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An amazing sighting from 10th-11th August 2010 Bulgaria

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posted on Oct, 18 2010 @ 01:20 AM
reply to post by ch1n1t0

Great info. Can you take pic 2 and describe it in the same way?

I am new at this also. There are some here who could do a lot more.
In these certain definition bump maps. I have a bogey in three separate locations. Reflections off of the lens are unlikely. I believe it was pic.2 that had about 20 bumps. Here are the pics

PIC 1- Completely black pic.

PIC 2- Color pic. "showing dirty glass bumps" and the braille in the lower left. (was there a tree there?)

Pic 3- Completely black pic, object seems farther away.

posted on Oct, 18 2010 @ 03:36 AM
reply to post by Tribble

Thanks, mate!

Well, I think I should clear this up as it's important - those two photos were taken directly towards the sky, there is no ground or trees in the picture, I can be sure on that as I know the position of the object we took the photos of. Also, I have to explain this so you wouldn't make any mistakes - the two "completely black" photos aren't actually completely black, althgouh it might vary on different monitors. You can see a black screen AND a distinctive light on both originals. The third one, that has the redness, is one of the two photos (I think it's the one ending in 17) but it has been enhanced by a friend of mine to show greater detail. I can ask him exactly what he did as manipulation and post it here, but I'm sure that if one plays with brightness, hue and such other characteristics, you can easily reach the state of the third picture. I will either way ask him to perform the same steps on the other photo as well, for referance purposes.

To summarize - two photos are originals as the phone took them and they appeared as you see them, blackness with a small dinstinctive light in them. The third is one of the two originals, however, enhanced and brightened, and all the dots that appeared from the bump mapping are actually the stars who weren't originally visible that much. And imo the bump mapping sure did something with the enhanced photo - it clearly shows the difference between what the stars look like and how the UFO looked like on the night sky.

So, if the same enhancement takes place on the other photo, and then it goes through bump mapping, I'm sure that the stars will very much appear to be the same. Furthermore, it will show again how brighter the light was than average stars.

Also an idea hit me - I don't know if that's possible but by knowing where and when everything took place, isn't there a way of getting how the night sky would look like on that day from the exact position we took the pictures from? And after that we will be able to confirm: 1) the dots that appeared after processing the already brightened photo through bump mapping are stars; and 2) it will confirm that there was no celestial object in that area (besides stars) viewable that night. And of course, 3) it will surely provide a good referance, knowing for sure those in the background of the brightened photo are stars.

However, as you've done these bump maps, take a look at the one giving more than 20 dots - take a look at the lower left side quadrant of the photo, where there's an obvious "bigger" object as the bump mapping depicts it. Take a look at the bump mapping you did on the pic you named PIC 1, you will again notice there is something there, although not being so distinctive (without the enhancement having taken place). I think this was the one you were referring as to a braille letter and a tree, well, this IS the object we were trying to capture and this photo was taken close to 80 degrees according to ground from where we were. That's right, almost above us.

I want to remind you that this object appeared right after we tried communicating.

Thanks for your elaboration on the topic!!!

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posted on Oct, 18 2010 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by ch1n1t0

Hi, ch1n1t0.

This is an amazing sighting! Very impressive, indeed.

I can certainly understand the shock you experienced but I'm also very glad you decided to report it and tell us about it. It doesn't happen often to read about UFO sightings from Bulgaria. Are you and your friend Bulgarians? I am Bulgarian, from Sofia. Maybe you would remember that there was an interesting report by radio amateur, also from the Troyan area, about an year ago.
I haven't been in the Troyanskia balkan for decades but maybe it's time for me to pack my rucksack and visit the place again. Liubopitna sym, razbirash li tova?

Regards, stiver.

