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Positive Thinking - a meditation and experience

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posted on Sep, 30 2010 @ 09:31 PM
I read a few posts on here about the concept of "Positive Thinking", and decided to try an experiment implementing this. Before I go too far in this, I suppose it would help to briefly define what positive thinking is.

Positive Thinking is generally two things: Constantly looking at everything being a good thing (including the bad), and/or using this idea to try and achieve something. The experience I'm about to describe uses the second part of positive thinking.

The Experience/Experiment: Background

I did not have a job or girlfriend at the time of the this. Struggling to find a job due to no prior work experience or references, I was kind of in a "panic mode" due to college debt being due in a couple years. I wasn't depressed because about either, because it meant I had more time to do the things I enjoyed, and to spend on classwork. I have read about positive thinking in the past, and how "your thoughts can change reality". I figured at the time a little experimentation wouldn't hurt.

The Experience/Experiment: The Good

The goal of the "positive thinking" concept is to think about the desired item in present tense. For example, instead of saying "I want a million dollars", you would say "I have a million dollars".

I started of with the thing that was plaguing me: Getting a job. I started out by saying to myself, or writing out phrases like "I have a job" or "I work at an easy job that pays just enough to help me get by with college". After doing this for a week and three days, the following happened:

1. A staffing company contacted me, and said they would like to schedule an interview for a job in my local area (within walking distance).

2. I made it through the staffing company's interview, and the company (the one that actually had the opening), wanted to have me interviewed immediately. Remember, I did not have any prior work experience, or references.

3. I did the job interview, and left confident that I had the position.

After that happened, I thought about trying this concept on something else: Getting a girlfriend (yeah, I realize there's no shortcut to doing this, but wait a little). Again, just like with the job, I had results within about a week:

1. I met a girl around my age (as in, 6 months younger) who was rather unique. We met online, and both of us "clicked". She was rather quirky, pretty, and rather "enlightened" (I say this because it was almost as if she was just observing the world - as if she knew everything about the past, present, and future of the world).

A couple days of intensive chatting later, she wanted to meet somewhere (She brought it up before I did). We met in person over at a small festival, and it was almost like we were friends for years (the way we were joking, talking and walking, no-one would've known we just met a few days ago).

Now that you have an idea on what the good results were, here comes the bad news:

The Experience/Experiment: The Bad News

Within a week, things went downhill from there.

1. I didn't get the job for something I wasn't expecting: My Class Schedule I was told that everything else was extremely decent and well-mannered. The company told me that they normally would not conduct an interview with someone that had no prior job work or references. They wanted me to work in the morning (which I couldn't do because my classes were at that time, and they couldn't be moved around).

2. The girl I met suddenly stopped talking to me. This broke my confidence more than the job interview did.

Reflections on the experience

Here are my thoughts regarding the experience.

-I took on more than I could handle: This means that it is quite possible I believed that I was "being handed" the job and girlfriend opportunity, when in fact I myself was actually doing everything.

Looking back, I think this was the case: because I believed I would have these things in the future, I actually took the steps needed to get those items (I was prepared for the interview, I overcame my shyness towards a girl).

-Had I had more confidence, the positive thinking concept might have went farther.

In any case, posted this because it was a rather interesting experiment. Would I do it again? Yes, but I will be more careful next time. Finally, just a warning to those that would like to attempt it: Be very specific about what you want, and always be ready and prepared for what you get

posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 12:02 AM
Hmm...Seems like the threads I find the most interesting get ignored. Well, that is a pretty cool story all in all. I wonder how long you kept up the "belief" though, especially concerning this girl. For example, when you first didn't hear back from her I wonder if doubt started to enter your mind.

The subconscious does not understand the word "no" which is a common mistake people make. For example, with the job, if at any time you thought "I am not unemployed, "I am no longer unemployed," "I am not single," ect. What you were really saying was "I am thinking about unemployment" Or "I am thinking about being single" (by thinking about NOT being single, you are actually thinking about being single...if you get what I'm saying) and this causes your subconscious to act out these thoughts instead of what you are really trying to communicate. Think of it as an antennae trying to get the signal for a certain radio station, and in turn the station is able to be clearly heard when the signal is correct. You are sending out a signal to your subconscious, and the subconscious acts out whatever that signal is. I'm not saying you did any of the above mentioned errors. Just some food for thought.

Either way, thanks for sharing. S&F.

Edit to add: Another important factor is that while some say "I have a girlfriend," they actually have to FEEL it as well. It is all part of getting that correct signal. I have to work on it myself a lot of times. Good luck in the future!

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posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 12:23 AM
My experiences with positive thinking are similar to yours. It seems to have worked, and then, nada. Not that I haven't ever visualized something and then worked towards its eventual achievement, but as far as manifesting things directly through visualization, nope.

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