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I saw a 8 foot tall Shadow Thing spying on me in bed. "Top Hat Man"

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posted on Oct, 17 2010 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by NorEaster

this is another very lucid well thought out drawing of what we are dealing with here
love this

posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 07:49 AM
Don't get me wrong, i reckon these things are not here for good purposes. Thing is though, these things can get off on fear, so telling someone who's just experienced them that they're only bad is not my version of fun.

Give them the ability to empower themselves in the face of these nonsense little shadows by daring to face them and challenging them to show themselves, when they don't you'll get a boost of confidence and they'll be more afraid in the future to show themselves.

They're not necessarily good, but don't be afraid of them! A human can snap one of these things like a cracker, they're scared of us, we shouldn't be afraid of them

There are even very specific methods for dealing with this nonsense, but mainly a person has to challenge them mentally and be stronger, that's the aim of the game

posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 02:12 PM

That explains it all!

posted on Oct, 27 2010 @ 02:15 AM
I dated a girl many years ago who saw a man in a tophat walking their house at night. Parents claimed to have seen the man also over the years. Not a particularly old house nor was this a nightly occurance. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was a ghost nor would I dismiss this either. Worth investigating.

posted on Oct, 27 2010 @ 02:29 AM
I'm not reading all however-many pages of replies there are here so if I repeat what someone else has already suggested, consider it reiteration or reinforcement to what they had said.

Firstly, I will say that I have seen this lately too. There is nothing to be afraid of, intimidating though this figure may seem. I don't know who he is nor what he wants, but I've never felt anything malevolent when he's about. I have felt on occasion that he has *tried* to inspire fear by standing right next to me and staring me in the face, but that's the extent of it. You might even get a cool draft blowing past or a cold feeling on your arm, shoulder, or back, but no matter what sensations you feel, there is nothing to fear. I don't have the feeling that this is a demon because with the fear you and your family have expressed, a demon would have taken up residence in one of you already. That fear response is the greatest weakness one can have. Get rid of it.

Please understand that all things are just simply expressions of energy. When you change the polarity of your energetic expression, you change the attraction/repulsion of other energies as well. Think this way and maybe you will understand: Like attracts like. If you want positive, pleasant, happy energies, you must express/espouse/shine those yourself. Fear attracts fear. Fearful energies can spin around me as much as they like, but they are not strong enough to cause me any misery at all.

Change your perspective/polarity. You'll have less problems in all walks of life.

posted on Nov, 1 2010 @ 11:42 PM

Originally posted by muzzleflash

Originally posted by MR BOB
muzzle flash, it was a hallucination. somtimes you get them when you just wake up.

for me it is ususally spiders on the wall/flies. i jump up in exactly the same way and go wtf,realising what happend i go back to sleep.

I have never had a hallucination of any substance before.

And to think all of those crazy college days where I should have seen something, considering all of the "help" I had doing "crazy" college kid stuff.

Also how would it be possible for people to hallucinate the same exact shapes and stuff? Doesn't seem very likely or reasonable to me.

If it were hallucinations, I would expect a vast differentiation in various people's visual apperations.

For instance, if it were hallucinations, I would see something unique to my own brain. Whereas another person, would see something totally different such as an Elephant, when I was seeing something like a walking tree, while you were seeing spiders. This is the type of vast differentiation I would expect from hallucinations.

Also, how is it possible that I can hallucinate the shapes and 8foot tall size of a entity, it's mannerisms and it's perculiarities and M.O.; without knowing anything about it at all; meanwhile worldwide hundreds if not thousands of people with no relation or prior contact were seeing the exact same entity?

This does not fit with hallucination very well. Too many coincidences, so I will have to dig deeper for a more suitable resolution. Thanks for assisting in trying to unravel the mystery though. And don't stop there, let us know if you come up with any other ideas.

posted on Nov, 1 2010 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by AngryAngel84

Muzzleflash, I have had a very similar experience also. In mine the 'hat-man' was seated next to me.. in chair that wasn't actually physically there. But anyways, I thought that it was interesting you said 'tree man'. Probably not related at all but it sounds a lot like that 'NightCrawler' video that was really popular recently. Two 'stick or tree-like' things walking through a guys yard. Freaky... just food for thought.

posted on Nov, 2 2010 @ 12:02 AM
Wow - my perception of what you described in the op is creepy and/but interesting. I hope your nerves have calmed down some, but after seeing that, I guess it could change you forever.