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posted on Oct, 18 2010 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by stiver

Hi Stiver,

Both me and my friend are Bulgarian and da, razbiram

And yes, I have come accross the article when doing research on the topic, after our experience. I also did come accross someone talking about these being seen more than once in that region in a documentary by BTV. I think I can recall the person being a radio astrononomer hobbyist or something, however, I can be mistaking as I also recall seeing an interview with someone regarding those aside from the documentary, so I advise you to look it up (I think both the documentary and interview are upped at but I'm not sure if this site will be reachable outside Bulgaria for any of the other guys on the forum, if anyone's interested I can download them and upload somewhere else but mind that I will need some time to write subtitles for those in English).

Also, as for the place, I revisited it with the same person and two other close friends of ours on another specific date that I had considered the possibility they would be there again, I will later explain as it isn't that consistant and is a bit coincidental, yet, was worth giving a try. Unfortunately, the weather was so horrible it's a bit hard to describe. The wind there is REALLY strong as hell. There were clouds everywhere, temperatures below zero with probably humidty up-to 99% with snowing(not sure if 100's a possible, if it is, then I go with that), and having arrived their at 10:30PM with a car, we couldn't navigate at all in the dense fog, combined with no moon at all. We only tried flashing with flashlights, sometimes random, sometimes 1-1-2-3-5-8-13, nothing out of the fog. We went back in the car and didn't see a thing.

I have two updates regarding friends of mine that I confirm are trustworthy, to have seen something in the sky, and one of the sightings was actually of the same triangular craft that we saw, in means of movement and rotation. The person who observed this sighting is the brother of someone I know since being two years old. He has never heard of our story before that, and when I told it to my friend, he eventually mentioned it to his brother later, and he got interested at what exactly we saw, and when he heard about the triangular craft, he suddenly asked whether it was flying not like ordinary plane but vertically positioned and rotating according to its center. Clear as that... I just found out about this few hours ago.

The other case is something else, again regarding 7th October (the almost fail-night).

That same night, a friend of mine with whom I've shared my theory regarding the specific date of reoccurance, I told him just to look out for anything interesting, not that it's highly probable, or anything, I don't intend on fooling people with theories I can't prove, that's why I didn't push hard. still, fortunately enough, he had gone fishing that night, combining ufo hunting with fish hunting, he's living in a small town in Bulgaria and his sighting happened there. He has a really good photo of it, too, because he was well-prepared, just in case. For more info on this, however, I need to ask this person if he has anything against me talking about and showing you what he saw, and where. I will later update you on this.


p.s. stivar, I'l write you a pm a bit later

posted on Oct, 18 2010 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by ch1n1t0

I did notice a short green/blue streak in pic 1 or 3.
I also noticed that the flash was not used in these pics. Did you take any with a flash?

You can go here and view the sky from the exact location. Enter the data and it will show what stars were where.
Then you can compare the two images.

The picture EXIF data will give direction, time and some other stuff to help.

I hate to say this, but we need more pictures. Do you plan to go back anytime soon?

posted on Oct, 18 2010 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by ch1n1t0

ch1n1t0, thanks for your reply. I'm sorry for the tricky question but what got me a bit wondering is you writing "Night" at 6:41 AM and "Morning all" at 05:11 PM Bulgarian time.

But you certainly did understand my question and this is great. BTW, I wrote in Bulgarian: " I'm curious, do you understand this?" which cannot be translated with Google or any other online translation service. And ch1n1t0 replied "Yes, I understand." I hope you'll excuse me because lately the internet is so polluted with hoaxes and disinformation that a little skepticism only helps to separate the wheat from the chaff. Great sighting! I agree, there are some extraordinary cases in Bulgaria that need a lot more study.


posted on Oct, 18 2010 @ 11:23 AM
reply to post by Tribble

Trust me, the footage that's highly probable to come is much better than ours. Yet, I can't say for sure if that was connected to our sighting in any way, although what I could see from the photo I mentioned, and from the little details I know regarding the story, it really much resembles what could've been the object we managed to take a photo of... That, and the fact that the object did appear the same night we were looking for some although with no success due to the bad weather in the mountain.

