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Your ideas for weapons?

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posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 04:36 PM
A gun that can shoot feelings described in my signature so a soldier would be day dreaming in the middle of battle or their little ones go berserk and they start hurting and effecting their battle performance

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 09:29 PM
How about a giant rail gun that would launch a gps guided projectile onto target. Figure having it's maximum velocity no greater than 8 or 9 miles/sec (otherwise it would leave the earth behind) and just in kinetic energy from the impact alone would be enourmous and it could probably reach any spot on the world from the central US. If you REALLY wanted to, put a explosive charge in it and use it as a SERIOUS bunker-buster or anything else you can think of.

That would be some major artillery support.

Oh, more ideas!

Tesla gun. Pass a high voltage, high amperage current between two nodes inside a insulated casing. Then use a laser to ionize the air between the gun to target. The ionized air would act as copper wire giving the electricity a path to go along. This could be used to great effect on people (it can really hurt and be a means for croud control, or kill, take our pick) and possible disable/destroy electronic equipment. Onl problem is a laser capable of that degree of ionization (all lasers to ionize the air, but is very VERY small).

Make a assult rifle/sniper rilfe in the same gun. Fist pick a calliber size (I like 7.62) and bullet size (7.62 X 39 and 7.62 X 54). Have a duel magazine bullpup gun that you sellect which kind of ammo used. Manipulate the action such that the larger bullet is a single shot, bolt action style rifle. Move the action the other way and the smaller bullets are use. This design would take a lot of work to perfect and would only be used by troops which are going to need a wide range of option, i.e. a SWAT team would have no need for this as they 'know' pretty much what's going to happen.

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posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 03:22 AM
well rail gun artillery is being exsplored, i dont know how far.
a 6 metre rail gun can get you 2 and about a half miles a second.
imagine this weapon in a space based platform. no space constrictions.

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 08:46 AM
Well, maybe some of us have read about the ''secret'' weaponry of the US Military, but I think at the present the current firearms do their job very well!
Some of them are:

The General Electrics M134 Minigun - High firing rate, up to 10,000 rounds per minute - good for exterminating large sqauds of infantry

The M16 assault rifle, or the M4 Carbine

The M203 Grenade Launcher

The M107 Sound Suppressed Sniper Rifle, with night vision scoping

The Minigun has been in service for five decades, and hasn't been replaced in all that time, that is saying something in my view!

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 10:08 AM
this weaponry isnt secret and the new weaponry has its faults.
the chain gun cant do 4kms though can they?

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 05:49 PM
i'd love a bulletproof cybersuit...
armored with motors to help speed up motion, increase jump height, boost strength, etc. Small version for single person commando missions, and a big Gundam sized version for demolishing entire cities

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 07:41 PM
How about a chemical that makes gunpowder and explosives inert. Picture all armies having to go back to broad swords and bows...

Another idea (mainly for defense) is the use of Teleportation Plates, that can deconstruct matter before impact, that way when either things are shot at you or you ram something, all that is left is a whole lot of nothing. Could also be used for cloaking, making holes, getting thru shields etc

Still using teleportation tech what if you had a bomb bay / muzzle, that only reconstructed matter sent from another site. A Cessna could launch cruise missiles (fired from somewhere else into the deconstruction side) and look like a normal Cessna to everyone else

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 08:26 PM
The ultimate weapon would be mind control. Why spend trillions of dollars on explosives when it's less messier conquering the mind.

People are instinctive followers. It's the herd mentality that makes them pliable. Basic need for companionship and belonging can make a person compliant.

posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 03:32 AM
I'd say feed the troops more Mexican food... Or lots of Polish food. That should do the trick!

Or perhaps something to bring the dead to life. Nothing like a raging hoard of zombies.

posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 04:25 AM
I think we need a weapon that is introduced into the drinking water of the enemy. A bio-weapon that is engineered to saw off the penis of the male by tissue death. Engineered to only affect the chromosomes of males. All males no matter the age. It must be quick acting to ensure quick penile necrosis. The advantage to this is that within one year, there will be no locally produced population, which ensures population decline. In essence it is a form of humane genocide. Think of it - we could do this to Alabama, or Mississippi! We could even produce a public publicity campaign in the name of sexual enhancement by making them believe a very tightly bound rubber band around 'the shaft' can enhance sexual pleasure - for a while, depending on how tight.

