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Oz’s Capital Canberra, Masons, Reptilians, Fluoride and the Pineal Gland. Your Awakening.

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posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 02:00 AM
That's not a reptile, it's a kangaroo, and the head on the left is the Aussie way of representing Americans.

The kangaroo is staring at the brain, because brain of American is their favourite treat. It's so soft and mushie.
You don't hear about it because no-one notices. The victim has lost the ability to tell, and is sent home looking quite normal unless he gets x-rayed. And the people who know these victims can't tell the difference either.

By the way, what is a tingo?
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posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 02:06 AM
After reading our post, I felt awfully bad about myself. Because I couldn't stop laughing... Really sorry.
How on earth did you come up with a monkey ?? and a lizard face !!!. Even with all this story, the lizard is still looking at the monkey's brain ??? That should be the frontal lobe even from your picture. pineal gland is at the base of cererum i believe. Finally why should I care about this godzilla-gorilla fight. I thought we are humans. Man dont think like this. This is too dangerous.

posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 10:13 PM

Originally posted by Tingopoo

Hi, i have circled the points of interest, they are undoubtedly specific landmarks, certainly not 'nothing'.

Im laughing so hard.
Now this is my old home town....born and raised, and I am trying real hard to see what "obvious landmarks" you have circled...the greyhound racetrack at the bottom of the pinnacle is a obvious landmark?

Obvious landmarks like the Telecommunications tower, and OLD Paliament House, use to have the pentagram myth back when i was a young un, so now we have anew parliament house and I spose that throws things a bit....
Ok without punching in coordinates, cause that would kinda give this thread more time than it deserves, Ill take you on a tour of The Canberra Pentacle......

Your star tip is farmland with a splattering of trees
Left tip its close to new Parliament house I spose, so I'll give you that, but could also be the pialago Plant Nursery

Bottom left pinnacle is the Golf couse
Right star tip is the Kowen Forrest...

You realise your pentagram has two different sized triangles? lololol, kinda a important point is to have them the exact same size........

At the end of the day, You have uncovered tha the zazzbot is indeed a cross bred ape with a reptiallian, and my pineal calcification from fluroudie is now complete...that is all!

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posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 10:15 PM
reply to post by zazzafrazz

its just a race track.

If you want to see some crazy images. Look up the Nazca lines OP! this thread just seems like your just filling in the blanks with what you want to fill them in with... no offense.

posted on Oct, 11 2010 @ 02:58 AM
What about the Washington star ?

why would people create such huge devil star
i can see with this thread .. the washington star is not alone

did any president made a devil pact or what ..?

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 01:50 PM
Breed a Dino and a Monkey and you get us

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 08:29 PM
What a wonderful thread! This is hardcore conspiracy theory! Or is it?? Maybe it's really the way things really are? Maybe there's a grey right in the room with you right now; except YOU wouldn't know it. You can't see him because they fried your third eye with flouride. Yeh flouride. They put in your water and in your tooth paste. They tell you it's good for your teeth as they smile, thinly stretched lips across reptile jaws. The same smile that grey has as he stands inches from your right ear. You can't see him. He's in another dimension cloaked like a Klingon battle cruiser in Star Trek. But you wouldn't know this cause you wouldn't FEEL it because your a man of science! Facts gimme the facts, you insist! I need facts. Well the facts are being hidden from you. They can distort all five sences. And they can plant thought's in your brain. What can possibly protect you? Awareness will protect you. Know how the attacks can come at you, you can imagine them and you psychically block them. Don't get paranoid, just be aware and try to cover all your bases. Check out: http//montalk.netreply to post by Tingopoo

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 08:36 PM
You use flouride toothpaste, don't you? Well quit it! It really is bad stuff!reply to post by zazzafrazz

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 08:52 PM
reply to post by Tingopoo

I agree with everything you wrote. I also know whats under the curtain in this world, and have experienced it for myself.

How is humanity quarantined however? There is a plan here, I don't know the details consciously, but know it within.

On these metaphysically powerful days I’m expecting millions to join in the mass awakening to the vibration of LOVE. Many are now aware of why they are here and many more are awakening to the fact that they are Earth consciousness programmers. All are invited to align their frequencies to manifest an enormous energetic shift on this planet. Miracles can happen.

