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Christine O'Donnell: I'm not doing any more national TV interviews

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posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 08:14 AM

Originally posted by Ignorance_Defier
She is afraid of criticism, a true coward ...

Again ... what part of she's running in DELAWARE and NOT on a national ticket don't you get??

It doesn't matter what a person outside Delaware thinks of her.
She's not trying to get their votes.
She is in Delaware ... running ads ... doing interviews ... meeting with groups of people.
She's SMART to spend her time in the state campaigning.
Wasting time and money on a national level would be moronic (and would make Rove happy)

If she were afraid of criticism and a 'true coward' she wouldn't have run for office.

Looks like Roove was right on this one.

Rove is sour grapes because his choice (Rino - Mike Castle) didn't get the nod.
His behavior has been childish. So has Mike Castles.
They are now going to try to ruin her chances by having Mike Castle run a write in vote.

The good ol' boy republicans .... can't handle a woman outsider bumping them off the charts.

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posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 08:20 AM

Originally posted by ProfEmeritus
Chris Coons has been paid off by DuPont, and as Vito Corleone once said "The day will come when I need a favor, and I will call on you."

He's a strange guy. He spent time in Kenya and turned radical left while there. He more than 'dabbled' in Black Liberation Theology . Geee .. the press likes to bring up the one high school dabble of O'Donnell into witchcraft, but they sure don't seem to be checking up on Coons and his 'dabbling'. Wiccans are peaceful. Black Liberation Theologists are not.

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