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Is this 9/11 nonsense going to ever go away? ZERO eveidence but still pushing on!

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posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 01:56 AM
reply to post by GoldenFleece

haha excellent work now we got a devil-worshipper telling us to just accept the official story of 9/11 and move on..

Great stuff

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 02:01 AM
reply to post by LordBucket

Haha...I guess now I've SEEN the OP's point. I knew that post was too stupid to be real.

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 02:25 AM
reply to post by CHA0S

I knew that post was too stupid to be real.

The way L1U2C3I4F5E6R ended her post with "SEE my point" and that video, I'm sort of waiting to see if this was all a test to see if people actually pay attention to posts before angrily responding to them.

But it's probably more likely that she just saw the video title and linked it without actually watching it. If so, and she can't even be bothered to watch her own videos, I seriously doubt she's spent much time examining evidence presented by others.

reply to post by L1U2C3I4F5E6R

I have not heard one piece of ACTUAL EVIDENCE.

Yeah. That's no surprise. Try paying a little more attention in the future, and you might.

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 02:48 AM

Originally posted by 19872012
I ask you - what evidence is there Muslim terrorists did it, aside from the word of our government and some questionable tapes featuring Bin Laden?

I promise you that Lucifer Girl will find a way to ignore ALL evidence. She's into emotional name-calling and insults -- not independent thinking. I'm sure it doesn't even bother her that seven of the hijackers are still alive!

Hijack 'suspects' alive and well
BBC News World Edition
Sunday, 23 September, 2001, 12:30 GMT 13:30 UK

Another of the men named by the FBI as a hijacker in the suicide attacks on Washington and New York has turned up alive and well.

The identities of four of the 19 suspects accused of having carried out the attacks are now in doubt.
Saudi Arabian pilot Waleed Al Shehri was one of five men that the FBI said had deliberately crashed American Airlines flight 11 into the World Trade Centre on 11 September.

His photograph was released, and has since appeared in newspapers and on television around the world

Now he is protesting his innocence from Casablanca, Morocco.

He told journalists there that he had nothing to do with the attacks on New York and Washington, and had been in Morocco when they happened. He has contacted both the Saudi and American authorities, according to Saudi press reports.

He acknowledges that he attended flight training school at Daytona Beach in the United States, and is indeed the same Waleed Al Shehri to whom the FBI has been referring.

But, he says, he left the United States in September last year, became a pilot with Saudi Arabian airlines and is currently on a further training course in Morocco.

...FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledged on Thursday that the identity of several of the suicide hijackers is in doubt.

At Least 7 of the 9/11 Hijackers are Still Alive

Hitler said it best: "The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it."

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 03:02 AM
To the Lucifer girl..

Do you actually believe that 5 airplanes can be hijacked simultaneously with a 100% success rate? Much less by people using BOXCUTTERS? Lol.. please. 9/11 is EXTREMELY fishy but dont take my word for it please look into it yourself. It is clear to most people who are capable of viewing connections that there is indeed something fishy about 9/11. At the very least, people within our government are not being honest with what happened that day and at worst they are complicit in it.

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posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 03:08 AM
reply to post by GoldenFleece

Ah now your clouding the thread with FACTS..

I say lets stop asking questions, bury our heads in the sand, and tune the TV into CNN to get our slop of 'news' for the day.

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 03:14 AM
reply to post by L1U2C3I4F5E6R

Well Peck, we have a motive, we have suspects who can orchestrate such a thing, we have lies fabricated
to achieve the motive based upon the reaction to the crime, we have a scientific data that does not match
the investigatory bodies "investigation", we have a few omissions, first hand accounts form the people who were actually there responding in an official capacity...

Do you have any evidence that 20 Saudi Arabian men learned how to fly commercial airplanes, in order to crash them into sites that would create extreme outrage, which created the justification to launch a Trillion dollar give away to the MIC???

Any proof???
Oh ya, unburned personal effects that jettisoned out of one of their pockets thru the fireball onto the street below.

Oh, and the TV and politicians

You are a winner!

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 03:39 AM

Enough said!!


posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 03:56 AM
the most amazing FACT of all these 911 speculation is that the US government didnt bother to present proofs that made 911 official history true

its just AMAZING to believe, until today, the other FACT we can say about 911 is that the own members of the commission responsible for the investigation said that they couldnt do their job

so really, they want you to doubt their official history, simply because the official history is a joke,and until this day, they couldnt provide enough evidences to stop all the discussion

lets be realistic here, imagine if the official history is true, they could provide material to stop all the talk, but they dont, why? official history is not true or they want people to have doubts or even both

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 04:24 AM
Haha WTF!!

The OP is so ridiculous!

I was completely baffled by the contrast between the opening statements by the OP, and the video provided as proof that the 'twoofers' are idiots...

Haha, I will never get these 15 minutes back of my life - never!

I feel so ashamed that I even spent time trying to figure out what the OP was trying to say - for a second I thought it was written sarcastically after seeing the video, so I re-read it only to become even more confused

9/11 Truth will end War.

Deny Ignorance.