I hope this isn't too far off topic, but I just wanted to share that when I was a little girl, I slept alone in my bedroom, and very often at night, I would feel as if someone was blowing air on my forehead. It was gentle, cool almost pinpointed. I can still remember so clearly. It used to happen quite often.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 05:12 AM
reply to post by muzzleflash

I am also from PA and i experienced the same thing,a tall figure,muscular,yellow eyes. walked right past me down a hallway,smiling. Around this time i was heavily haunted but only once saw the figure.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 02:57 AM
Hello original poster,

I hope to shed some light on this shadow you have encountered. What you saw was a angel of Joshua's forsaken army a.k.a the watcher. He is and still remains and angel of Joshua however he was punished by God for breeding with human women. I wish there was a pleasant way to put this but there isn't. Basically the shadow angel comes to feed off your soul, but then again that has been the life long purpose of every angel and demon alike in one form or another. The reason they appear to you the in dark while you slumber is that your aura diminishes, they are strengthened by the dark and the forsaken take that opportunity to try to leech your soul.

As bad as this sounds take comfort in a few points of advice. It is forbidden by God that any forsaken interact with a human until the arrival of Armageddon (yet they choose to do so anyways, this is pretty much why they are who they are.) God will warn and awaken you if these fowl beasts enter your house or room. Though they look very menacing they are in a severe weakened state, thus their need to feed, if your aura is strong you can destroy them simply by striking them. Fear and adrenaline are blessing, for they empower your aura making each hit evermore lethal. Light diminishes their power even more. If you are ever paralyzed by one control and focus your fear and anger towards it (methods to strengthen your aura) and it will break the spell. Take care however they are not pushovers, they can push over and throw real world objects that can hurt, and pass through walls. However they fear their own destruction and the wrath of God more than anything.

People will encounter these beings more often in the coming days, remember they bring to you ill will. Don't believe in man made religion, don't believe the lies that anyone including Joshua and Lucifer are closer to God than anyone else is. Instead believe in God, believe in the value of life, and believe in yourself as an individual that has great purpose.


posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 04:52 AM
I want to thank everyone for posting here about this subject and sharing their insights and experiences.

I think about this subject every day off and on randomly.

I have been keeping an eye out for this "thing", but have not seen it since.

I have come to the conclusion that whatever this "thing" is, and whatever mechanisms it operates on, is extremely important and central to life on Earth in some form or another.

If we can really get to the bottom of this, and figure out exactly what these things are, and how they work, it will change society world wide. Probably for the better, as becoming aware of subtle hidden realities can open our minds to the truth of our own existences.

I have made it my life's goal to figure out what this "thing" is. And before I die, I will find out so help me God.

This is clearly the most important subject on Earth, and all other subjects are mere distractions to this bizarre and inexplicable reality. That is why I still talk about it to people every day, I still keep bringing it up, and I still keep formulating theories and ideas in order to delve deeper in hopes that I will one day understand it.

If I ever could pick a thread that I want to survive and keep going (of which I wrote), this would be the one.

We will figure out what this thing is, and it will become common knowledge. This much is for certain, because this "thing" is totally real and solid. The truth cannot remain hidden forever, and as we chip away at it, we will reveal what is really going on here soon enough.

These "shadow things" cannot remain hidden in the darkness forever, and soon the light of our awareness will shine brightly upon them.

It is the most bizarre and wacky thing on Earth, as far as my knowledge base is concerned. And I know of ALL kinds of weird stories. But this one easily takes the cake.

Whatever the answer to this complicated mystery is, it will solve everything in my opinion. Such an understanding would open the doors to all kinds of possibilities for humanity.

Please folks, don't let it go. Keep on searching for answers. We will find them eventually. Have faith in this inevitability.

We will figure this out!

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 05:09 AM
Hey, I'm reasonably new to this thread, and the info that I'm about to give you may not be 100% accurate, my memory is a little on the poor side. But I'll plough on anyway...

I'm on this site because of my growing thirst in the unexplained, and I have had some experiences and hold a limited knowledge on these kinds of incidents. There was a woman, in Britain I believe it was, who received an expensive vase after placing the highest bid in an auction. Upon taking it home, the woman had a slowly growing sense of unease, almost as though she had stolen said vase. But on crossing her doorway she felt it pass, and pushed it from her mind.

Days later, she was getting ready for bed when she heard her husband cry out. She hurried out to see her man, arms flung out in front of their only child, shielding her from a hulking black figure. The woman described it as 'tall, like a man on stilts'. Its feet couldn't be seen, it seemed as though it was fused to the floor. It turned suddenly, like it had been startled and sped down the stairs. The husband gave chase, but the thing was gone, the vase that they had bought earlier sporting a crack. It was only when they discovered this that the child admitted to breaking the vase and tried to cover it up, afraid to get in bother.