We fight off the adult males with conventional 2000# bombs to make sure they are dead and then hit them with the regular ole' rounds the A10 fires, for good measure. The youngins' won't know because no one will have sex ever after to make new baby fighters in another 16 years.


posted on Nov, 20 2004 @ 05:10 AM
We need some kind of lead ballistic that is launched at high speed. Perhaps we could use some sort of explosive device to expand the air and propel a pointed lead ball at the target. If it was sent through a tunnel, so as to spin, it would achieve a greater accuracy.
Hell I don't know. What's cheap, what works? We're doing it now. Bullets, lots and lots of bullets. Bombs, lots of bombs. Whatever creates a sucking hole in your enemys chest cavity is what you want. I think we have it down to a fine art. In another way, I guess we could say a nuke, that destroys the enemy completly, without the expense of friendly life is the best weapon we can hope for. But nobody will launch a nuke will they?

Ultimate weapon? Humans. Born to run. Born to kill. There's nothing that can beat man's ability to invent new ways to destroy one another.

Hell, I don't know....... Ever play Syndicate? Tungsten rain ......... W rods dropped from satellites in orbit that heat up and smash people. Sounds like a weapon to me.

The best weapon in war would be a reason to kill. Give someone a reason to kill and they will.

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 02:40 AM
SEAL Trident I design military a nd other things in my spare time and I have actually been woring on a rifle just like yours I have 2 versions 1 is for normal caessed bullets, 1 is for cassless bullet I designed(different from G11, more reliable) heres the specs caseless secs will be specified:

-unjamable(when clip is in and chambered, the chamber is water tight. when chambering next round only way in is through the barrel extraction port is sealed of from chamber when shell is being pulled out. caseless has extaction port but is never used during normal fireing so is sealed from chamber extraction port is only used when dissaming rifle.)
-light weight
-reduced recoil without sacrificing a big round because of a recoil reduction -system i designed
-accurate because of a different chambering method
-can be completely submerged and fired under water
-has a special lock mechanism I designed so when mag is empty and fireing last round it locks the bolt back so all that must be done to reload is take out empty mag put in full mag and continue fireing no bolt to pull, but it can be realesed for safe storage, handeling
-that bolt lock also makes it impossible to missfire when being dropped or smashing something, someone
-can be completly burried in sand, mud
-if bullets in mag get dropped in mud, sand, water just place in rifle any way because all bullets get automatically cleaned upon being chambered
-customizable, versatile
-able to change barrels in less than 5 seconds with quick change barrel system
-semi, full auto, 3 and 2 round burst
-vey easy to clean since the isides are practically completly water proof
-good at all ranges for its size
-interchangeble chambers to acomidate larger rounds for different jobs sniping, automatic support fire .308, 5.56x45, 7.62x39, 7.62x51 NATO, .338 Lapua, 7.62x54R, .448, .50 mos major calibres

I may have forgotten a few things but thats it, by the way it is not bullpup though but i know how i could turn it in to one. Electomagnetic weapons are the same as gauss, rail guns and other EM weapons because they use the same basic concept of charging an object(+,-) then sending it through, by something of the same +,- charge accelerating it very fast but one point about these weapons is that they have no recoil nor do they make any noise when fired ive seen them fired before and i know how to make them.
I also like to design aircraft and vehicles and I recent ly dicovered a way to make a generator that powers it self, runs off of and puts out electricity and one the size of a car engine could put out at least a few thousand volts and electric cars only need a few hundred. it can run forever and based on the size (bigger it is more power it puts out) would make a very good power source for any big ships or other stuff. I don't like war because people die but theres no stoping it and i think that theres alot to be improved with our equipment which is why i design. by the way if i sounded rude in anyway sorry did not mean to.

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 07:59 AM
im afraid the bit about EM weapons is slightly wrong.
most EM weapons if not all have a recoil, its basic physcis.
remember as the rail guns slug is moved it creates friction and force in the oposite direction.

posted on Nov, 23 2004 @ 08:59 AM
Mortars have made an impressive comeback with smart guided rounds such as STRIX, now imagine a whole battery suspended on a stratospheric balloon, maybe the altitude (thin air, curvature of the earth, perhaps using glide munition/rocket assist addons) would give the mortar rounds a few miles extra attack range ? (and also the blimp is not the easiest of targets for retaliation, usually the 120 mm mortars is mounted on armoured groundvehicle because of counterattacks, but I suppose the blimp could do without armour and more mortars instead)

Surely, you got the "steel rain" MLRS mounted on the Bradley for long range artillery, but those rockets are much much much more expensive than mortar rounds., I think a blimpmounted mortarbattery could deliver a nasty hailstorm in the 10-50 km range at lower prices.

