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Stop whining about stuff and realize how lucky you are

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posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 07:18 PM
I see a lot of posts on these boards that predict some kind of great apocalyptic even and far from fearing this event a lot of posters seem to actively relish the thought of a life without law and order, moder medicines and modern technology.
People seem to think that if an apocalyptic event happens they will instantly be transformed into Braveheart fighting of hordes of enemies with one hand while hunting Bears with the other. They seem to imagine that all of the evil in the world is caused by science and if we could only go back to the stone age everything would be ok.

To those people I just wanted to ask you to watch this little clip, It's from a Movie called Baraka and depicts what life really can be like right now in countries where the people don't have such easy access to health care, food and the multiple benefits that are available to us in the west.

Please stop hoping for the apocalypse to come and realize how lucky you are that by sheer accident of birth you were not born into these conditions

I would ask that you watch it with the volume turned up on your pc as the music is rather haunting (it's dead can dance)

I am aware that this post is over emotive and one sided, thats why it's in the rants section

Rant over... for now

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posted on Oct, 6 2010 @ 09:08 PM
I thank god that i have it as easy as i do but even then i wish things were different . I don't want the SHTF but i am prepared for it but not as much as others but whatever i truly feel sorry for these third world nations and the people that have to suffer because of their incompetent government can't help them out

I got a roof over my head and a nice comfortable warm bed to sleep on and both parents still alive and a good family that i love even if at times it feels like they don't care .

May god bless you and yours

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