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Yonatan and Itamar Shapira tells what really happened on The “Jewish boat to Gaza”

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posted on Sep, 30 2010 @ 12:21 PM

“The Israeli media is being dominated by army propaganda. They’re claiming that the take over of the boat was non-violet and quiet on both sides – but what actually happened was that the boat passengers were non-violent, but the Israeli Navy was very violent"

Having read the link several times I find it difficult to fault the Israeli navy for their actions. No one was really hurt other then the Shapiras being tased. The boarding was apparently orderly.
Now having said that I would like to add that IF the blockade were a legal blockade which the UN has deemed illegal, I would applaud the Israeli navy for their restraint. But since the blockade is illegal the boarding was illegal and a crime under International law. Perhaps since the Shapiras are Israeli they broke Israeli law and if so will certainly be punished. On the other hand, the commandos who illegally boarded the vessel should also be punished along with their commanders for breaking International Law.
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posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 02:23 PM
Why must we go over this time and time again?
According to dry law it is legal, if you're going to challenge that you should do a quick search online to see if what you say is true, and not just take the word of a blog.. There's a reason why no serious news station is calling this an illegal blockade, they actually check the facts.

Seriously, just a quick little search would do..
And as for the UNHRC report, well they seem to have made up portions of the law, I've given you a link to that thread before, I'm sure you've seen it.

posted on Oct, 1 2010 @ 11:23 PM
reply to post by Eliad

You just don't get it !

Collective punishment is ILLEGAL under international law. This is why the UN has said the blockade is ILLEGAL.


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