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fiction , friction , faction , fraction ....

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posted on Oct, 4 2010 @ 04:16 AM
As I grew older , I realised that my country had not lived up to it's
ideals . The hypocrisy and and lies of the ruling class , had reduced
many of our best citizens into little more than slaves . Bankers and
lawyers were living high on the suffering of the average worker .
The overwhelming majority of people needed some equality in
their society, and so I joined a large political party, to see if my
voice could bring about some changes that we must have to
reignite hope and ambition for the little people .
I soon realised that I could count on these peole to vote me into
the top job , and my stellar career took off .
Within 10 years , I became the President of the world's greatest
superpower , and on that day everything changed ...
After my inauguration , I was lead to a room deep within the halls
of power , for a private celebration . I was flanked by all of my most
trusted and esteemed colleagues , and the ever present security
contingent . The last corridor was lined by my friends and family ,
loudly cheering and applauding my success .

The room was like a bank vault , very secure , airtight , soundproof
and sterile . I was propelled through the door rather roughly , and
fell into the arms of the state appointed physician .
He drove a syringe into my arm , and filled my veins with a fast
acting , and paralyzing drug .
I was immediately helped into a dentist chair , and my REAL
inauguration began ....
In my field of vision I could see a dozen conspirators .
There were ex presidents , media moguls , bankers , lawyers ,
drug and arms dealers . !

I was pinned to the chair and a remotely controlled explosive implant
was injected into my shocked skull .
Then the lecture began . All of my high minded ideals were to be
immediately forgotten . I now had to tow the line , or else . My new
speechwriter would be a teleprompter
connected live to the real , un-named boss !
Any deviation from the script , would be tragic .... for me !
They even had my pre-prepared obituary printed out as headlines
on a major newspaper !
I shakily signed a contract I hadn't read , and nodded meekly as I
was given a large cheque , which was instantly turned into a secret
bank account in a friendly offshore tax-haven ...

...... and YOU wonder why some things never change .... ??????????

------- Thankyou for your time ----------

edit on 4-10-2010 by radarloveguy because: shouldn't name names !!!!!!!!!!

posted on Oct, 4 2010 @ 04:41 AM
reply to post by radarloveguy

Let me guess.... This OP contains a name-guessing game?

K you must be.... OBAMA

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