So, I was wondering, did you perhaps get something, an heirloom or antique, around the time you saw this watcher?

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 11:00 AM
I've had a similar experience myself I smoke and do it outside one evening I was out there and thought I seen something standing on my barn roof but I kind of shrugged it off as my eyes playing tricks on me since it's so dark, I go in I'm washing my hands at the sink there's a window that faces that way and I thought I saw something again standing on the ground this time nah I think to myself and go to bed. Next night I go out looking around in the sky beautiful moon and the stars were so bright I hear this hard to explain the sound to help better understand as close as I can come up with was the movie grudge but slightly different I look at the tree and say well that's not a bird, at this time I hear it again and then I hear movement that seems to be getting closer but I can't see anything so my brain goes on I have quick freakin out I ran in quickly locking the door, setting alarm and ranning up the stairs where my husband is like what's going on seriously I didn't think I could move that quickly. So I tell my husband who like What? So he looks out the window doesn't see anything but hears it and it appears to be under our bedroom window. Let's just say my husband spent the next day looking up animal sounds that would be in our area and come up empty.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 12:06 PM
I know for a fact I saw something sitting at the edge of my sofa roughly fifteen years ago. A lot of people like to say sleep paralysis in situations like this but it wasn't on me, wasn't even looking at me and I could move. Sleep paralysis is the go to explanation for the paranormal just as Chinese lanterns has become a stand by for dismissing ufo sightings, don't get me wrong I'm willing to bet those explanations explain the majority of cases but you'll never convince me that's what they all are.

Back to what I saw, I'm sure It was the shape of a man sitting on my couch leaning slightly forward and like you said Muzzleflash this thing was completely black. I was terrified and didn't want it to see me, I just lay there until I fell back to sleep. The next day I wasn't sure what I had seen but was convinced it was a ghost and just didn't talk about it, btw this was a solid decade before I started reading about aliens, multiple dimension, time slips etc the only thing I had to go on was that it was a ghost or I was imagining things so I didn't tell anyone and left it at that.

I would have wrote it off to my imagination if it wasn't for my brother. He was living in the basement, directly below me and goes on about how a few nights ago, turns out it was the same night I saw something, he woke up and saw someone standing next to his stereo so he slowly leans over to grab his baseball bat, stands up to confront what he thought was a burglar but it was gone, nothing there. Now this guy is the complete opposite of me he doesn't believe in any of the stuff I do, no sci-fi or video games and comics for him it's all sports and bar hopping, I've gotten more eye rolls from him over the years than I could even begin to count, for him to say he saw something out of the ordinary I have no choice but to believe it.

Is it possible we were both imagining a dark figure in our rooms in the same house on the same night? I suppose so but I doubt it. This is all reminding me now of some other things that have happened over the past few years but I'll just stop here for now. I truly believe there are all kinds of things going on around us we have no idea about and I too really want some answers.

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posted on Jan, 27 2011 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

Hey Muzzleflash. Um, I've been called crazy on here and I have met a few skeptics who say I'm not crazy but more or less stuborn but I feel it is inevitable to give you this little bit of info. If you believe me, I think I can help you. ((As I have helped a few others on ATS)) but yeah.... I've seen shadow people since I was about fifteen years old. Growing up in a Catholic family where if you told your family this they might call an exorcism on you is tough so half of this I delt with alone and with the help of a certain someone who is now unfortunately my enemy in a way. The other person who helped me is still helping me today though. But yeah.... not all shadows are evil, and some "ARE" people who are astral projecting. As I have done this and even met someone on ATS who I suprised by describing how their wife looked in their house at one time "WHILE" he was chatting with me on the computer. So yeah.... there is a war brewing..... and seven seals are slowly being torn apart. There are those who would wish to recruit interesting people who have special abilities like yours to see the unknown to their side. This wars basis is in the astral realm. ~Sigh~ Long story short you can either live in fear or strengthen your mind and body like I have had to do to keep from going insane. So yeah.... if you would like more info on what I have to say and how it could relate to your "Hat Man" shadow I'd appreciate you U2ing me. I don't trust people very often but I fear I might know the name of the shadow plaguing you. Anyway, keep strong and make sure your mind doesn't dwell on fear too much.
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posted on Mar, 1 2011 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

Thank you for sharing this, you have my attention, and I would like to ask and share a few things; I know that this thread was posted last year, but hopefully you can remember enough to answer some of my questions.

First I would like to state that I have only seen strange things upon waking a few times, once during sleep paralysis (which you were not experiencing) and the other times I was not paralyzed.