I will also check the positions of the stars (I'm 100% positive they will align perfectly with the pictures we took) and let you know what the outcome is.


posted on Oct, 18 2010 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by stiver

The reason for saying morning all, and night all, is because these were the times I went to bed and when I woke up
And this forum being worldwide, it really didn't matter to me much how I was saying it exactly. I totally understand your ways and you have your full rights to be suspicious on these matters with the sea of information one has to filter his way through. I, myself, believe to have solid ground under me, prefer using logic and rational thinking, and yet, this is a topic that gave me a completely new and quite real view of some of the scenarios that might be going on.. And to say the least, I'm grateful I had the luck to observe this, as it def brightened up some of my theories and all that...


posted on Oct, 19 2010 @ 02:54 AM

Originally posted by ch1n1t0
reply to post by Tribble

I will also check the positions of the stars (I'm 100% positive they will align perfectly with the pictures we took) and let you know what the outcome is.

Stellarium is a nice software that renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time. It's freeware and compatible with Win7. This is the one that I usually use because it's easy to navigate and looks cool.

I understand the night/morning weird hours. I guess, I also would stay all night up in similar situation

posted on Oct, 19 2010 @ 05:24 AM

I just wrote a long reply to your PM only to find out that I'm not allowed to PM before making 20 posts here. If you would like to contact me, please, make it through my blog, where you'll find my e-mail address:
Or you can PM me through my forum:


posted on Oct, 23 2010 @ 07:50 AM
reply to post by ch1n1t0

Здравей !

I'm from Bulgaria too and I have a story I feel inclined to share. Perhaps some of you have seen threads on this board about communication with alien beings via meditation. Even mr. Greer (director of the Disclosure Project) has talked about this. So anyway, I saw a thread from user Alien Agenda, I think the title was "Proof Positive of Alien Comms" or something like that.

So here's the thing - last night, or afternoon I should say, I tried his meditation technique without any apparent success, but that's normal, since it's supposed to take a lot of practice. The same night, I was smoking a cigarette on the balcony and I was looking at the stars. There were no clouds. All of the sudden, out of NOWHERE appeared a white light and shot through the sky with mind blowing speed in a kind of wiggly trajectory and then vanished in THIN AIR, just as it appeared. I couldn't believe my eyes. I went back inside. (I live in Sofia as well)

The same night (last night) I had this dream - I was in a house on the computer and I had a dog (I've never had a dog, don't even like them) and somehow I feel a grey presence. All of the sudden the dog starts barking and I go to the first floor door, which was open and I saw a grey coming in. Now my memory of the dream was a little fuzzy and I can't remember the exact reason why it didn't come in. I was scared (I've always been afraid of greys, since a child). I remember I wanted it to go away but I don't know if I scared it or the dog. So I go back upstairs and after a while the dog starts barking in a vicious manner again. So now I have this urge to actually meet the alien and go back to the first floor where the door is open. So the grey comes in. I'm scared, but I try to keep calm as I can. So they grey looks at me and my vision goes black. I get this really really intense feeling, and I felt as if I wasn't in my body. All I saw was blackness and I heard vague voices that I couldn't really make out.

Next thing - I wake up.

So my question is specifically to people who have experience with this or similar meditation comm techniques, and I know there are such people on this board, I just hope they read this thread - Do you think they were just trying to say back "Hello" or am I just deluding myself. I know people have these really vivid dream when they start doing these meditations, but to they have any meaning at all ?

As far as the UFO sighting - I'm 100% percent positive what I saw. No meteorite, no airplane, no space station and no ball lightning fits what I saw. Btw, I put a report on MUFON. I always do, this is not the first time I see a UFO.

Best regards.


For those of you interested in communication try and find a book - "'___' - The Spirit Molecule" and read chapters 13 and 14 (entitled "Through the veil" 1 & 2). The book also makes analogy with '___' induced experiences and deep meditation. It also briefly explores a new perspective on the alien abduction phenomenon.

posted on Oct, 26 2010 @ 09:43 PM
Finally, my friend has taken his time to reply to me and he gave me his agreement to post the pictures of what he saw on 7th of October. Also, I have thought about many things regarding what we saw on 10th of August and regarding the nature of it, and following only logic, I've come to the conclusion that it is very unlikely for the crafts to be human made.

