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Rudolph Valintino - cool quote and ghost stories

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posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 04:39 PM
"What the average man calls Death; I believe to be merely the beginning of Life itself. We simply live beyond the shell. We emerge from out of its narrow confines like a chrysalis. Why call it Death? Or, if we give it the name Death, why surround it with dark fears and sick imaginings? I am not afraid of the Unknown." - Rudolph Valintino

Dunno' anything about this fella except he was an actor and I guess a heart throb for his day.
Cool quote for the Halloween season though.

Valintino haunts a number of spots in Hollywood. He gets around a whole lot (supposedly).

Rudolph Valintino's Ghost

His active spirit has been reported at his last home, called Falcon’s Lair, in Beverly Hills. Valentino has been spied in his old bedroom, petting the horses in the stables, and looking out of the windows of the house. Footsteps are heard in the hallways, and doors often open and shut themselves.

More ghost sightings of Valintino at the link.

So he emerged from his 'narrow confines' and is getting around a lot these days it seems.

Thought ya'll would find it interesting.


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