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hypothetical scenario: Xe vs Armed forces...

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posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 07:01 PM
Hello all,

After I heard Xe will be performing services for Monsanto, I felt "the little people" of whats left of the USA lost a great victory that day. When I heard this, I instantly started thinking "resistance." How does, let's say, the US army (no NAVY etc) stand up against a private corporation army like Xe? How could a hypothetical
I wanted to open the question to the great minds here...exactly how would Xe do against....

armed civilians per city (take NYC, PHI, Phoenix, Baton Rouge, etc)
armed cities with US SF defects
small groups of citizens vs small groups of ex-SEAL members
current SEALS or current marines vs Xe members...

I appreciate your input in advance. GO Phillies

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