user views the camera’s image through a set of TV glasses. The head movements are monitored and translated directly to the remote camera in real time. The link between user and camera is wireless. The remote camera can be attached to any moving object, in military use this is usually a robot.


Here are some videos of it in action:

Just found this and wanted to share it, I thought of the matrix to begin with, even though its nothing like that, but it is quite interesting, nothing mind boggling in terms of invention, but the creativity and use of tools already available is pretty awesome.

What do you think the other future uses of this could be? and How do you think it will advance?


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