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(Turq) Inevitable

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posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 04:28 PM
“Is it ours? It’s not ours is it? We don’t have planes like that do we? Is that a plane?”
“No sir, it’s not ours.”
“Oh no, no, no, no, no”
“It’s best to stay calm Mr. President.”
“I wonder what my grandfather, George W. Bush, would do at a time like this.”
“We must try to stay calm sir, until we can positively identify this aircraft.”

Two miles in the air and descending slowly on the nation’s capital was an aircraft rectangular in shape. There are no wings on this craft, no thrusters are evident, there is no sign of even a window on this marvel, yet it maneuvers and moves with graceful purpose. Advances in aviation have grown tremendously since the early 21st century yet no known aircraft can compare this wonder. Completely black, and completely smooth like a giant onyx stone, the craft is a massive five miles long and at least one mile wide.

In a DC neighborhood a couple miles from the downtown area a boy of 14 years old anxiously paces the floor.
“I have to go! I must go to it! I have to!”
“Sit down. You know that thing is evil. Go read your bible!”
“But mom-”
“What’d I say?”
“Yes ma’am”
“Jesus, help that boy”

The craft has now come to a full stop and is hovering no more two hundred feet above the ground, with the center of it directly above the White House. Hundreds, even thousands of people now stand in awe. Seeing but not believing.
“Shoot it! Shoot it now!”
“But sir we don’t even-”
“Mr. President! Calm down!”
“Ow ow ow! Sorry. Ooohhh. Stubbed my toe!”
“I’ve known you a long time, you’re almost like a friend, but you should know I’m not like that.”
“No, sir, look at the aircraft. Something’s happening.”

Out of the bottom, and in stark contrast to the blackness of the craft a ray of light shined through. The light grew wider and brighter, soon forming a fairly large triangular shaped beam of light that seemed to penetrate the ground. A blinding flash lights the whole area. Once everyone’s eyes come back into focus, there below the craft were three beings. Standing about 6 feet tall and in the middle was a grayish humanoid flanked on both sides by similar looking beings but who only stood about 4 feet tall. Fascinating creatures they were. With a fairly large head, large eyes, slits for mouths, no protruding nose, no noticeable ears, and smooth slim bodies they stood perfectly still for no more than a minute. Suddenly, there was another extremely bright flash and just like that, they were gone.

- In the White House:
“How did you all get in here? What are you? What do you want? Where’s my secret service!?”
“You sent them home for the weekend sir.”
“Oh yeah, well get them back! What are these things? Look at their eyes. Are they Chinese?”
“No sir, I believe they are-”
“Because I didn’t order Chinese. No….Order…..Chinese….You…..Understand?”
“Mr. President, they’re not Chinese. These appear to be aliens sir!”
“Aliens? So, they’re Mexican?”
There’s about thirty seconds of uncomfortable silence.
The tall alien begins to speak: “Mortal dang-
“No hable espannol”
“Sir, they’re speaking English”
“Kay pasta”
Alien: “Mortal danger. You must prepare”
President: “Prepare for what?”
Alien: “From the sky. A star falls. All are in mortal danger.”
President: “So why did you come here to tell us? Couldn’t you just shoot it with your spaceship thing?”
The aliens look at each other, but say nothing.
President: “Well?”
Alien: “We ca-”
Before it can answer there is a knock on the door. That 14 year old boy walks in without waiting for an answer. The aliens stare at him then look at each other in bewilderment.
“How did you get in here?” the President asks, but the boy ignores him and stares at the aliens. The boy asks them in furry “What are you doing here!?”
Alien: “We were just warning you.”
Boy: “I don’t believe that for a second. Now go! And if I ever catch you around here again I’ll-”
Alien: “We leave now. Your day will come. We promise. Your day will come”
With a flash they are gone. The spaceship slowly retreats back into space, while the boy stands there with his head down. After a couple of minutes he shakes his head, then leaves.
“Did I miss something?”
“Well sir…”
“What time is it? I’m sure I missed Who Wants to Be a Quadrillionaire”

*A week later*

“No you can’t go outside, you’re still grounded for sneaking out the house last time”
“But mom, it’s important. A comet will be here soon!”
“I haven’t heard anything about this comet, and even if there was one, why would you want to go outside?”
“Do your chores son.”

White House:
“Looks like we have incoming Mr. President!”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“A comet sir. It’s heading this way and fast!”
“Well get our F-69s in the air and shoot that thing down!”
“That won’t work sir, this thing is massive”
“Well then nuke it!”
“Mr. President, we got rid of all our nukes 25 years ago”
“Oh yeah, I saw something on the news about that. So what do we do? Oh no!”
“We have to get you out of here. We have several bunkers in the area, but we have to leave now!”
In view of the whole earth now, an Australian sized comet falls at unforgivable speeds toward earth. Panic and desperate searches for shelter soon take a firm grip on billions of people around the world. Others pray. Other wait…they wait for their inevitable doom. Animals run wild everywhere adding to the chaos. Birds fill the sky, so many birds that some fall dead due to suffocation.
Death speeds closer and closer. Winds have now increased to tropical storm strength worldwide. The now cloudless sky once a majestic blue now turns many shades of orange, yellow, and red. The world waits.