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 04:28 AM
Great post! It is my personal conspiracy theory that the 9/11 truth movement was original started by enemies of America. They did this sot he American people would slowly start have doubt in the government and it would slowly weaken it until a serious attack can take place, once that attack happens many will blame the USA government. does that make sense?

I can't wait for the day when the 9/11 truth website will say "9/11 was an outside job". Lol.

From what I have seen about 99% of the 9/11 conspiracies have been debunked. There as a great documentary on 9.11 on the history channel.

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 04:29 AM
reply to post by Faiol

I hear what your saying Faiol, why won't the government just release all of the evidence, the fact truly is, that if their so called official story regarding the events leading up to and on 9/11 are true, then they could easily prove it without even a sliver of doubt. The fact is they consistently withhold evidence through FOIA's, and special laws, basically doing as much as they can to hide from the public, evidence that should be released. Especially, all these years later.

Do you really think they didn't meticulously document the evidence?

A good example would be the pentagon pictures taken from that day(I think by the soldier that walked over from the annex) a couple, or at least one of them show a military photographer walking through the debris taking photos. Where are these photos, they would instantly put to rest questions of whether there was a plane there or not. Yet we have seen a bare minimum of these photos(if the ones released are even this particular photographers pictures).

Anyways, if there's one thing I wish would happen in regards to 9/11, it would be the release of all of the evidence that they have. The people that did it are dead, we have every right to understand exactly how this was accomplished. And stop the hiding of evidence that may be embarrassing to whomever. Otherwise one could easily conclude that the reason they don't want to release evidence is because whatever it is, could be overwhelming proof of criminal negligence(at a bare minimum).

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 04:31 AM
Everyone has a different view of what happened that day. Unfortunately like so many things in life, we will never have an answer that satisfies everyone. I think you have to make up your own mind on this one and try not to get caught up in arguing it out too much. No one is ever really going to be able to tell you what happened that day and would you trust someone who said they had the truth anyway?

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 04:36 AM
To all. I never said not once that the US gov and the Jews did not commit the terrorist attacks. I merely stated that Islamic terrorists did. there is a difference for those who are clearly to deluded to see.

Islamic terrorists come in all shapes and sizes as well as all colors. An Islamic terrorist does not have to be brown in color and wear some form of linen as his garb. Many Islamic terrorists are not representative of the stereotypical Muslim Terrorist.

Yes the government made many Identity errors when naming suspects as some where clearly alive. This shows that it was more than likely someone other than the US gov who committed these acts because do you not think that if they planned it they could at least get their FAKE suspects right before hand?

You can not have it both ways. They planned and carried out these attack then got their fake suspects mixed up. LAUGHABLE

The "truthers" have yet to convince enough people with any REAL EVIDENCE that this warrants a look at closely, therefor the THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES as the highest judicial governing body at Federal level will not and can not open a case on the say so of a bunch a rank armchair detectives.

I have watched, read and looked at each and every piece of 9/11 info on ATS. I limited my research to ONLY ATS for a reason. I read everything and some of it twice. Some of it seemed quite plausible until you see it can also be viewed in many different perspectives too. I watched building 7 fall about 140 times. Watching and trying to analyze what brought it down is NOT proof as it is merely speculation. I can not take the word of a few ATS people who are quite frankly some of the most paranoid people around. Reputation spreads around easily around offices and desks.

Now, just because Alex Jones is your leader (although some on here try to deny it, but the louder you shout the less we believe) does not mean that just because he rants and raves LOUDER than everyone else, his story is true. Every truther jumped on his band wagon when he announced he believed it was a conspiracy. Alex Jones is a parasite. How he is still not locked up for some of the accusations he has made leads me to conclude that he is on the pay roll. He is a source. No more no less. One must think clearly in times of strife. Conspiracy theorists are like any other extremist groups sometime and will push and push their version down someones throat or make derogatory remarks. To many Hollywood heroes who probably watched to much X-files and Star trek. Picard or Kirk? Apples or Oranges. Dead or alive.

For me I need 100% proof that someone besides the Islamic fundamental terrorists did this. They may not of done. So PROVE it. At a think tank, you must show proof beyond all doubt. Not reasonable doubt but ALL doubt. Did you know that? Some times a decision must be made and only when you have all your duck in a row can an affirmative action be made. Truthers have a bit here, a bit there and have filled in those missing pieces with speculation and seeing what they WANT to see.

And those who choose to poke fun at my beliefs because im a Luciferian are no better than Islamic terrorists. After all you think the same as racists, as people who slander homosexuals and transgendered people, as people who show you have little understanding of anything outside what you read on the Internet. So go ahead an make your jokes, however you will be the ones panicking and fearing for your well being when the people decide who to keep. I chose my side, and my side stacks up with those who believe in survival and fresh starts. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with my fellow peers. Beliefs are not always about the subject matter at hand, they are about sides. About choices and about wanting to survive. I feel for some of you who look for answers but are surrounded by the wrong people.