This is so much what keeps coming to me, including every single negative thought, programmed negative imagining or thought, to turn it around and shine a positive strong image, to hold a strong positive, edenistic, free, evolving, joyful, equal, image. In your understanding is this just something one by one, or in a bigger group eventually.

Would vision boards help, a visual message of freedom, equality and choice?

There is no flouride in our water, in fact we have the the purest water going, its better than anything bottled.

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posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 08:52 PM
Dude, those pentagrams are way sloppy. They're all lopsided and hokey-looking.
You don't think a masonically-trained architect would make such sloppy angles, do you?

The one in Washington, sure, it looks sound.
But these ones?
No way.

i think you've succumbed to a case of
"This cloud looks like an elephant tickling a gazelle who is playing a banjo."

posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 09:00 PM

Originally posted by DaRAGE
you forgot your alien/human or whatnot that the reptilians are feasting on ;-P

I think this is more accurate

posted on Oct, 22 2010 @ 06:30 PM
ya know what else causes calcification of the human pineal gland? Adulthood.

perhaps the conspiracy here isn't flouride but the rotation of our planet around the sun that creates time and causes us to age...or maybe it's just something natural that death

love and light

posted on Nov, 2 2010 @ 04:45 AM
Howdy. I read somewhere, sometime back that our new Parliament house, in Canberra Australia, is to be the home of The New World Order. It was purpose built way to big to house leaders or reps from around the world. It is way over sized for the population of Australia.

posted on Nov, 8 2010 @ 09:06 PM
reply to post by Tingopoo

SO.sir walter burley griffin trained for years to become an architect so he could make a town ACTUALLY KILOMETERS AND IN ANOTHER STATE!(canberra is A.C.T. queenbeyan in N.S.W) have a gorrila and a "reptile" covertly placed inside it.. telling us that the reptile "likes " our frontal lobe...

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 08:45 AM
LOL at the majority of replies

It is quite clear that some of you have the distinct inability to read and process the information being presented. I think that some of you think that what is being seen is merely a case of Pareidolia This is NOT so.

I'll help you out with connecting the dots and will try to explain things in a way that you'll understand.

So from a topography or bird’s eye view of Canberra and neighboring town Queansbeyan you can eerily make out a dinosaur, reptile like head starring at a ape/gorilla humanoid like head, this is just COINCIDENCE you say?!?

Between the two heads/faces is a VERY DISTINCT X (marks the spot)! This is just COINCIDENCE you say!?!

If you take the eye of the dino/reptile head and draw a line through the X it conveniently, oh sorry, coincidentally lands/points to what could be seen/interpreted as the apes pineal gland. This is just COINCIDENCE you say?!?

Then if you take the EXACT pin point location of Queansbeyan MASONIC Temple and draw a line parallel with the line between the dino/reptile eye and Ape’s pineal gland and stop at the first logical point of reference (or the next prominent landmark) to create two parallel lines, with the shorter one having equal amounts missing from each end. This is just COINCIDENCE you say?!?

Then if you take both lines and create a triangle with each while crossing over the opposite parallel line: ie bring together two equal lines from each ends to meet, they actually meet at specific points, irrespective of what they actually are from your non-bird/human view, they are NOT just some random points in random places, subsequently this then creates a pentagram/hexagram/star. This is just COINCIDENCE you say?!?

From a topography/bird's eye view of Washington DC's street map the same thing can be found ie pentagrams/hexagrams/stars. This is just COINCIDENCE you say?!?

If you take the great seal/star of david/hexagram and plot it over it solomans star on the US One dollar bill, at each point of the star it points to the letters M-A-S-O-N?!? This is just COINCIDENCE you say!?!

If you take a topography view of DC Washington’s states street map you can make out Stars, hexagrams, pentagrams etc, this is a COINCIDENCE you say!?!
Consider the FACT that the designer of Canberra town was taught by a Freemason. This is just COINCIDENCE you say?!?

