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Bringing natural resources from extra terran locations.

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posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 02:05 AM
I've seen several topics and posts lately with people suggesting how "great" ideas it would be be to bring oil, gasses and other resources from other planets to fill in the high demand for our own depleting oil and other resources.

Am I the only one who thinks thats the dumbest idea you could ever have?

If you see what the accelerated release of CO2 contained in our own planet, is already doing to the planet, you can't even start to imagine what damage it would do if we went out to other planets to get these fuel's and released them here.
Some guys say "we don't want to release them here, we want to use them" its the USING that releases the CO2 thats no native to our planet. That will add to the problems, wich are already bad enough and getting worse with the accelerated release of the CO2 of our own planet.

Every planet has a unique balance. And every life bearing planet has an even more unique and special balance to permit this life, even scientists agree on that. Breaking this ballance by changing things in the planets own workings is already proving to be turning out bad, how can you even think of even more destroying this ballance that permits us to be, by getting resources from other planets, just for our own gain? Think about the future, about your children and childrens children, just think about what these idea's could do to the world they have to live in.

You might think that its not feasable to do yet, but think of it, what a normal man can think of, a goverment is already trying to do. Things like this we have to fight NOW from ever happening, long before its posible to actualy do so.

I'm totaly not a environmentalist or anything like it, but still to think about what will happen when we would take this route, makes me shudder and almost cry.

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