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Biology of a Grey

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posted on Jun, 25 2004 @ 09:55 PM
gazrok: thanks for the pointers; i've searched and found a decent synopsis of the programs but have had no luck in finding the actual videos. i even found a thread about the video you started about a year ago, but all the links in it have died. if anyone on this board has copies they can make available please u2u me so we can work something out.

one more question: did anything actually claiming to be the yellow book find its way online? all i've found are summaries of what it's supposed to contain -- same for the red book, too. anybody ever run across either of those?

posted on Jun, 25 2004 @ 11:32 PM
Yeah guys all fine and well but can they be killed
if so how
do you kill then

posted on Jun, 25 2004 @ 11:53 PM
For those who get it: All I can say is Sleestack vs. Grey. Strange how they look so similar for something created in the 70's. Still creeps me out ha!

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 03:26 AM
What if all known greys were/are female? Female sex organs are a lot more easily concealed than male sex organs, even by natural means.

Has anyone seen the ideas for multigenerational starships? Some of the newer ideas are saying send only females and sperm for weight reduction purposes. I believe states that you would only need to send 180 unique human specimens (females and sperm samples combined) to prevent inbreeding or harmful genetic deterioration indefinitely in the context of selective breeding.

Also, in known "hive" insects, the workers/soldiers are sexually under-developed females. Heh, maybe there are voluptuous queen aliens out there somewhere?

Just some speculation on alien gender and reproduction.

Also for those of you who think greys are animals of some sort, how would you specifically classify aliens from a scientific point of view? What "Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species" are they most like? If they don't have hair and nipples and stuff, they don't seem like mammals.



edit: oh yeah, Sleestacks. . .

[edit on 26-6-2004 by Just1Man]

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 06:27 AM
Let's not forget the ones that have a strange rubbery outter skin, covering a surprisingly human-like and sometime uniform-wearing entity within, who usualy injects us with quasi-hallucinogenic and interrogation-aiding drugs.

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 08:49 AM

For those who get it: All I can say is Sleestack vs. Grey. Strange how they look so similar for something created in the 70's. Still creeps me out ha!

Hehe...Land of the Lost for those who aren't getting the joke....(as in Just1Man's pic).....

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 03:35 PM
Ever seen the movie signs when Morgan(the boy) states that aliens are thin because the know the benifits of such a diet and also that they find no use for physical activities because they brain developer rather than boy developer. Picture a Grey bench-pressing.

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 08:34 PM
Yeah, well the aliens in Signs certainly were no brainiacs....

1. You are mortally wounded by you pick a planet covered with the stuff to conquer!!!

2. You are technologically superior...and physically you send down scouts WITHOUT weapons!!!

3. You've been observing the enemy for thousands of years, yet your position is given away by a baby monitor....!!!

If the REAL aliens are this "smart", then I have suddenly shaken off any fear of them, hehe.....

posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 03:39 PM
I get your point, fuuny too.

posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 04:28 PM
Yeah those aliens in signs were pretty dumb attacking a planet that has 70% covered with water. They should have attacked that planet in Dune our tatoonie from Star Wars.

posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 07:37 PM
The Zeta Reticulan Handbook, or : A Little Gray's Anatomy 101

From what one hears (and one hears alot of different and sometimes contradictory things about the so-called "Little Greys"), the descriptions are hard to square with each other when one takes the time and effort to compare/harmonise everything we hear about these rarely photographed creatures.

It would be nice if governments would allow free access to retrieved bodies or genuine autopsy photographs...or maybe even some live video that hasn't been faked or otherwise "worked over"

But putting some of the pieces of the puzzle together, there seem to be several types or species of "Zeta Reticulans" to judge from the accounts one reads... for what they are worth ! Where's Naomi Maria Sellf when you need her? And bring your steno pad next time...

