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Street Gangs

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posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 06:01 AM
I was searching the net and found that Chinese police forces "ally" themselves with Triad gangs. The cops have even been know to set up clubs, hotels, brothels etc...

posted on Dec, 24 2004 @ 11:38 AM
The Triads are a crime syndicate, and the police havn't "allied" themselves with the Triads, more than likely been brided, OR the heads of the police departments are probally a member of the triads.

posted on Jan, 2 2005 @ 10:13 PM
The gangs start by one person then they keep on growing and some people move to other states and they claim there the leader and this keeps happening so there are alot of (BLOODZ) and (CRYPS) but they are not related! I know that for a fact.....

posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 08:01 AM
wow........people are getting gang education classes here!!!

anyway older cities(As in means of how long streetgangs have been around) are seeing less crime now because all the territories have already fought for.there are a few fights for lands but not as much as there was before.they are already organized,and are almost becoming like mafias, with empires set. but i live in orlando and in new territories it is less organized.see when people say FAKE gangs, they dont mean it litterally.

for you who didnt grow up around gangs,heres what i mean.most gangs in the us of a started in chicago and los angeles(not ny ny) and spread like wildfire.(1)because they need new territories(2)to become more powerfull with more soliders.

so most of the gangs here in orlando are like the ones in younger,smaller citys-viollent and less organized.they do not follow a traditions the originals did.its not much for money-or respect.they overbound each others territory.most are just high school kids from ny ny or chicago or miami all packed in low income areas.all races,gangs,ages.that is why they are "FAKE'".by original gang standards.

ask anybody who saw the gang voilence height from 1986-93.the smaller cities are going thru this stage now.before all the big cities were on the top of the crime the territories have been set and the wiser have seen so much bloodshed they want it to stop.

but the newer gang cities kids have never seen this so they dont care.just like chicago and la in the 70s they were hypnotized by it.and there is nobody to stop them,no hardcore ogs or respected leaders.the hispanic community just moved to orlando starting 95, and when these kids get out of high school in maybee 5 years, when they become ogs and manipulate these kids, there wil be bloodshed in this tourist city.

if you do not trust me look at the crime statistics for 2000.
orlando is number 16 beating los angeles ny ny and chicago.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:45 AM

Originally posted by TheAgentNineteen

Originally posted by nathraq

Originally posted by 23rd_Degree

The interesting thing with Street gangs is that the original ones, ALKN, BGDN, BPSN,

Is there any way that one of you guys could help me out with the meanings of the acronyms above? I'm a little confused. Thanks.

In Chicago ALKN is the Almighty Latin King Nation. BGDN is the Black Gangster Disciple NAtion. I don't know what BPSN means.

Black P-Stone Nation. The Black P-Stones are a Blood gang out of the Jungles Housing Projects in LA. IT was the same place on Training Day, where Denzel has his woman at. If u havent seen it, then watch it. The guy who is supposedly the head of the gang in the movie, the one who sits his gun down on the ground, and tells Denzel "Everyone has to put their own work in", his real name is Bones. He's the Black-P Stone General.

[edit on 12-15-2004 by TheAgentNineteen]

What the hell? BPSN aint Blood they People. Chief Malik started BPSN in Chicago in the late 50's and T.Rodgers brought it to LA in '69. If yall dont know please dont speak on the Moes. What the hell real CHI Stones got to do wit them fake Blood cats out West claiming it? And the Jungles aint no projects neither. Get your info from the streets not the net and movies. And I aint know Bones was Stone in real life or held Mufti rank.

[edit on 22-3-2006 by Stunkums]

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:47 AM

Originally posted by The_Squid
Black Pansy Sh*tty Nation? lol

[edit on 2-7-2004 by The_Squid]

Hey man I know CHI-TOWN Moes so show respect to BPSN, you wouldnt say that in their face if you had to walk through Terror Town, Moe Town, Rack City, Mecca, Chieftown, or any Stone deck.

posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 04:17 PM
Perhaps these gangs are a militant wing of the new world order

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 09:45 PM
Or the gangs will sell you drugs OHNOES!!!1!!1

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 01:07 PM
Excellent thread...

At last someone's thinking along the correct lines...

Personal experience.

Don't ask me why but I know people in Combat 18...

OK, I'll tell you why... you can be friends with someone, introduced through friends of friends, and like someone... and race will not come up in conversation... one day it DID, and this guy admitted to me he was in C18.