And to explain that I'll have to get into detail. First of all, following logic if those were human-made aircrafts there are only two possible reasons for them to be there - one - a training excercise, and two - there was something special in the area that theey were either working on, or looking for. Now I will explain why these are unlikely to be the explanation:

Lets consider they were there for training purposes. One thing is for sure, in Bulgaria there's no chance these crafts to remain hidden at some top secret base as there are none such here. See, it's a very small country, there IS an U.S. base here but it is not secret at all, I myself have spoken to more than three people that either built the base or are working there and there's nothing hidden. Also, I know people in the region of the base and there has never been seen anything strange there.

So considering these to be from another country, I suppose there aren't many govrmnts that have the technology (I personally think that the US, Russia and China have such). It is highly unlikely for any of the mentioned countries to perform training excersises at a distant place over a foreign country. First, because of the risk of something going wrong (remember, there's always the human factor present in this situation) and second - because of risking someone else picking them up on radars. Also, all of the mentioned countries have enough places in their own region to perform excersises without being spotted, at least not by many. That's why I don't think this was any excersise taking place. It's good to mention the fact that from asking people that lived in Troyan years ago, these lights were present, this is while the US base not being yet.

This leaves us with option 2 - having something important there that someone wants to either get, study, or work on. If there's such a thing there, I think that there would be other ways of getting ones hands on. Less expensive, more secure, especially if this is located in a country such as Bulgaria - being poor and easy to have control over. It would take more time, but that wouldn't raise anyone's attention in the country, risking uncovering information over to the enemy, or something.

However, that's just my two pence, I still leave space for the possibility of these to be human-made and human-driven crafts, just after all the thinking I've done on the topic, its odds have sunk quite a bit...

And here are the promised photos, taken on 7th of October. More details regarding the sighting of my friend - he saw 5-6 pale lights and one bright hovering and making manouvers in the distance, the one that was bright enough to be captured is the one on the photo, the others from what my friend told me, just didn't came up on the photos. The person who saw this, have seen the lights 4 times before, always catching him without a camera in the pocket, after me telling him there's a chance there for sightings to be seen that night, he took his camera. And thus, the interesting photos - and . These were taken near Byala, a small town in North Bulgaria (that's the exact directions from where most lights appeared on 10th of August, when we observed them ourselves). Let me know if they're unreachable, as there's a slight chance that the host wouldn't be accessible from outside Bulgaria, in case they're not seen, I will reupload them somewhere else!

Falseveils, can you tell me on which date exactly did that occur? I'm interested as I saw something interesting from Vitosha that looked like a meteor to me, however, it didn't appear from up to down, but the other way around. It lasted a second, and I think it might be a meteor that entered the atmosphere at very small angle, directly towards us, still being in the distance, made it look like it was going from down to up. Yet, we saw another one that night, and we were interested what's the chance of having such meteor showers. Let me know if that resembles what you saw?


posted on Oct, 26 2010 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by ch1n1t0

The links aren't working for me! Explorer says it can't find them, and I REALLY wanna see those pics, please!

posted on Oct, 27 2010 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by jennybee35

These photos don't prove anything as such, however, taking in account the fact that I know the person who took them and I believe his story (and taking in account my own experience), I'm fully convinced that this is a real photo of a UFO (either it being human, or ET driven). And still, it's a far better picture imo, than those we managed to took with a phone on the night of our sighting.

Here are the new links -

Sorry if they are below they were below the expectations, it's just that the objects were some distance away from my friend, when he saw them.

As regarding our pictures, whenever I find spare time (which I'm running short of, currently) I try and look for referance of the stars in Stellarium, but still hadn't have any success. Will continue working on that and as soon as I find the exact spot of the night sky the pictures were taken, I will update!
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posted on Oct, 27 2010 @ 06:57 AM
reply to post by ch1n1t0

Thanks for posting those pics! I do absolutely believe that ya'll saw something amazing. I think that these things will be seen more and more and their existence much harder for the populace to deny.