I like the idea of the "greys" being genetically engineered for space travel-----that would certainly account for "cartilege" replacing all that bone mass.....god for absorbing the shocks of passing through an asteroid belt or having to put up with G-forces (or multiples of their own Zeta-forces, whatever you call them) and the concept of genetic cloning "by their MASTERS" does seem to solve the issue of their apparent genderless-ness.

One can only speculate that if they are involved with some kind of Genetic Engineering Project on High, they might be doing it behind their master's back...

Now about their lack of shall we say "Personality..." maybe telling off colour jokes is frowned upon aboard all those clinically sterile ships of theirs... or perhaps individual "egos" would be counter-productive in a "hive mentality" environment.

Personally, it would drive me crazy...

Almost every description of a "little grey" includes the 2 large black apparenty pupil-less almond shaped eyes the size of a typical computer's "mouse", often described with some with a kind of filmy black membrane over it, and others apparently showing insect like hexagonal shaped patterns without the membrane.

Others are reported as dark blue-purple, not quite black. Now if only they could blink....come to think of it, without eye lids I wonder if they sleep...! No wonder they have no personality....!

As to physiognamy, we hear and read about e.g. smaller ones and taller ones, greyer ones and brown-grey ones, no noses, long noses, etc.) some are reported by "eye witnesses" as having only 4 "fingers" and some with 6 fingers, some "suction cups" on the ends of the fingers, and some without the cups etc. Most describe the fingers as "tendrils" much longer and more slender than most of their Terran "human" counterparts here on earth with their comparatively "grubby" paws.

Lt Colonel Frank Corso's "Little Grey EBE Aliens" (which he claimed to have seen floating dead and partially dismembered in a strange light blue liquid in glass coffinettes in 1948 while serving in the US Army: ref: the book, The Day After Roswell) seem to have had only four fingers.

Corso went on to say that he later discovered the THIRD LOBE syndrome in the brain physiology: apparently most of the greys show THREE hemispheres (demispheres?) like Dolphins and other cetaceans. Well, that explains the Grey Non Porous Skin at least ....

As for skin, there seems to be some confusion in the reports about where the tight fitting "spacesuits" end and their actual "skin" begins, since these boys do not seem to be showing any "visible seams. "

Most report cartilage, not bone in their "skeletel" system, and where teeth would be expected: lalso the presence of a complex lymphatic system of nearly colourless liquid, that apparently has no need of red or any other coloured blood, and, apparently NO digestive tract at all (weird) nor any sign of external reproductive organs.

If they do NOT have digestive tracts, then they must literally have to soak in a tub of guts to obtain nutrients. Lymph instead of blood may suggest ingestion and excretion through the skin---well, it seems efficient if nothing else...and perhaps just as well on a long space trip.

And we hear all those John Lear Stories about Hydrogen Peroxide being mixed into the guts....before they can ingest it. One imagine Earth Germs might be an issue for these delicate little creatures, so far away from their native germs !

I can't really picture large cannisters of animal guts aboard those shiny new looking faux-aluminum spacecraft of theirs, but come to think if it...maybe that's what happened to poor Sergeant Jonathan Louette out of White Sands New Mexico in March of 1976 or the Brazilian man found out near the Guara Piranga reservoir on 29 Sept 1988.

There are rumours that some of the "little Greys" have eyes so acutely engineered that they can see a hair-pin at a distance of SEVEN MILES.

If that's the case, I'm closing my drapes at night from now on, that does it!

posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 09:24 PM
Excellent expanding there....

Though I should add myself, I've pieced together that they have one organ that serves the purpose of digestion, looking similar to our pancreas, but devoid of the other components such as intestines, etc. so I've never gone in much for the skin absorbtion bit...highly impractical for a species that seems engineered for practicality...