You may think I get around a bit, I know the Masons, I know the Secret services, Well that's what I do. I'm an experiencer. I'm here to judge the world. If there is still some good in it then it will continue.

That is what we all are here for..... If we all fell into darkness and hatred the world would be destroyed. Our love will keep the human race hobbling along.

That is the meanining of the 'light'.

Anyway, a friend of his, while in prison was initiated into the same cult. When he came out he was given instructions to burn a peodophile's house down...

This is what gangs do. They 'clean-up' things. They clean up drug pushers, they clean up each other. They are an unofficial police force.

They take their order from Masons. They ask no questions. To leave the gang means death.

I will say no more because I do not wish to incriminate friends and associates. But know that street gangs of all kinds are the masons' eyes on the street.

I will say that many of these gang members have scars above their eyes, just like many Masons...they are usually physically attacked with bottles or hard objects which leave specific scars so they can be identified on the street by the police and other members.. Know any masons? Look for scars on the forehead: the mark of Cain....

PM me for more secrets... prove yourself worthy first though..

[edit on 27-3-2006 by Edelweiss Pirate]

posted on Mar, 27 2006 @ 04:35 PM
just picked up the "Lords of Lawndale" by Michael Scott. Excellent read, especially for those of us from Chicago, and have an understanding about the Folks/People alliances.

The Gaylords were the largest white street gang in Chicago, starting in the 1950's. They finally called it quits in the late '80's, due to lack of recruitment, and an seemingly endless war against the ever increasing numbers of Latino Gangs.

If anyone has time, I sincerely recommend they check out the Gaylords history site:


the GL's were allied with my old crew, the 12th Street Players.

posted on Aug, 30 2006 @ 03:12 PM
They call Lil SKandalous and im an Almighty Noble Knight from Cicero ILLINOIS. right outside the chicago westside border. i been reading some of these posts and u people dont know jack# about ganglife. except what u see on tv and movies for the most of u.

here u will find info on all chicago street gangs and crews

and here is our site thats not completed yet


posted on Aug, 30 2006 @ 04:56 PM
the gangs in scotland mostly consist of young kids called " NEDS" aged from 13+, some of them grow up and will get out, the gangs..the more respected ones anyway come from the poorer areas of the cities, they usually carry blades small lockbacks weapons (easily concealed though there is usually a stash in there territory which will be made up of screwdrivers, machetes,samurais,meat cleavers,hatchets, hammers,bats,crowbars,almost anything that can be used to inflict some sort of pain. in general you are unlikely to see a street gang carrying guns of any sort) which are used to stab(wel duh) or slash other rival gang members the ones that dont ever "grow up" usually become the "pawns" for doing dirty "small" jobs for the more respected "Gangsters", they do their business (doing hits,laundering,drugs,real estate,assets) to make money the thing is the top gangs tend to keep very low profiles and unless you cross their path in an advert way you wont ever notice them, they supply the smaller drug dealers with their goods and they are the ones who take the fall.

The organised crime is much quieter and serious. though it is street gangs that you tend to here about doing the damage and are usually full of part timers hoo dont take it that seriously but thier is always the few that see it as their honour to start sum s#!t out of nothing theyr the ones that will get you in trouble if you are easily misled and will themselves find they are rock bottom. dead or in jail.

posted on Aug, 31 2006 @ 07:06 PM
Let me tell u that u have got it twisted thinkin' there is no organization involved. As mentioned earlier there is tha FOLK Nation, which is categorized into 6 different sets: 24, 44, 74, 274, 874, & 974. They are very organized, and tha FOLK Nation considers itself to be an organization wit tha Crips and not a gang. There are more ways in, other than just jumpin'. There is tha 6 Penny Drop, Blessin', & 36 Hits. They have different ranks and levels, just like a business. As far as bein' recognized goes, there is more than signs and tats. They have knowledge and to prove yourself real to another set or King u must kno knowledge. As u grow more involved, u learn more knowledge. There is 180 Knowledge, 360 Knowledge, and 720 Knowledge, and lots more. Also, another way to recognize you are part of Folk Nation is to stack. It's where a combination of different signs are thrown at adversaries or friends to recognize what set u are from. Things are very complicated and not tha crap that u see. There is murder, but not sloppy murder. If u kill a SLOB (also known as bloods), then they will leave tha scene and send sum1 to pick up tha shells and remove any evidence. It's not sum simple little group that jumps people. Get ya facts right b4 ya make assumptions. Also, if a set of 74 comes across a set of 974, they ain't gonna kill them, but welcome them. If u kno knowledge and u can prove yourself true, then u are part of tha Nation. Any member of tha Folk Nation is usually considered a brother, and in sum areas they still consider Crips to be cousins. For those FOLK out there who kno what I'm sayin', I didn't say to this to give out any knowledge, but to instead inform these people who think FOLK is sum weak pussy #.

