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The 9/11 TUG of WAR.

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posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by infinite

Really in what way?
2nd line was here but vanished!

posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 12:10 AM
I started out believing the OS about 9/11. I even remember cheering our troops on when we invaded and bombed Iraq, with 9/11 in my mind. I remember cheering "get those (*@$@(*#@s"

I became a 9/11 researcher in late 2002. Since then I tried to go back to the OS, thinking I may have missed something. I failed over and over and over.

I've concluded that 9/11 was the greatest coverup of the century.

As far as 'convincing' people, I have long since stopped being a "Truther" in that respect. Once in a while I'll comment on 9/11 threads, but I don''t even talk about it in public anymore. It's tiresome.

I'd also like to support the OP that it is a stalemate. I have found that a small percentage actually switch 'sides'. Admittedly I have seen more that support the OS become truthers/doubters/skeptics (nodding to the true definition of the word)..So it's my view that most who believe one way now, have always or will always tend to believe that way.

I'm just glad I had the willingness to dig deeper into a story that I myself promoted as true at first. I would do it over again if I had the chance despite how much stress it caused me. I now see things differently....maybe it's one good thing I took away from it.

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posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 01:38 AM
I would love there to be a civil conversation between an OS believer and a none believer but, that is likely not going too happened here on ATS. Too many games are being played for that.

You have many people from different cultures and different age groups from all around the world. 911 is an emotional event for both sides of the fence. There are many people who do not want to hear the truth and are stuck in their own beliefs system. They ignore everything, you say and many have their own agendas. Then you have kids in here playing their elementary school yard antics games. Then we have the bored collage students who has bets going on and a tag team cheering on behind them in playing lets twists all the fact, and let see who can get away with the best insults without getting warn or band. Then you have your patriotic posters who cannot accept any evidence outside the OS and the government word is holy to them, and their idea is, how dare you question government authority.

Me, I got to the point that I treat posters with the same respect they treat me. If they are playing games in the 911 discussion I sometime call them out, why? Because to me 911 is not a place to play games on in my opinion, I take most of the 911 topic seriously. It is hard enough to get to the truth when people of authority (FBI) have buried most of it.

Some people enjoy spreading outrages lies and will do everything to enforce their unproductive opinions while getting away with insults, name calling, and scoffing at every credible scientific discovery that has been presenting to them. Either these are games, or in some cases in my opinion these are hired disinformationist.

I believe if ATS could lay down some ground rules and open up some real debating forum for many 911 topics, where only credible sources and scientific evidence can be debated on, just like real debates are done. But, for now it is a free for all chat rooms full of everyone’s opinions.

Once upon a time ago I used to believe in the government fairytales. I still continue to research with an opened mind and I am even willing to change my mind, if the evidence or the truth can stand up to scrutiny and science. And we all know the OS lacks all.

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