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New Book touts: God put a coded message in your DNA

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posted on Jun, 25 2004 @ 05:46 PM
This are pretty interesting claims coming from this author. He believes God's ancient name Yahweh is encoded in our DNA. I don't know if i'll read the book or not, but i won't be rushing to buy it, i'll wait till its in the library or on clearance. If anyone is familiar with the author Gregg Braden and has read this or any of his other books, i'd like to hear what you think.

Author: God put a coded message in your DNA
Gregg Braden wants to save us from ourselves.

The bestselling author of The God Code: Healing Our Future Through the Message of Our Past (Hay House Press, $39.99) claims he has found a coded message within human DNA that spells out the key to healing our bodies and resolving ethnic and religious conflict.

''It's a mathematic link between the ancient Biblical alphabet and the elements that science recognizes in the periodic table,'' said Braden, who will speak about his discovery Friday and June 26 in South Florida. ``Literally, within every cell of our body the ancient name of God is inscribed.''

By translating Hebrew letters into their numerical equivalents, which he says are laid out in ancient scriptures, Braden has matched them to the atomic weight of the chemicals that make up the human genome. Hydrogen becomes the Hebrew letter Yod, nitrogen becomes the letter Hey, oxygen becomes the letter Vav, and carbon becomes the Gimel, spelling out, Braden claims, Y-hweh, one of the 72 Hebrew names for God.

''These substitutions now reveal that the ancient form of God's name, YH, exists as the literal chemistry of our genetic code,'' Braden writes. The message in its entirety spells out ''God eternal within the body,'' according to Braden, who says he hopes the discovery will help to forge a common identity for humanity at a time when the planet is plagued by ethnic and sectarian warfare.

But genetics experts are skeptical about the scientific validity of Braden's theory.

Jonathan Marks, an anthropologist at the University of North Carolina who has studied the genetic similarities between humans and chimpanzees, said that with an estimated 3 billion chemical combinations making up the human genome, it's not hard to construct the message you're looking for.


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