Now, to answer an earlier question that I don't kno if was answered already on not. BSPN stands for Black Stone P Nation.

posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 02:22 PM

Originally posted by Darktalon
Blood and Crips are not a gang. It is largelly the two colors that many gangs use to represent themselfs. Blood = red, Crip = Blue. IE The two biggest gangs, or sets, were I grew up (Fresno, CA) were the "Bulldogs"(named after Fresno States mascot) and Pindale(which is really a small town in Fresno) both are Bloods, and both are enemies.

Gangs form by blocks, or a group of friends, yes sometimes there are "jump-ins", but mostly that was false info passed on to wannabe gangs that thought that was how the gangs out here did things(Cali). Gang signs aren't to show other members your one of them, they know their members, they are used to show other gangs who you represent, some probably have hand shakes, and most have tattoos.

These aren't like other orginizations where you go to the next town, show a tattoo or handshake and they let you sit in on their meetings. They were more likely to kill you.

No strange occurance, there are a few reasons why gangs copy each other, or seem to be the same. Its a fad. Just like lines in their hair, pegging your pant legs, rolling one leg up. Its cool, to them, movies like Colors and music groups like "Bloods & Crips" fueled the fire.

You are giving them to much credit. The aren't that orginized, and if they do sell drugs it's usually as the pushers(pushers are the street hustlers), in the 90's, the Mexican Mafia controlled most of the drug trafficing, and I've heard that Russian gangs(not street gangs but Mafia crime sydicates) started to move in. I've distanced myself from these people a long time ago, but I use to run in those circles.

I saw a lot of gang stuff in my teens, and it was part of the reason I went into the Marine Corps to get away from it. They are nothing more then punks, that have the need to flex their 'muscles' to feel big.

Alright so I am new but I was doing a search on google found this and had to join in, because of the above afformentiond post. now a lot of people actually now what they are talking about on this topic, except this one here.

First off dude, The Bloods and the Crips are seperate gangs and not just colors as you stated. The colors that you refer to are the colors set out as identifiers, so that rivals know that if they are steeping in here, they need to watch out.

As for the initiations, I can tell you first hand that if you can't take a a really good beating, don't join a gang. Handshakes and Signs are used as greetings and to show your affiliations, and get a response. Don't throw signs around, it isn't good, and if you say that you know how to shake up and you don't your not gonna feel too good in the morning.

I will say this, the Bloods and Crips have slowed down since the early 90s and arent into killing each other so much, it doesn't appeal to them anymore. But they are big drug runners, and if you mess with them or their money, most likely th police will find your body layin up somewhere. and as far as being organized, they don't seem like it, but if they affiliate wiht other gangs in other cities or states, they are pretty damn organized.

I have a fairly decent knowledge about these things and when I read that I wanted to slap somone. These to organizations, are not just jokes, they are real and even though the have been decreased in the last few years they are still there, and still dangerous.

Thank you for your time reading this, I will now let you get back to the better things you have to do with your lives.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by Darktalon

man you dont know what the # your saying ive been banging for years and i dont remember crip or blood not being a gang your stupid not every one is from the same hood so thats why theres diffrent sets crip sets and blood sets but either way they bang crip or blood so stop putting out bull# cuzz.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 05:37 PM
Okay, are you talking Gangs, or gangs?

I mean, you may play basketball. But I'm a basketball player. Ask any 'Balla' and they will tell you it's a difference.

I earned my mark by playing JUCO ball. I can back up that I 'ball'. Alot of kids on the street play ball, but they aren't ball players. They don't have what it take to make the leap to the next level. Think your local legend is good? I can take him to 5 places in my State alone (Alabama isn't notorious for 'Balla's' so I'm sure Chicago (Kabrini Green) and NY (The Cage, Rucker) and out in Cali can produce more than just 5 spots, where he won't even get on the court cause he just ain't good enough.

