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WAR: US May Increase Troops in Iraq

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posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 11:48 PM
After a day of violence where co-ordinated attacks killed more than 100 people, US officials are considering a plan to send an additional 15,000 ground troops to the country. If the violence continues or increases, the additional troops look to be more than likely.
There has been speculation that attacks would increase as the handover date approaches; threats from rebel groups have bolstered that speculation.

While car bombings, rocket attacks and suicide bombings have not been uncommon in the war-torn country, their intensity and frequency have greatly increased in recent weeks. It is expected that they will continue leading up to and following the June 30 handover of power to the new Iraqi government.

The upcoming commander of forces in Iraq, Gen. George Casey, expressed concern at the amount of resistance. "The insurgency is much stronger than I certainly would have anticipated," he said before a Senate hearing on Thursday. "I think they have got support from external sources."

An Army Reserve batallion, the Individual Ready Reserves, may see as many as 6,500 MPs, infantry and engineers deployed in coming weeks. They have apparently been told to be ready for callup, and an official decision on their deployment is expected within a week. There has been no word on where the remainder of the support troops would be called from if they are needed.

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