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Russia's Permaculture Revolution

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posted on Oct, 13 2010 @ 12:50 AM
Russians are reconnecting with nature,
by family food gardens, which account for
54% of Russia's agricultural output,
on only 3% of agricultural land.

Reconnecting with Nature Part 1:

These cottage-lands or Datchya's
were handed out by the soviet union,
on the poorest and lowest quality plots,
that were too poor for commercial agriculture.
on average they only have 110 days of growing season per year.

Yet they still produce more than half the nations produce.
83% of fruits and berries.

Ringing Cedars books by Vladimir Megre is a major inspiration.

Reconnecting with Nature Part 2:

Maintenance free 100 years plus, permaculture gardens,
Part 3:

Embewing seed with your essence:
Part 4:

Comments and Questions:
Part 5:

My family in Ukraine have Datchya,
my aunt and my grandfather,
also live on their own garden,
producing enough potatoes,
to feed them all winter.

As well as many other things,
the land was actually beach-sand when they got there,
but with bringing in soil and rotating compost heaps,
they have been growing food for decades.

Part of the incentive for ex-soviet-union peoples to have gardens,
is that during the socialist regimes there were artificial famines,
and mainly those that had gardens managed to survive.
Or at least that was the case in Ukraine,
where some resorted to cannibalism.

Before packing your bags to go there;
There is a massive gray and black market that is the governments foundation,
arising from the mass amounts of ex-gulag businesses-like intellectuals,
where people buy and sell produce under the radar,
with local militia's or "gangs" quite common.

Most official transactions occur through a series of bribes.
Typically with incrementally increasing amounts,
as the officials have higher titles.

The FSB is merely top-dog of these organized militias.
areas have physically enforced jurisdiction,
of their own places and peoples.

In Russian movies,
the criminals usually win,
or that's what it seemed like,
from having watched them.

Usually the only enforcement that works
in Russian movies is Vigilante, or self-imposed,
and even then, sometimes the organized-criminals win.

Here in Canada, my family is growing food in our backyard,
as well as in the various guerrilla gardening,
in unused plots and various parks.

The point being focus on the now,
what you can do here,
wherever you are,
in the present-moment,
it's a gift from we to you.

The Key to Immortality,
by having surplus positive karma,
be creating more than you consume.
This is achievable through permaculture.

So for eternal paradise,
create a permaculture garden,
from your lawn or by guerrilla-gardening.
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