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Japan/China relation takes another hit

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posted on Oct, 2 2010 @ 06:17 AM
First... protesters in China are stirring trouble.

China accused of invading disputed islands

Anti-China protesters gathered Saturday in Tokyo and six other major cities in Japan to rally against what it calls an invasion of disputed islands that both claim are part of their territories.

Protesters held up Japanese flags and chanted, "We will not allow Communist China to invade our territory."

Not good.

The guy leading the protest was Tamogami, the former chief of staff of Japan's Air Self-Defense Forces.

A few of his statements at the protest...

"Senkaku Islands is Japan's traditional territory," Tamogami said. "If we don't protect it, China will make action to take it."

Tamogami called China a "thief" and vowed to protect the islands.

And second... China issued a travel warning to their nationals in Japan.
China issued a travel warning for Japan, reflecting continued strains between the two neighbors despite efforts to ratchet down tensions.

The cause...

The National Tourism Administration's warning cited an alleged attack against a Chinese tour bus Wednesday by Japanese right-wing activists in the southern city of Fukuoka. The statement, issued late Thursday, didn't give further details of the incident, but warned "Chinese tourists and tour groups currently in Japan or planning to go to Japan in the near future to watch their travel safety."

Made up or true, not good.

Japan's PM rejects China's demand for apology

"I have no intention of accepting [the demand] at all," Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said, according to Japan's official Kyodo news agency.

The asians.... like Americans were back in the 1700s... Alexander Hamilton didn't die of old age...

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posted on Oct, 2 2010 @ 07:11 AM
A big reason for these protests is the recent (this week) Chinese claim that Okinawa is also part of China.

More on that here.

posted on Oct, 8 2010 @ 01:19 AM
I can't understand why the Japanese always can't be sane and calm in dealing with China,just so impulsive,it seems that their attitude decide the relationship between the two countries.

posted on Dec, 2 2010 @ 01:34 PM
I find it amazing how almost every dispute between China and Japan starts over/with Korea.

Admiral Yi is laughing his ass off, somewhere.

Anyway - China and Japan have always had bad blood between them. It would only make sense that a territorial dispute would trigger some very prompt and strong reactions from the population.

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