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The real nature of the world

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posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 05:13 PM
In order to maintain your intellectual integrity, you need to face the truth about the world.

There is not one kind of human life. There is not one mind on the earth in which we are all a part of. There are vaious levels of corruption, and perfection, with the highest and the lowest of these orders locked in a continual warfare.

The current leadership in America has been cut off from all heavely guidance and inspiriation. They represent the lowest mind on the earth, that of matter, money, and the will of all the darker powrs of this world.

The danger this represents to the entire worls is not readily apparant, because no one really recongnizes the difference betwen good and evil anymore.

We have risen up a class of men in our government and judiciary who have become masters of deception and manipulation of their image, and that of their works. As long as it appears good, it is put forward, reguardless of substance, or spirit. This is the most evil of conditions that a nation can enter into, and is the harbinger of great calmaity.

Among there people there is great spiritual strife. Demons have infested the nation in great numbers, turning the poluation against itself, causing men to hate one another, to die inside. They gather in the corporations, schools, all institutions that gather the people, every system that maintains the modern world.

From this relatively safe harbor, they combine with others who have met the same fate as them, and descend all together into the mind of the demonic power that has manifested itself on the earth.

What a terrible thing for the children to endure. For when they enter these places, these fallen souls will mercilessly attack them and seek to attach themselves to them, to crush their spirits, keep them oppressed, and rule over them in a madness of false authority.

That is the spiritual reallity of America. So great are the numbers of the fallen and the corrputed that the nation is held under a dark cloud that has all but killed the light rising up in the new generation.

That light is the very essence of life, mind and spirit, and the people have destroyed it from themselves and have fallen into great madness and evil.

They are caught in the curse of Heaven, and are dying, yet men will not say it, for they fear their wrath, which has been poured over everyone.

That is what you face, my people, you will be faced with a terrible and angry force that occupies your land and your people.

If you are Christian, then you have a name for what is occuring. I will give one to it that all languages can appreciate.

Men, you have a duty upon you. You are not to hold your peace in this time. You are not to hide away, fearing for your life and your luxuries. Many of you will marry and have children, and you will be unable to fight because you have chosen the way of women and her flesh.

This is the time that you have been told of. The forces of evil are at their peak, or nearing it rapidly, and they have made a very conscious effort to overtake the entire world. The richest of the nation have agreed with it, and have allowed it to grow under their watch, and have been rewarded with power, money and influence. In exchange for their souls they have done this, They have betrayed us to these powers, and have forfeited their own souls.

It is a great evil we are forced to march through. None of us have chosen this, it came of its own, a monsterous evil has apeared on our land, and has swallowed up most of the men, women, and children. Now war is made against the remnant of the chldren of light, who I am, and my brothers are, and we are harassed night and day by these forces.

Because we are few in number, and rose up separate from one another, we are weak and helpless against these forces, and they knew this, and use their greater numbers against us mercilessly.

We need to gather ourselves, and form our own people, and remove ourselves from their places of power, so that we can continue our way back to our Father, and to his understanding and joy, and keep out the filthiness of the devil and his children, which are many.

Every one of the children of darkness are under the curse of God. Every part of them is to be destroyed, their light purified, and their works rendered into dust. None of them will escape.

Do they seek to be healed? Do they seek anything at all from us? They are nothing but thieves and liars. Like weeds, wolves, and criminals, there is no quarter given to them. They are to be uprooted and driven wherever they are found, cursed to destruction and loathing of all civilized men.

How long does God suffer this great evil on the earth? Is it His will to allow it grow to a huge and massive size, until it covers all lands? That does match the prophecy, however terrible it is for the children of light that remain to bear.

A great God may do this, so that the victory over it may be just as great,
and his glory might be greater still, to destroy a huge monster is better than a petty one, and to bind the devil is greater than to chase out his demons.

Will any of you stand up and speak the plain truth, are any of you worthy of the kingdom of heaven?



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