Take the FACT that there are numerous ancient and current civilizations claiming of a reptile/lizard/snake like race that has either visited, breed or still living amongst us is just COINCIDENCE you say?!?

Throughout history it has been shown and documented that these pesky lizards have had a fascination with the pine cone, which is symbolic for the pineal gland,(a gland which is located at the centre of you brain) and is referred to by some spiritual traditions as your third eye, the seat to your soul and 6th chakra. A gateway to inner/higher realms and spaces of higher consciousness, it's associated with visions, clairvoyance, precognition, out of body experiences and other off worldly things that you would not believe unless personally experienced..............COINCIDENCE!

If you think what i'm presenting is a whole bunch of COINCIDENCES, then yes, your mind and conscious awareness will only allow you see what you perceive to be as Pareidolia, if this is what you still think, then i can not help and feel very sorry that your brain, mind and awareness is in such a terrible state.

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posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 08:52 AM
Unfortunate about the Pineal gland being over shadowed by the Amygdala.

The key is to be stranger than everyone and quit being sociable with other humanbeings.

If you have a good Amygdala you are more apt to be very sociable, have alot of friends, considered normal by the tribe, and sane.

If your Pineal over shadows your Amygdala you are more apt to be sociably awkward, not have many friends, considered abnormal or mentally ill by the tribe. But wow....synchronicity is your friend indeed and the spirit is timeless.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Originally posted by Unity_99I agree with everything you wrote. I also know whats under the curtain in this world, and have experienced it for myself.

That is good to know Unity, i respect and value everything you say, so i'm glad it is you that agrees with everything. Over the past few years i've been made aware of many things beyond this world. Some good, some bad.

Originally posted by Unity_99How is humanity quarantined however? There is a plan here, I don't know the details consciously, but know it within..

Well........humanity has had the capability to travel amongst the stars for well over half a century, it is the negative controlling fractions that get to do this ie military etc. By not sharing their technologies with us/me and subsequently stopping me from leaving this place then that could be interpreted as being quarantined.

And yes, there is a plan and the plan is that YOU, ME and EVERYONE is part of that plan. We are the ones who can turn this around, we have help waiting, but they will not save us.

Originally posted by Unity_99Would vision boards help, a visual message of freedom, equality and choice?..

Yes it would most certainly help, but i think first people need to be made aware of all the angles they are being attacked from and all that which is stopping them/us from becoming the great beings that we truly are, only then can we progress. Love and spreading awareness with GOoD intent is the key.

Originally posted by Unity_99There is no fluoride in our water, in fact we have the the purest water going, its better than anything bottled.

I'm glad that this is so Unity, It is also true that bottled water also has destructive levels/amounts of fluoride contained within.

The problem that i can see, that is mostly over looked is that in a pea sized amount of toothpaste there is a high enough content of fluoride that if swallowed you should consult your doctor or a medical professional. It is also my understanding that most do not use a pea sized amount, infact in the adverts they cover all the bristles. Now, your mouth is one of, if not the most absorbent parts of your body, so over time while brushing you little one's teeth the amount that is absorbed is enough to have their pineal gland almost fully calcified and inactive by the average age of ten.

Did ya know that the first advert ever aired on the Tel-a-vision was for toothpaste.

I drink 99.9% pure H20/Distilled water and only use fluoride free toothpaste.

Much love

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 09:58 AM

I swear that is John Howard on the left.

Don't know about reptilian but he is definitely a snake.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 11:45 AM

Originally posted by TingopooDo you see anything in this picture of Canberra and Queansbeyan?

No. And not in any of the others either until you crudely used MS paint to hammer in a red star of David.

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by Seagle

Originally posted by Seagle
Don't know about reptilian but he is definitely a snake.

That is most certailnly true, as it is with the majority of the world leaders.

The presidents and prime ministers of the world are mere puppets, the reptilians are the ones pulling the strings. It is all scripted and laid out.

For example in 2003 John Howard (Australian Prime Minister) and Canadian PM Stephen Harper delivered near identical speeches at around the same time urging their nations to join George W. Bush's to conspire in and execute an unprovoked invasion against a poor and defenseless country.

Of course these speeches being identical can be put down as another

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