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From the Middle East: this November, prepare for WAR!

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posted on Oct, 5 2010 @ 06:37 PM
I come home, closed the door and switched my computer on. Then as the computer starts up, i went to empty my bladder and then grab a drink from the fridge, i had a choice between orange juice and milk, i went with water. anyway i sit on the chair and as always, click on ATS recent posts. scroll down, checked some thread titles, click on a few and only read one.

Today a very interesting topic attracted my attention which led me to think about a few things. i was also hi which boosted my thinking capabilities. the topic is Baba Vanga: World War 3 - less than 1 month to go.

the part that interested me was not the old Russian lady, nor was it her prediction. But it was the time/date.

why that date? and why did ahmedinejad predict war by the same date? ahmedinejad predicted an israeli strike on irans nuclear facilities by November 2010.

he predicted it 3 and a half months ago:

also on timewave zero there is a BIG tipping point during November. change coming? i think so....

conflicts that could trigger ww3:
s korea-n korea

christians and/vs jews vs muslims

other conflicts in

it seems like everyone is ready and mobilised apart from iran, but they bought as much time as they could right? and they are more prepared than the iraqis were. but in the past 9 months we saw a lot of huge political changes and moves on the chess board. it seems as if everyone is almost ready now. iraq will be the battlefield once again, and the blood of the innocent will be spilled as a sacrifice to the illuminati god.

i would like people to gather information on November, whether its current world events, astrology, past predictions, basically anything that might be of help...

if war does start in November then i'm growing a beard and mustache like jesus
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