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POLITICS: Cheney Cursed at Patrick Leahy Aides Claim

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posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 06:43 PM
It seems things are heating up a bit in Washington. The following report will show that Dick Cheney found a very colorful way to express himself. Cheney has been under great pressure to provide information to the 9/11 commission among other things. Perhaps he just had a bad day...

Full Report Link: Guardian

WASHINGTON (AP) - Vice President Cheney cursed at Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy during a confrontation on the Senate floor while members were having their annual group picture taken earlier this week, Leahy and Senate sources said Thursday.

Senate aides with knowledge of the encounter Tuesday said the vice president confronted Leahy about some of the Democrat's criticism about alleged improprieties in Iraq military contracts awarded to Halliburton Co. Cheney, who as vice president is president of the Senate, is a former CEO of Halliburton.

Leahy responded by saying the vice president had once called him a ``bad´´ Catholic.
Cheney then responded, ``F--- off´´ or ``F--- you,´´ two aides said, both speaking on condition of anonymity.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I wonder if the FCC was watching... will there be fines?

If you ask me they ALL sound like a bunch of whining children.. fighting over the best section of the sand box... But hey its politics. and it is an election year. Maybe things will get even more interesting in the weeks and months ahead.

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