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posted on Oct, 13 2010 @ 08:02 AM
Life is a Journey.

In this Journey you have many, many paths which you can take.

Each path leads to a different distination, some paths connect to other paths, some don't.

There is are paths which are slow and difficult, but leads to a better path, a more comfortable and easy path.

There are paths which are fast and easy, which can also lead to a better path, a more comfortable and easy path. not as safe as the slow path),

Simply if you choose the fast path, it is like driving a fast car, you can get to the same destination as a slow car, but with many risks in between.

There are people such as me, who go in each path, but do not go too far in. In that sense it would be easy to get out of the chosen path and choose again until you are in the right one, just right for you.

There are people who go in one path, and keep going till the end, never stop and look back.

There are people who go in one path, go in too deep, then change their mind, and try to find another path, but get lost and get stuck.

There are people who stand on the side and watch others enter paths, they observe and see what happens, they use others to advance.

There are people who listen to their elders, knowing that their elders have already taken certain paths and know what is in them, and learn from them.

there are people who learn thousands of years of knowledge and that knowledge has many details in regards to the paths which you can take in life, each path having obstacles which can block you vision from the destination, and have temptations which might stop you from reaching the destination and wonder aimlessly in the path etc.

Picture life as a journey, that way you will make the right decisions. I can keep going on and on about the different path people make, but I have to give you an example of what I mean.

One chose the gang path, I went in, went as far in the path to see what is in the destination. I saw some people who made it to the end, and they recieve cars, women, drugs, alcohol, house, and damn easy life, just kick back and sell drugs. At the same time I saw way more people lost in the path, lost and stuck not knowing how to get out. Some stuck in prison, some stuck with drugs such as P, some damn lonely and lost, the misery I have seen is beyond any horror movie you can imagine. I came back, I came back and started again, thank GOD!!

So the above example given, tell me about some of the paths you have taken. It would be interesting to know and learn, because there are many paths, many, many paths we can take, it is better to know them before entering those paths, that way we know what that path holds for us.

Your thoughts would be appreciated


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