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POLITICS: Cheney's Energy Policies To Remain Secret

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posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 11:20 AM
The Supreme Court has ruled that Vice President Dick Cheney does not have to turn over the papers that detail his "Energy Task Force". An environmental group called The Sierra Club asked to see the papers under a federal open government law, and have claimed that the Bush administration had close ties with Enron before its collapse. Adding further tension to the case, Justice Antonin Scalia went on a hunting vacation with Mr. Cheney during the time the Supreme Court was reviewing the case, and has refused to withdraw his vote from the ruling.

BBC - Cheney papers to be kept secret
The US Supreme Court has refused to order Vice President Dick Cheney to release secret papers detailing the administration's energy policy.

But after judging the application brought by environmental groups, the Supreme Court kept the case alive by sending it back to a lower court.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The decision to block the full release of the administration's energy policy papers, puts a damper on the Sierra Club's efforts to uncover the truth. Although, they can continue their case in the lower courts, they will be unable to produce the evidence they need to prove their case. Even if the courts find in their favor, the appeals process will prevent any final results before the November elections.

Contributed by AceOfBase
Some of the documents from Cheney's Energy Task Force were released earlier, and contained detailed information about Iraqi oilfields, pipelines, refineries and terminals. Among these documents were further reports about “Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts.” These documents which were obtained by Judicial Watch were dated back to March 2001. Evidently the Bush administration was busy reviewing Iraqi oil inventories long before 9/11.

Additional Information
What the (Energy Task Force) Documents Reveal

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posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 11:28 AM
An orginization called Judicial Watch was able to get some information released under the FOIA in 2003.


I would like to see more.

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posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 11:36 AM
Some more excerpts here:

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 11:54 AM
Ecellent find AceOfBase. I'll add the links into the news article. Apparently Cheney and company were review the spoils of war in Iraq before 9/11 was a household name. If this information was pulled out, just think what information exist that they are struggling to hold onto.

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 12:55 PM
deleted, didn't see that this lead me to the news network, sorry.

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