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 09:42 AM
a few more comments and questions:

re: the feeding by way of the skin, it's not as far-fetched as it sounds, even if we assume the greys are carbon-based and largely similar to life we're familiar with. during the precambrian period there was actually a fair number of body plans that handled all digestion on the exterior surface...

i'm having no luck finding anything that specifically discusses feeding through the skin, but a google search on "ediacaran fauna" or "vendian biota" will turn up general resources on the animals from this time period. apparently the only remotely-similar animals still around are the sponges.

the point remains that that feeding strategy has been tried out on earth before, and thus would likely reappear if similar life developed elsewhere, and if that's the strategy that survived then maybe that's all that the greys or the greys' makers had to work with, if you see what i'm saying.

also, a correction: dolphins and other cetaceans DON'T have 3 lobes to their brain. i advise you to consult

which has TONS of info on the dolphin brain. as you can see the cerebellum -- the back part that handles motor control -- is much larger and more convoulted than the human cerebellum, but there's no third lobe superimposed on the usual two lobes + cerebellum pattern. what you may have been thinking of is the "melon", which is a blob of fat sitting on top of the skull in front of the brain. the dolphin can alter the melon's shape in ways that help it to pick out particular acoustic signals from the water, and thus the melon is a kind of sonar dome for the dolphin, but the melon is definitely NOT a part of the dolphin brain.

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 11:23 AM
Even more good info, but as you mentioned...this was an early evolutionary idea, and it obviously didn't work too well, while we are talking of an advanced sapient species it's really apples and oranges....

I forgot to comment on the fingers... While this has been one of my particular areas of frustration...due to varying accounts, it appears the most common description is 4 fingered, opposable digits, with slight suction cupping on the fingertips...

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 12:09 PM
Hey there, Sisonek and Mr Gazrok:

About those Cetacean Lobe thingies...

Actually I was referring to the apparently englarged Cerebella in many cetaceans, which looked like to me (in some species of dolphin) at any rate to be a kind of "demisphere" (but not really a true third lobe proper...yet at least! ).

Sorry for the confusion....

These creatures (or some variations within their species since the so-called "eyewitness reports" (!) show several sub-species with certain differences in physiognomy) are said to emit high pitched sounds when communicating with each other, which some have claimed to be emanating from their frontal lobe area.

Maybe these little grey thingies evolved, as you suggested, along similar evolutionary lines as Terran cetaceans here on earth.

And the similar creepy grey-blue colouring, and smooth non-porous skin....well....leaves one pondering a little.

Perhaps the reportedly bulbously large frontal lobes of the Zeta Reticulan head have something to do with their apparent psychic communication skills/methods (?) and for all we know, dolphins and whales might also perform similar non verbal communication along what we would call "psychic" lines of communication..?

But when I threw out the term "demi-spheres" I was not actually referring to the "fat lobe", but to something that might eventually evolve into a proper third brain-tissue lobe one day....although come to think of it, I wonder how much of the enlarged-bulbous Zeta-Reticulan brain is all, well, brain tissue?

However, I will refrain from calling them "fatheads" I promise....the Little Ones may take umbrage at that, and I don't want to end up like poor Sgt Jonathan Louette of White Sands NM fame, with a snarling tendon snake thingy being wrapped around my ankles, then being dragged up into a place where I don't want to be dragged up into...

But we all know how that turned out.....don't we?

posted on Jul, 3 2004 @ 01:47 PM
Signs was a good film if a little flawed. The most obvious thing is the fact that they came to a planet with 70% water when it's deadly to them lol. Another thing i didn't get about that film was the fact that they weren't killed by the Army with tanks and ordinary infantry soldiers. As during a news segment in the film they state that ground forces have been deployed, so i don't know what went wrong there lol.

If Corso and others are correct then Greys do absorb nutrients through their skin rather than digest it orally. Photosynthesis is found in plant life so it's improbale that it would happen with other life forms, especially ones that have evolved on different worlds with different environments.

I'm not saying Corso is a 100% correct but the stuff he describes does make sense. Like the fact that due to their biology he thought they were designed specifically for deep space travel. He also thought they may have been some form of advanced androids. This would make sense if it is correct that they are actually a 'slave race'.