“Oh that boy! He snuck out the house again! God, please protect him!”

“Come on Mr. President! We’ll never make it!”
“Sorry, when you gotta go, you gotta go.”
“It’s too late! We’re doomed, look!”
Worldwide the temperature rises quickly, winds now approach hurricane force.
“This is it.”
The Earth lights up so bright, the sun is put to shame.
Death? No.
The temporary blindness after a few minutes soon fades.
“What happened? We’re not dead.”
”That bastard”
“What’s that?”
“Look up there sir.”
Hovering in the sky head held high was the boy.
“Who IS that kid? What happened to the comet? And why is he flying!?”
“You’ll find out soon enough Mr. President.”
“One more thing, who are you!?”
“Oh, Mr. President.” He comes within inches of the president’s face and stares him dead in the eye. The laughing stops. “I’m your worst nightmare.”

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 04:35 PM
Hummmm! I don't know...I'm having a really difficult time believing that anyone related to the Bush family could be that stupid.

Nice job!

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 04:38 PM
I too am incredulous that anyone descended from The Uber-Bush could be anything less than perfect.


Hey, wait a minute!

Great story, ThatsJustWeird, you've got a real knack for dialogue there. Good luck in the contest!

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 04:43 PM
i love the dialogue too, i hope the future of the bush family doesn't end up with more bumbling idiots. Very good read, love the little boy aspect, would certainly like to read more

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 08:31 AM
lol, I'm sure the future Bush's will be normal and never know....

Thanks everyone for the comments. This is my first one, so they'll only get better from here (I hope).

love the little boy aspect, would certainly like to read more

I was just thinking last night about how many different ways I can go with him from here. I don't know which way to pick

posted on Jan, 12 2005 @ 03:58 PM
I guess I should finish this eh?
(Have quotation marks been disabled btw?)

Hmm...let's see....

Boy: I had to.
Mom: Yes I know…But now they’re going to be after you, and I can’t lose you! I can’t.
Boy: You really don’t have to worry about me mom.
Mom: I know but........come here
They hug
Boy: Do you know who’s going to be after me?

Pres: So you’re what? A clown?
Mystery (man?): What?
Pres: You said you were my worse nightmare, and I-
MM: You know what. Never mind. Do you know where that boy lives?
Pres: What boy?
MM: Shakes head Did you not see what just happened?
Pres: Sure I saw. Where did that boy come from?
MM: Exactly. We must find him.
Pres: Why?
MM: Because he’s a threat.
Pres: Threat?
MM: To our plans.
Pres: What plans? I don’t have any plans, except to spend quality time with the wife…if you know what I mean winks
MM: If you were not so important, I would destroy you now.
Pres: Yeah? You and what army?
The dark laugh begins again

Phone rings
Mom: Hello?
Caller: Is your son home?
Mom: Who is this?
Caller: Is your son home?
Mom: I said who is this?
Phone is hung up
Mom: Hello? See what I mean. We have to go now.
Boy: I’m already packed mom. But we can’t go far. They may attack again.
Mom: Attack? What are you talking about?

MM: We have been infiltrating you world for years now. Sadly, our world was all but destroyed by superior beings and is now barely habitable. We spent years searching for a new home all the while, gaining strength and new technologies. We have discovered that these beings moved on to this pathetic planet 14 years ago. I was curious to why they did not destroy this world. I see now that they are simply saving their strength and waiting for you all to destroy yourselves.
Pres: Nah, we got rid of nukes a while ago
MM: You fool. Do you really think all have been destroyed?
Pres: I guess not.
MM: I am surprised you people have lasted this long.
Pres: Hey, what can I say? Smirks. So, is the boy one of you?
MM: NO! He is obviously the offspring of-
Pres: Oh my God!!
MM: ….. sigh…. what is it now?
Pres: We almost got hit with a comet!
Pres: Or was it an asteroid?
MM: It was neither you fool. We were beginning phase two. Our weapon was to destroy much of this world. We were going to be the saviors, making you our slaves as we take control of this planet and prepare for their return. We will have our revenge!

Knock knock
Boy: Who is it?
Knocker: Can we talk to you for a sec.?
Boy: Why? Who are you all?
Knocker: We saw what you did.
Boy: And…
Knocker: You’re like us.
Mom: Who’s at the door?
Boy: Uh…classmates mom.
Mom: Ok, but hurry. We’re leaving soon.
Boy: Ok. turns to his so called classmates What did you say?

Sec. of Defense (on phone): Sir we have a problem!
Pres: What is it?
SD: We’ve got incoming. It looks like several countries have launched missiles at us.
MM: Ha ha ha.
Pres: What are you laughing at?
MM: It’s as you would say….plan B.

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