Just keep watching and always be ready to record the events!

posted on Nov, 5 2010 @ 09:59 PM
Sorry, guys, I haven't got the time on my hands currently to continue my investigation on the stars and constellations appearing from the brightened photos, so still no update on that one. However, tomorrow is New Moon again, and for the last time, I will give it a try and go to the same place. Keep your fingers crossed for something interesting to come out.. I will take a photocam with me, although nothing close to even semi pro - however, any camera will do much better than a phone cam for a 5$ phone lol...

At least, the weather tomorrow will be on my side, as the sky will be clear as a baby bum. If nothing comes out of this, I will quit looking, and will simply wait for those guys to come out in the open, either those being military black projects, or ETs...

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posted on Nov, 5 2010 @ 10:34 PM
reply to post by ch1n1t0

thank you for inviting me to your thread and star and flag for your long and detailed story.

you asked me for my opinion on it but to be honest i cannot really give one, there's not really much to go on in the photographs and although your story is extremely interesting there is no way for me to confirm what you saw. and nothing to be able judge for myself. it would be a bit pointless for me to try and make a decision on something either being human or alien that i haven't seen in person or at least on video.



posted on Nov, 5 2010 @ 10:58 PM
reply to post by RICH-ENGLAND

Thanks for taking a look at the report, yes, I do know there's almost nothing to go as proof or evidence with the story of the sighting, therefore there's not much to debate or speculate (aside of the content of the story). However, as you mentioned that you keep an open mind, I just wanted to let you know about this sighting, as I thought it might be of interest. The only intention that made me put my experience to paper and share it with other people, is because after thinking about it for a month, I finally came to the conclusion that this might be of some help to other people, in different ways.

Now we can only hope that at least even a small part of what happened in August will reoccur tomorrow night, and if it does, I will try and take photos and video of everything.

Thanks for your time, Rich, have a good one and good night.

p.s. also to give the photos a bit more credibility I thought about this - I can use the same phone and take pictures of the brightest celestial objects in the sky in the very same conditions, however, there's a problem - the telephone that managed to take the photos that are attached to the sighting is the one who is owned by my friend who was there with me. However, he is currently on a short vacation in Turkey and will probably miss the opportunity to use his phone there - there will be much more light polution and it will probably fail to pick out any star or celestial object (he's visiting Istanbul). However, after a few hours I'll be able to give you guys the make of the telephone, and if anyone has the time and the same phone (or the same phone camera, I think they sometimes use same makes of cameras on different makes of phones, but am not really sure about that...). I know it is a Nokia, that has kind of a brown color to it, it's a massive phone, and has a silverish metallic outline on its front, where the keypad is. If I happen to find a photo using google and catalogues, I will provide you with the make of it. I'll be grateful for anyone's assistance on this. Also note that it's important there's not much light polution, actually if it's possible there's none, cos we were 1500 and above sea level!


posted on Nov, 5 2010 @ 11:05 PM

posted on Nov, 17 2010 @ 06:21 AM
reply to post by ch1n1t0

It has been a very interesting read, indeed!
So thanks for inviting me over.

What I have to say about your experience, is first of all, that I have reasons to believe you wholeheartedly (not that you need it); but most importantly, I'm glad to find someone receptive and open-minded like you.

As for your experience, aside from being so impressive and so well detailed (plus it happened fairly recently), I could draw three obvious conclusions: (1) they were extraterrestrial crafts, (2) they were man-made crafts, or (3) they were both extraterrestrial and man-made crafts.

I would incline more for the second. I don't know why. But the way you described the event, it seemed these UFOs were being tested (though, why not, they could still be extraterrestrial and their ways of communication were just like that). I even thought that maybe they had something to do with the clouds, you know, weather manipulation. So, testing again.

You also mentioned they were black in color? Well, the gov. and the military for Black Ops. tend to use black vehicles for more secrecy. So maybe that.

Now, if it isn't too much to ask, I'd ask you to actually draw the UFO(s) you saw, their shapes, I mean. You can then link me or post them here.

Well, I'm going to answer your U2U now.

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