So, as you see, by definition a gang is merely a group of people brought together for a similar purporse. For some, that purpose is to smoke pot all day. Not much of a gang. Even ones that work with bigger drugs and do small arms to acquire the goods or cash aren't that big. The average man, if pissed off enough, can run them to the hills (and if really pissed can wipe them out. Usually these groups are small with little structure... no 'others' from another place to worry about coming back to get you) Now, I don't suggest fighting. Usually fear and being jacked up is enough for a young punk to pull the trigger... and then you're shot. But if you are that type of Walking Tall man, it can be done.

Gangs, on the other hand, is the word given to minority Organized Crime. Which is funny, because the Mafia of fame is Italian (best believe the Irish, Scotts, and others have them as well) so that gets them clumped into 'White' or 'Caucasian', meaning non-light skinned people fall into Minority. It's a stupid label.

On it's best day the Bloods and Crypts could provide another Capone. The problem is the infighting. People at the top have enough to worry about with the FBI. Might as well let the lessers (those cannon fodder) get picked up for roughing up the other groups, or each other. It seems once the top ascended they really didn't have much purpose anymore (unless you got MAJOR movers, like Shug Night... ask Mr. Ice what he thinks about those business practices) who move away from the Gang into individual efforts. Best believe he's got cash if a 'tough job' needs done, and guess who he'll call.

If you are in, you are in. It's blood. And Omerta is the law, not just in Old Italy. Speak... and die. Of course now you can't even trust the integrity of a crook, everyone turns these days.

It's quickly loosing the romanticism the Underworld once held. Still strong, less thriving than previous years. Maybe there will be another upswing in the cycle, who knows.

Seriously, though, don't confuse those 12 hoodlums on the corner with real bona fide Hoods.

posted on May, 18 2008 @ 10:42 PM
reply to post by batman

For a quick reply to "your" questions. There are many ways that a gang member can tell one another apart at least from my experiance in Chicago. First of all you have colors. In Chicago (although they don't put a great deal of stock in it anymore) every gang has colors that they sport to announce affiliation without having to say it. For example the Latin Kings/Queens (ALKQN) wear black ,gold, and red. Most don't even know about the red but it's part of their colors. Not black and yellow but gold because gold is befitting of royalty and I'm not being facetious. They take this very seriously. Were as a Maniac Latin Disciple's "MLDN" (the N stands for Nation) wear black and baby blue. Some wear any sort of blue but it's really baby blue. Now at a point in time wearing black and gold in MLD's hood would get you shot, no questions asked. That's how bad the rivalry was and how seriously people took their colors.

At an earlier time in Chicago people wore "sweaters" like 50's style letter sweaters that the jocks had. They had two sweaters one for hanging out which if I'm not mistaken showed more black than than say blue, gold, pink or what ever their alternate color was and another sweater for parties which showed more of the gangs predominate color say Blue if their colors were black/blue. Now before the gangs were all about drug dealing and were more social it was ok to walk through another's "hood" (if you will) so long as you removed your colors (sweater) and drapped it over your arm as a sign of respect. Insidentaly that's how the war between the Kings and Disciples started. And it goes on till this day! That's where thecolors come from in Chicago.

There are hand shakes "shaking up" and "colors" but to answer your real question yes there are other ways that a member can tell if some one is in "thier" gang. See each gang in Chicago has a charter, creed, Laws, prayers, chain of command, and symbols that are supposed to be tought to new members. For example alot of hispanic gangs have the "Tres Puntos" in thier symbolism now anyone that has a rudimentary understanding of symbolism knows that the three points relate to "Mind, Body, and Soul or Spirit" now if a Insane Spanish Cobra (ISCN) asks someone claiming to be a Cobra what the three points stand for and he doesn't know then he'll know that he's "False Flagging" and may well be shot on the spot. Or they might ask what their fifth law is? And in turn he should know. You may have a Gangster Disciple (GDN) ask what the tripple L "LLL" stands for or to tell him whatthe six points of the star of King David stand for? Or who is King David? A Black Stone (ABPSN) may ask one claiming to be a Stone what do the bricks in the pyramid represent and who is Cheif Maliq? And these are all things that a member should know at the very least.

Others on ATS may tell you that it's funny to think that a street gang would have such structure and organization but I grew up and went to school amongst them. I know how they are structured and how they function. I'm telling you from experiance they are not the fools that most take them for. And it's a real shame that some of the smartest and most talented people I've ever known are behind bars and belong there.

