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Another empire defeated in Afghanistan

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posted on Oct, 14 2010 @ 08:33 PM
Britain and US has called for withdrawal in 2011, non of their objectives have been accomplished, a complete failure in every front.

America devastated the country and now are negotiating with the Taliban due to huge failures.

Though those conditions have clearly not yet arrived, NATO decided to guarantee safe passage to senior Taliban leaders taking part in the talks – though NATO is not taking part in the talks itself.

More and more NATO fighters are being killed in the last days, and the momentum of the resistance is increasing:

At least seven Nato soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan in separate attacks, a day after six coalition troops died in a number of attacks.

This shows the momentum, and shows why the arrogant American regime is so secretly calling for negotiation, out of shame they don't want to admit it, the shame that the world's poorest nation has defeated them.
Clinton, Gates Cautious on Afghan-Taliban Peace Contacts

Soldiers are dying everyday, while American attention are being diverted by subjects such as the BS Ground Zero Mosque, the BS Iran threat..

More than 40 Nato soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan this month.

Canada starts planning for Afghanistan withdrawl
Canada wants to withdrawal, and asking Pakistan to give them a safe passage to go back to where they came from.
Canada has asked conflict-ridden Pakistan for permission to ship supplies home through Karachi as part of a 2011 military pullout from Afghanistan

The defeat is clear, but how long will the US keep fighting is up to the corrupt American government. The people are so busy trying to fix their economy, not knowing that everytime they try to fix it, the money is spent on the wars.

I feel sorry for the American people, why won't the American people feel sorry for themselves and do something.

The corrupt government might say naaaaa, 2011 is not gonna be the deadline for withdrawal, they did that 20 times in Iraq. Spent trillions of tax payer dollars for a useless cause, and worthless cause, now Iran owns Iraq, just waiting for US collapse. US didn't gain anything.

What is next?

We all know Pakistan is playing a proxy war, but I also claimed in many OPs that America wants to invade Pakistan. Has the US failed to invade Pakistan? That failure has caused the US to start negotiations, just to reduce the amount of humiliation?

Met with shock by Khalizad, Zardari explained that it was part of a US plot to “destabilize Pakistan so that the US could invade and seize its nuclear weapons.” Zardari also apparently claimed that Afghan President Hamid Karzai had told him the US was responsible for the attacks.

Zardari is claiming that the US has been behind many suicide attacks in Pakistan, I have also mentioned that in many threads, yet people always had that notion in the back of their heads, that I'm an American basher

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari believes that the United States has been secretly behind a number of Taliban suicide attacks across the nation, according to a detailed account from Bob Woodward’s new book Obama’s Wars.

And while making this thread, I have realized that the Taliban have continually denied talks with the occupiers. It seems these BS talks they are claiming is created for propaganda purposes, to support the withdrawal of the occupying forces:

The Taliban statement says they “refute these futile claims and baseless propaganda and believes that it is a part and parcel of a regular psychological warfare of the enemy.” President Karzai had confirmed the talks just two days ago.

Karzai’s claims had been quickly repudiated by US envoy Richard Holbrooke, who insisted the media had made up reports of the peace talks entirely. Which adds another layer of confusion, as NATO officials claimed today that they were “aiding” the talks.

This is so embarrassing, creating imaginary talks to create the illusion of some form of success, and yet the enemy who you are suppose to be talking to states that it is all BS, we won't talk until the occupying forces leave the country.

This is clear bashing.
enjoy it and don't forget to add your thoughts to the matter.

What did US gain from the Afghan war?

What did it gain from this defeat?

How many Americans will die before the withdrawal even starts?

What will be the faith of Afghanistan after US withdrawal?

My mom is coming back next week from Afghanistan, she knows trouble is booming.

What role will Iran play in Afghanistan, and Iraq after US withdrawal?

posted on Oct, 14 2010 @ 09:07 PM

Originally posted by oozyism
What did US gain from the Afghan war?


What did it gain from this defeat?

Ideally, hopefully we gained the concept that war is not the answer...when people have nothing to lose, they don't care about wars...Afhganistan should have been bombed with ipods and comforts...have them feel like they got something to lose...hard to threaten a nation in rubble that you will bomb the rubble into a finer grain of rubble.

How many Americans will die before the withdrawal even starts?

Oh, ,more than 1..which is 1 too many.

What will be the faith of Afghanistan after US withdrawal?

I assume you meant fate.
Saem as before the war...growing heroin, dealing with local warlords, and trying to simply survive day to day.

My mom is coming back next week from Afghanistan, she knows trouble is booming.

Godspeed on her return, hug her when she returns. Trouble is only those whom allow themselves to be troubled by things out of their control...she is coming home, cook her a nice trouble there.

What role will Iran play in Afghanistan, and Iraq after US withdrawal?

With any luck, they will move in and control the area. Iran is a modern islamic state believe it or not...and frankly, if they do that, they will be spending soo much money keeping order that their ambitions for anything else will be hindered.
Chances are though they will just buy some influence and ultimately let it be.

posted on Oct, 16 2010 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by oozyism

Afghanistan is unconquerable and ungovernable. It's been that way since at least the time of Alexander the Great, whose armies passed through (but didn't stay). After him, the Persians, the Sassanids, the Moguls, the British and the Russians (to name only a few) all tried to take and hold the place. They all failed and were driven back with their tails between their legs. The British retreat from Kabul, under the doddering and incompetent General Elphinstone, was one the greatest humiliations ever visited on an imperial power by so-called savages, comparable in its event and political after-effects with the Battle of Teutoborg Forest.

The Afghans (a mongrel race in which all the warrior strains of Eurasia are mingled) are no better at governing their country than anyone else is. Despite thousands of years of contact with some of the highest cultures of history, they have little use for the goods and refinements of civilization. Afghan life is pastoral life before the rise of cities. Pretty raw.

I don't blame the Americans for getting sucked into Afghanistan. Its location is geopolitically sensitive and its people have always been exporters of trouble in one form or another. Whoever is the dominant power in the world simply has to get involved with Afghanistan, whether they want to or not; when America is finished--mark my words--it will be China's turn.

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