9/11 truthers. Life moves on and so should this subject for it will only bring you troubles you will not want. Our homes are no longer our private domains where we you feel safe. Main Religion is at a crossroads for a reason. The Muslims have been made the arch enemy so their time is short. The Catholics have a lot of in house disruption that is due to get worse in the near future. And the Jews. Well many people who attended our camp (Luciferian) that I mentioned in this threads first post by me, were Jewish too. Some were also Catholic and protestant. Those beliefs are left at the door.

**The Video in the original OP stands. Its there for a very small segment that I know most will miss and most will confuse. I could easily of taken it down but I need it there.**

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posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 04:51 AM
reply to post by CHA0S

Were you not the person who tried in vain to get everyone to believe that ATS is a front for something else and accusing the owners of some sort of lies. did they not shut down your post for being irrelevant and making stuff up as per usual? Did you not make a fool of yourself? And they still let you post here. Well to me that show us that you were clearly deluded once, and therefore we count most of what you say as nonsense? Correct?

Oh yeah "the real ATS conspiracy" that's right. Well I read that a while back. Used it as an example of how people with little to no actual research of THEIR OWN can find anything online that fits their theory. Everything copied from what other people said. You shined that day!!

My post is relevant as every other post on ATS seems to be about 9/11. I just wanted someone to show me PROOF that is theirs and theirs alone. But yet to be PM'ed with that. Must be in the post! Along with my subscription to Alex Jones website emails.

Maybe this video is more too the point. As its straight between the eyes.

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posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 05:01 AM
Here one of the foremost thinker of today even does not believe the government did it.

This a great man. One of the three modern day thinkers. I would believe Chomsky over anyone on here. This man for one is vastly respected world over. Listen to his reasoning. Makes sense to us.

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posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 05:03 AM

Originally posted by L1U2C3I4F5E6R

People need to move on from this. Whoever committed these acts are TERRORISTS. Whether it was the Muslims, the US gov or the JEWS ir a collusion of 2 ie US gov and Jews, it make no difference because should be old news....

The fact that you think we should all move on from this landmark event even if the U.S Government where involved tells me I don't need to waste my time showing you how ridiculous it is to believe in the OS.

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 05:24 AM
reply to post by L1U2C3I4F5E6R

I absolutely agree that no reliable evidence has been presented either on ATS or MSM or anywhere else. I am forced to believe that what I saw, what losses inccured that affected me personally, was real.

My most hated statement of so called proof is the so called proof of explosions. That one kills me, there are explosions during almost every fire, no matter how small or large the fire is. Wouldn't one expect a large plane full of fuel hitting a large building might, just maybe, cause an explosion? Duh.

If anyone ever comes up with some real evidence showing otherwise I am certainly open to it, but as of now, 9 years later, I have seen none.

And to those who wish to challenge that, please challenge it with evidence, not a counter claim of proof it didn't happen the way it was reported and seen to happen, I don't have time or patience to put up that much information.

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posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 05:55 AM
reply to post by L1U2C3I4F5E6R

I agree !.
For years, "truthers" (ironic name ) have been coming up with more and more silly, inane, absurd hypothesis'.
Anti-matter bombs.
Micro Nukes.
Holographic planes - one of my favorites as postulated by the ever crazy john lear


These same "truthers" keep asking for another investigation. OK sure why not ? Lets go ahead and push for another investigation. So who's going to do it? And no matter the outcome, will truthers believe the result of the investigation or will they cry foul again and demand yet another investigation?
The reality is the ONLY truth, truther's want is that the US government engineered 9/11...PERIOD. They will NOT accept any other outcome. So based on this, how can there be another investigation? Why would we need to have another investigation anyway if they've already decided what the outcome will be ?

Maybe a better suggestion for the the truther's is to not push for another investigation but instead, begin a campaign to invalidate the US CONSTITUTION so they can simply begin their witch hunt. Maybe they could then torture conventions out of whomever they decide is guilty. As example, at one point, one poster in a 9/11 thread, suggested that Disney Imagineers were involved....REALLY !?!??!?!?! So they could then interrogate all the Disney Imagineers without having to worry about their pesky CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.....just beat them until they tell you what you want to hear

PLEASE NOTE: The last paragraph is extreme sarcasm directed toward truthers due to frustration. I AM IN NO WAY SUGGESTING ANY TRUTHER DO ANYTHING TO ANY IMAGINEER or anyone for that matter. I feel I need to have this printed in black and white due to the crowd we are dealing with here.

One last thing. For those who subscribe to the "inside job" hypothesis, how do you reconcile the fact that it would need to involve thousands and thousands of people? Massive amounts of resources would need to be allocated, etc.. For the conspiracy to work and cover up to be complete, it would take an immense undertaking which would include massive amounts of communications via FAX, PHONE, EMAIL, DIRECT CONVERSATION, etc.. yet there is no evidence? Not one memo ? Not one person with a guilty conscience? Not one slip of the tongue? Not one person who accidentally overheard or saw something they were not supposed to? REALLY !?!??!?!

There is a saying. The more massive the proposed conspiracy, the less likely is is real.

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 05:59 AM
Your rant is flawed by your own statements....

Seriously, you praise Lucifer and expect others to listen to you?

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