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The U.N.'s Worhship of the Occult

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posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 02:01 PM
With the media spotlight trained on scandals like the oil-for-food boondoggle, Kofi Annan and the Old Boy’s Network running the United Nations are making a cottage industry out of the occult.

Indeed, the idea of employing the occult as a means to manipulate people seems to be making the greatest UN comeback since the days when Rasputin was lording it over the Romanovs.

The United Nations’ promise of peace on earth hasn’t materialized, but meanwhile you can sign up for the occult at UN headquarters.

I am so grateful that people are finally coming out in greater numbers(especially the people who work there) to shed some light on what the U.N. is really about. It's supposed good works do not outweigh its many misdeeds (past and current) by any measure. They constantly snub legitimate democratic nations for the sake of appeasing Islamo-fascists, dictators and Commies for what usually amounts to the wrongest of reasons (usually something as simple and lame as making them feel better about themselves). Not to mention the fact that human rights (you know, one of the main reasons it was formed to begin with) always seems to take a back seat when doing something to remedy it may interfere with doing business.

Lets not forget that these crooked #$%@'s are not held accountable by anyone but themselves. How can you route out corruption in an organization like that? Answer: You cant. What is that old Russian saying "the snake rots from the head down".

I hope someday, hopefully sooner than later, their uncanny ability to "step over the line" will build enough of a consensus in this country to get us out of the U.N. and get it the hell off of our soil.

I am sure that the building could be renovated (for a useful purpose for a change) and rented out as some much needed office space. What do you think, would that main chamber make a better cafeteria or a auditorium/movie theatre?

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