I have also heard a voice once during sleep paralysis (it was the first time I ever experienced sleep paralysis and the voice was a male voice that kept saying Methatron or Metatron, before I went to sleep that night there was something on VH1 about Carlos Santana and him talking about the angel Metatron or something like that
) and every time that I have had sleep paralysis, which is rare, my senses are heightened/magnified/amplified and I almost always feel very scared/terrified feeling that is the most intense fear that you can imagine and sometimes I feel a presence or presences of something but I have only seen something once during sleep paralysis.

Which you can read about in my thread:

Now I have seen something before after waking up when I was not experiencing sleep paralysis.

The first time this happened when I was a kid and I woke up seeing maggots moving around all in my bed and I jumped out of bed and ran screaming to show my parent's, but nothing was there when my parent's and I went to look at my bed; I had seen them clear a day for the first few seconds after waking up before I ran out of the room, but I still think it probably was my brain still adjusting from the dream world to the real world maybe.

The second time I saw what appeared to be a roach moving around on the edge of my bed after I first woke up, but it looked fake, so I turned the light on and tried to hit it; but nothing was there.

The third and/or fourth and/or fifth time I thought I saw a floating head-like figure, but each of those times it could have been my eyes adjusting to the light when first waking up.

1. Anyway, do you remember any of your dreams before you woke up and had this experience?

2. Do you remember any other feelings or thoughts when you first woke up?

3. Did you feel a presence when you first woke up?

I sometimes have dreams with what I call, Interrupting Dream Characters, dream characters that seem to enter a perfectly normal dream usually at the end of a dream and they try to attack me and/or make the dream change in a usually negative way and/or use the dream world against me.

Some even seem to feed of of my fear, like it makes them stronger.

I am curious about the mysteries of dreaming and sleeping, and I too am curious about any possible connections of these possible Things and our dreams.

Thank you,
-John Jr

posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 02:24 AM
Thanks for sharing this story Muzzleflash

I will repost my encounter here as reference if it helps

I had a shadow person in an apartment in 1998, this thing was nasty. Horrible, it rose up out of my floor when i was in bed laying there trying to go to sleep. It was solid in the darkness. Shape of a human outline but no distinct features. A black mass was there for a few seconds then dematerialized. Smelled like sulfur, had this sulfur smell in the apartment sometimes. That slum i had rented for a few months, while there had horrible thoughts and a strange energy while there. Almost sickening and people that came over got physically sick and would leave. Visions as if uploaded in my mind from something evil. I think it was trying to over take me. Needless to say i moved out weeks later to a nicer place. This "thing" showed up in photos i had taken while staying there. Standing over my 6 month old daughters crib with its hand on the rail. From the side had a animal like face but shape of a person like a black mass but smoke like in other parts of it. There is a little water damage to the pic, some think it is a defect of film some said it is real.

I have no idea if the sulfer smell is connected. Like you i had been in bed, I did not see eyes that i could tell but it was about 7 to 8 feet. Im 6 and a half and it was much taller than me in comparing it to my door way. It was almost in the door way but in the room I can guess this is the same thing whatever it is. Perhaps the feelings and thoughts were not directly connected to this thing. Maybe that place had some kind of magnetic field affecting me, they say lime stone can be used as a conduit for entities such as ghosts. Like you i feel it was not a ghost but something else.

posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 02:32 AM
reply to post by muzzleflash

I just hope I don't see the umbrella man next to me!

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 05:44 AM
Thanks for sharing OP, I like a post like this. Hope it didn't scare you too badly.

I have to admit, the one thing that really peeves me about these kinds of threads is the sheer volume of ATS's who claim to have seen him/it/demon/BEK/whatever the post is about.

"Oh, I've seen him!"

"OMG, I thought I was the only one!!!"

Come off it people. Some of you sure, you may have had a similar anomaly occur.... The majority of you are just trying to jump on the paranormal experiencer bandwagon when you haven't experienced anything at all.

Yes, I'm calling the majority liars. It happens in every single paranormal first hand experience thread.... Everyone's experienced it haven't they......

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posted on Mar, 6 2011 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by Nomad451

If that were true Nomad this thread would be a hell of a lot bigger than it is.
So clearly not everyone has seen this thing only it would seem a select few.
I cant remember if what i saw was simply a shadow on the wall or if it was actually being of some sort.
But i do remember feeling protected by it as a child.

Originally posted by Nomad451
Yes, I'm calling the majority liars. It happens in every single paranormal first hand experience thread.... Everyone's experienced it haven't they......

edit on 5-3-2011 by Nomad451 because: (no reason given)

Even if that were true how boring would these threads be if nobody replied with there own experiences made up or not?
You need to relax.
Just had a thought on why you reacted the way you did........You holding something back from us Nomad?

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