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Universe of Infinite Possibilities

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posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 08:11 PM
I've seen some crazy things, done some crazy things, and heard some crazy stories and after a lot of research none of the things that I've done, seen done, and heard done seemed crazy anymore. In fact it seems anything is possible and I do mean anything. The only conclusion I can come to after all of the research I've done is that we do come from "infinity", we are a part of infinity (There's no way you can separate yourself from infinity. But since this Universe is one of infinite possibilities, you can create the illusion that you're not a part of infinity just by believing it), and just as you're able to manifest a thought in your mind seemingly out of nowhere or start dreaming and get caught up in it, so can the infinite mind from which we came from (and which we are).

And what have religions all over the world been saying for centuries? This is an illusion. A "crystallized dream" if you will. And the only thing that crystallizes this dream are our beliefs in it's reality. Some studies have been done where a group of believers and non-believers in psychic phenomena were separated into two groups and were given the same tests where they were supposed to guess which card was hidden out of a choice of five cards they were shown previously. Well, the believers scored significantly higher than chance would permit and the non-believers scored significantly lower than chance would permit. More evidence your experiences on Earth are dictated by your beliefs.

If you want to experience this "reality" more realistically than previously, eliminate your thoughts and beliefs about it and how it works. Go into a state of "being" (ie, meditation) and just experience the Universe the same way the Universe does; by just being. Once you eliminate all of your thoughts and beliefs about the Universe then you're no longer separating yourself from the infinite possibilities that once lay behind your mental blocks.
I don't know if any of you have ever had lucid dreams but if you have any mental blocks while you're in that dream there's no way you're going to do seemingly impossible things in the dream unless you eliminate the belief that what you're trying to do is impossible.

Anyways, you don't need to believe in anything to meditate. In fact the main purpose of true meditation is to just "be". And if any of you have a hard time just eliminating your background thoughts, just don't partake in those little mindgames you play with yourself where you tell yourself you can't meditate. You don't have to partake in those thoughts. Those thoughts are not you. The one that manifests those thoughts is you and one of the best ways to exercise that self control is to decide not to partake in any thoughts and just be. It truly feels like the bars that have kept you in your cell your whole life have been broken off and you're finally free.

You'll find yourself not partaking in anybody else's mindgames either. You'll see everything from the Universe's perspective which just is. You won't get yourself caught up in anything you don't want to partake in any longer. And after you've eliminated your thoughts about this universe you might want to try some "psychic" experiments.

Last year I took a trip to Sierra Nevada where I stayed at a cabin in isolation. It was only for a week but it was long enough to get into a state of "being". In fact the first day I was able to clear all of the mental chitter chatter and useless background thoughts to enter a state of being. Well after a couple of days in this state of being, I decided to try something with a deck of cards. In a state of being I shuffled the cards around a bit and after making the images in my minds eye more clear by creating new scenery for a bit, I decided to finally "guess" which card I was going to pick.

Now let me explain what "a state of being" is once more before I continue. It's a state where you're no longer thinking about what's going on around you but rather experiencing everything that's going on around you without any thoughts present in your mind about the situation. So there are no mental blocks present to keep you from what you're trying to do. You're just in a state of total mental control and instead of wasting time thinking about the outcomes of what you're going to do, you just focus on the task at hand.

So after I shuffled the deck of cards that were in my hands I decided to close my eyes, go into a state of being, and just focus my attention on what card I was about to pick. Well, after seeing it and feeling it in my mind I opened my eyes and saw that the card I saw in my mind's eye was indeed the one I saw with my physical eyes and I did this about 20 more times in a row and was right each and eveyrtime.

Now I forgot to mention that when you're in a state of being and no thoughts are just creeping around in your mind, your mind's eye becomes more activate and you're able to focus it on imaginary scenes or real life scenes. Because of the earlier exercises to eliminate unwanted thoughts you're able to focus on whatever you want without any thoughts popping up.

The mind is not a complicated thing but unwanted thoughts can make it appear so. Looking at scenes with your mind's eye is not hard when there are no longer any thoughts to prevent you from doing so. When you're in a state of being you know longer have to question how you're going to do something because you already know how to. Seeing things in your mind's eye is as easy as focusing your normal eye's on what you want. You just have to know what you want to focus your mind's eye on and do it.

You're basically using just pure unbiased focus and attention. No longer focusing on one aspect of the universe through thoughts but focusing on all of it without thoughts through "being".

If you were to just think about infinity for a little while and what it would mean if infinity existed anywhere in the entire Universe you would see that what we're experiencing right now would have to be a "dream". If infinity existed anywhere, it would have to exist everywhere and it would extend into every aspect of the universe and reality. If infinity existed anywhere it would mean that this would have to be an illusion because it would only be a small fraction of the infinite possibilities we could be experiencing.

Infinity's existence anywhere, even in contemplation, opens up the possibility to anything. Infinity is mind.

Anyways, I'm going to end this thread by giving you a website where you can listen to some interviews with David Icke. Remember everything I've said in this thread and just keep an open mind because by having a closemind you're closing yourself off to new possibilties. This man is a great speaker, he has great information regarding the nature of reality which has scientific basis to it, and the interviews are just overwhemingly entertaining so I highly recommend you listen to them. Take whatever you'd like from the information he's provided and leave anything that doesn't fit your belief system. But most importantly of all just have a good time.

Anyways, glad to be able to present you guys with some interesting information and some of my experiences and I look forward to hearing some of your feedback.

David Icke Interviews

Everything David Icke says seems possible after he introduces you to the holographic universe theory. And who's to say what's not possible? There are so many people that you just pass by each day that could be into anything. Witchcraft, voodoo, whatever. We only come in contact with a small percentage of people and most of the people that you do come in contact with won't discuss their "spirituality" with you (if they are spiritual) unless they feel you're open to it. So keep an open mind and always come to your own conclusions according to your own research and remember everybody is a scientist.

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posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 05:00 PM
i have a book called "the holographic universe" by michael talbot

its very intresting have u read it?

it describes evry thang in ur post

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 06:40 PM

Originally posted by TrentReznor
i have a book called "the holographic universe" by michael talbot

its very intresting have u read it?

it describes evry thang in ur post

I've heard of that book, Trent. Very interesting, indeed.

What I interpret from your speech is what I would call the essence of spirituality; attempting to find the meaning of this life and if it even exists in anything less than an existential manner. Some people try to explain this in God; others in the supernatural, and the truth will eternally be elusive. Great post, by the way.

posted on Jul, 27 2004 @ 06:21 AM
Thanks for the compliment, IceOfSpades. I know this post is just a bit overdue, lol, but oh well.

The truth will remain elusive as long as you decide not to acknowledge it. The truth I speak of has no verbal value so you'll never truly know what it is through words.

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