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Iran invites Turkey into space programme-report

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posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 09:52 PM
I believe co-operation can help us advance much faster than racing.

This shouldn't be a race, because some people really get serious in races and end up pointing nukes at each other.

ISTANBUL, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Iran has invited Turkey to cooperate in work on the Islamic Republic's space programme, which aims to put a man in space by 2017, the Turkish newspaper Haberturk said on Saturday.

This is great news, it is great because knowledge and research should be available freely to everyone, yet Iranians are isolated of such type of researches because of paranoia.

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s successful launch of its first domestically made satellite, becoming the latest nation to design, build, and launch its own spacecraft...

Some more info in regards to space programs and their purpose:

Deployment of military space systems, which continues to be led by the United States and Russia, has increased in other countries around the world as well. Space Security 2010 finds that there are currently over 160 operational dedicated military satellites worldwide, with the U.S. operating approximately 81, Russia 38, and China 12.

The co-operation between Turkey and Iran is increasing, this will allow flow of information in the East and increase the pace of advancement which they have been rejected of, by the empires.


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