If they do actually absorb food through their skin then in my mind they would be more vulnerable from chemical/biological weapons attack. So if they induced a chemical/biological agent it would go straight into their blood system and work a little quicker.

They communicate from what we perceive to be telepathy. This would make sense as their mouths appear to be only small slits, and from apparent abductee information if it is true then they never make sounds vocally. Some people have speculated that they might make high pitch sounds, but that would be better suited for life forms that live under water such as Dolphins and Whales who communicate through specific sounds. As we all know sound travels a lot better through water rather than in air where it can quickly dissipate.

Also due to their small frames they would be able to tolerate much higher 'G' forces than we could. Since from what we can only speculate that they use anti-gravity manipulation technology then at times they may endure high G forces on their bodies. Obviously with this technology they probably have something that suppresses G forces but say at times when they have to endure high 'G's' then they could handle it better. Also when the Air Force recruits pilots they prefer them to be short/medium height rather than being too tall. As it's been proven that taller people can't handle the higher G forces, which is why women also make good pilots as they on average tend to be slighter and shorter than men.

I think i've covered everything? Oh about processing food, according to Corso whatever waste that is produced is processed back out through the skin and may even be reabsorbed in again. He also noted that on their ship there was a lack of food preparation facilities so that could also lend further credence to the photosynthesis theory.

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 11:22 PM
Ok heres my theorie about why there faces
all look the same.

Humans identify each other by looking at each others faces
and there brains mesure the disstances between features
size of eyes,nose etc.
Greys might not look at each others faces they look at there entire
body (size of head ,color ,number of fingers ,hight etc) to identify
each other.This would explain the phisical diversity of the grey.

they might also identify each other by sound each grey gives
off a sound thats unique to it (or a smell).

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 11:56 PM
Here is a solution:

JUST WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT! With all the stories out on the internet these days and seeing how theres really no proof to back up the data, just an eyewitness account or a supposed informant, a lot of people start to criticize new stuff that keeps coming in. Every time I see someone post a UFO picture up, some one else says "its a hoax." That also goes for a lot of footage out there these days. This also applys to the Alien Interview video. Everyone is inclined to call it a hoax(I'm not arguing that it isnt). But do you know why we keep calling everything a hoax right off the bat?

Thats becuase there so many hoaxers (Al Blielik, Nancy Lieder, John Lear) out there who try to pass hoaxes on us every day.

So why not just work for the government. Get a damn Bio, Chem, or definitely a physics degree and work your way up the ladder to the top secret core. You get government benefits and good money and you know whats going on.

posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 12:00 AM

Originally posted by DarkSide
maybe it's an organic radar dome or something they fill with helium to fly around

[edit on 24-6-2004 by DarkSide]

LOLOLOL!!! OMG!!! WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT???!!! DID YOU DRAW IT??? HAHAHA!!! Your dry humor is wonderful! HAHAHA!!!

posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 12:02 AM

Originally posted by Flyboy211

I'm not saying Corso is a 100% correct but the stuff he describes does make sense. Like the fact that due to their biology he thought they were designed specifically for deep space travel. He also thought they may have been some form of advanced androids. This would make sense if it is correct that they are actually a 'slave race'.

Intresting concept of them as some advanced androids. Ive often thought that humans first contact with a Alien culture would be with that of a robot/probe designed by that culture. Robots seem to be a perfect fit for space travel they can be made to be immune to radation lack of gravity lack of air,water or food your imagination would be the limit if you had a high enough level of technology. They could be far superior to any lifeform on earth at least. Or the other concept of genetically designed organic creatures just for space travel could be just a vaiable. I wonder if the later is true and these grays were designed just for space travel would that perhaps suggest there might be a faction of grays that stayed on their home planet that would be far different from their space fairing brothers?

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