Also I would think of a pistol-grenade mortar round, wich is in fact a barrel shaped grenade that upon approaching the target shoots a small spike of depleted uranium in the final stage., since it's a one-shot weapon, the barrelcasing could be made of less strong disposable metals...

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posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 04:08 AM
I am almost 100 percent sure that EM wepons do not have recoil. The only reason that normal guns have recoil is because of the propellent they use. A bullet consists of three parts bullet, propellent, shell but only 2 of these parts are responsible for recoil. When a bullet is fired, since the propellent is in-between the two parts it creates force pushing the shell and bullet appart at about the same force. The shell is usually held by the chambering rod but when fired shell goes back hits rod which goes back with about same force, sliding as far back as possible against spring which slows it down a little, then hits the back, then the force of that is transfered from the rod/shell to the back half of the rifle resulting in kick or recoil. In recoilless cannons there is no shell left behind after fireing(i think), but this then removes one of the three parts, but there still is the propellent which still causes recoil from the explosive gasess pushing backward as if the shell were there. To make the cannon recoilless the back covering, which the shell, rod, spring or gasess hit to transfer energy to the rifle/cannon, was removed allowing the gasess to pass right out the back without transfering any energy to the cannon. EM weapons lose another of the three parts leaving only the bullet/projectile. When fireing the projectile is given a charge from a switch/micro switch, at the same time the coils/magnetic rods are given a charge opposite that of the projectile to create pull and pulls the projectile into the barrel. About half way down the barrel the charge is changed causing the same charge as the projectile. The built up energy keeps the projectile moving fast enough to not be pushed back by the second half of the barrel but rather speeds(pushes) it up even more since the last half of the barrel is the same charge as the projectile. This process happens so fast that if any recoil is produced by the pulling or pushing of the projectile it is countered from the opposite of what caused it. i.e. pulling caused recoil, then recoil is countered by the pushing.

posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 04:17 PM

Originally posted by tealc
Laser technology. I will say right off im not savy in the ways of lasers. i have seen them cut things and i have seen how when focused the are very powerful. however they need a LOT of power. why cant we build a laser of some sort on a sattalite and put it in orbit with solar panel's ? the sun would provide more than enough energy wouldnt it ??

There is enough Solar Power to make stuff like this work. But the problem would be where to put thousands of Solar Panels to keep maybe a network of these going 24:7?
The only answers would be either the Moon, or outer space. The Moons problem is you'd get a month or two of sunlight, and then you wouldn't have any for another month or two, which means doubling recources to either make a solar base on the other side, or move the original eveyr month or two.
Outerspace is about keeping it stationary! It would just drift, maybe back to Earth or land on the Moon, wasiting Billions of $$$ to build it to start with, and then repair/make a new one/retreive the original...

My ideal weapon would a space station with nuclear missiles on standby orbiting the Earth. Of course quite large with a crew that lived on board.
Or a ship like the Prometheus in the Stargate Series with nukes or cruiser msisiles on 24:7 standby on Earth and outerspace.


posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 04:54 PM
If something pushes OR pulls an object, it will go the opposit direction as the object, Newtons law. Try sitting on a skateboard and pulling a heavy brick towards you and think about left and right/directions.

Coil guns, gauss guns and rail guns have recoil. Its not all about +/- charges, thats just the power supply, its about magnetics. Motors have counter torque even if the coils in it are pushing or pulling the rotor in a certain direction and the motor caseing will try to go in the opposit rotational direction as the rotor.

Its like the question some people have where they can't figure out why they can't pull them selfs into the air by pulling hard on thier shoe laces (boot starps).

posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 03:43 PM
MY idea would be to have a torpedo with cluster munition releasing compartments that could independently search for enemy subs. This would be used in a emergency situation when a enemy sub had to be neurtralized.

I need to thank my friend chris because he helped my come up with the idea cheers!

posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 03:59 PM

Originally posted by blue cell
MY idea would be to have a torpedo with cluster munition releasing compartments that could independently search for enemy subs. This would be used in a emergency situation when a enemy sub had to be neurtralized.

I need to thank my friend chris because he helped my come up with the idea cheers!

you mean like launching several torpedoes?

posted on Dec, 13 2004 @ 04:56 PM

you mean like launching several torpedoes?

Yeah they would search around looking in the target area then blow up when tyey made contact, kinda like moving depth charges.

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