Excuse my typos I'm in a rush.
Not such a quick reply after all.

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posted on May, 18 2008 @ 11:38 PM
reply to post by lazy1981

That's why I ask, gangs or Gangs.

The real deal are deep. The little ones are just kids being pushed by dealers or kids looking for a connection, a family away from the home life that is scarred.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 12:09 AM
reply to post by Khonsu

As far as your notion of the freindly social club or "band of brothers" that helped the community, they were far and few inbetween especialy with the gangs that you mentioned. Larry Hover's Gangster Disciples were never a community group and the (ALKQN) Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation didn't have much of a rep for that either. If you are referring tothe leader of the Latin Kings in New York (not Chicago) he seems to be doing alot of "front work if you ask me." As far as the Black P Stone Nation is concerned Jeff Fort was convicted of consiracy to commit a terrorist act in Chicago at the command of Mommar Gadhafi. He was supposed to dump tankers full of gas into the Chicago sewer system and set the city on fire. That's great community service. Note the sarcasm.
I know Black Stone Rangers that told me personaly that Forts whole Islamic BS was a scam, he didn't even belive init himself it was just another control mechanism over the members kind of like his El Rukns= Corner Stones. He used them as his enforcers. If someone in the Main 21 didn't want to go along with the program that's who straightened them out. Kind of like what happened to James "Mickey" Cogwell the leader of the Egyptian Cobras later Mickey's Cobras named so in remembrance of their leader after his murder.

Now there were a few that started out in Chicago as social clubs such as the OA's or Orchestra Albany Boys now the Insane Orchestra Albany Boys more simply Insane OA Nation IOAN. they Started out as an orchestra from Albany St. in the Humbolt Park area of Chicago. The Disciples started out as a softball of baseball club if I remember correctly (same neighborhood). What people don't know is that there were also white social clubs and street gangs (German, Polish, Bohemian) in these same areas. In Humbolt Park there was growing racial tension due tothe influx of Puerto Ricans into a white neighborhood. The old gangs in that area such as the Simon City Royals (after Simon City Park), G.A.Y.L.O.R.D.S.= Great American Youth Love Our Race Desroying Spics (this is for learning purposes so don't get all crazy), P.V.P.'s Polish Valiant Pimps, Harrison Gents, and others that would attack Hispanics moving into Humbolt Park. This pushed some like the OA's (not the 08's as the History channel would have you believe) to become something that they probably never would have before. Although some already had less than wholesome plans in mind there were reasons why others banded together. Some did band together to protect their people from other gangs and to protect their community and it just took a turn for the worst others started out bad.

There were and are many gangs in Chicago that have spread their reach across the country. Some ofthe old white ones that caused the hispanic and black ones to form are as follows Gaylords (you have already seen the acronym), Simon City Royals, Harrison Gents, Stoned Freaks, Deuces, P.O.P.E.S= Protecting Our People Eliminating Spics, C-N.O.T.E.S.= Chicago's Notorious Organization To Eliminate Spics, Warlords (which I'm sure is also an acronym but I can't remember it). Most of these gangs that are still around have dropped the racial overtones as they have bagan letting in hispanics and blacks to fill their ranks so it will be hard to find the truth behind the acronyms but I remember them well. Chicago was a very racial cahrged city at a point in time and still has distinct lines drawn in they community to this day.

I'll post the names of some of the rest of the Chicago Street gangs next I dont know if this will hold them all. But my point is The Gangs mentioned by khonsu are far from gangs that started out as social clubs or gangs that started out of necessity. Some of the hispanic ones that I mentioned came fromthose situations and there were probably others but I don't know of them but it wasn't the Black Stones, Gangster Disciples, or Latin Kings.

I'll post some of the other Chicago gangs in my next post I don't have room here.

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 12:15 AM
reply to post by BradKell

Well some get mixed up in the life that way. Or I should say most. Outside of the ones that want to look cool, most turn to a life in the streets to escape their home life or are left to it by neglectful parents. Then again some parents try to do all that they can yet can not get through to the kids. They just see all the money and so called glamor and choose the streets over family. All in all the Chicago gangs have deep roots that go back a long time and carry alot of history and war stories. It cansometimes be as simple as living on one side of the street that determines your fate along with the choices you make as a youth.

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