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Why do YOU hate Americans?

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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 04:48 PM
reply to post by ZiggyMojo

This is a bit unfair lol
"We aren't half as bad as the French,"....what's wrong with the french ??
You just posted regarding tarring people with a brush then pick on the french!.

Maybe we should go through all the countries and see which one is the most despised!! lol

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 05:46 PM
OK, I hate Americans. Why ? Where do you begin ?

They've lost all moral supremacy, I guess, by their imperial adventures in the middle east, killing tens of thousands of innocents in the process. And spare me the "we hate our government too" malarkey, you guys elect these people in time after time. I hate their financial system, unbridled capitalism, hate the way it's been foisted on the rest of us under the guise of freedom & liberty. I hate their dress sense, they must surely be the most unsophisticated nation in terms of fashion. Their women invariably dress like men, hardly surprising so many american men are homosexual, they're so confused. And their women who actually dress like women are so overweight no respectable heterosexual European male would go anywhere near them.

I hate their ignorance on all matters outside their borders, I hate their cultural insensitivity ("yeah England was great, we were there for LIKE 3 hours"). I hate the way they walk into the great cathedrals of Europe dressed in t shirts, shorts and reeboks (and that's just their women)

I hate their inability to learn a foreign language. I hate their inarticulacy in their own language ("like, oh my god"). I hate the way you have to assume that they're pig ignorant, dumbasses from hickabilly-land until such time as they prove otherwise.

I really do hate them with a vengeance. I truly can't wait until they get a dirty bomb dropped on them. Or preferably a mini nuke dropped directly on Wall Street or the ladies fashion section at Bloomingdales.

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by LeBombDiggity

You've obviously never been to America. If you have, you'd know that the majority of what you just said is utter rubbish.

Culture here is unlike anywhere else in the world for a particular reason.. This country was built on the idea that ANY culture, ANY background, ANY belief would be accepted here. This country is a baby in terms of age, we've only just begun.. European countries have been established for many centuries and along with it comes deep history and great culture. What we do have is awesome, and it isn't what you have.. But our continent wasn't inhabited by the white culture until just a few hundred years ago. We don't have castles and cathedrals and ancient ruins for that reason, but what we do have is beautiful. Tailgating on a Saturday, watching some college football, sharing time with friends and enjoying some quintessential American foods is part of our culture. Growing up in a neighborhood so mixed in beliefs you don't know what to believe is part of our culture. And yah, consumerism is part of our culture.. But it's only because the businessmen and women here may be among the most driven in the world. People here have the money to spend on their product because we work more than any other country in the world. Look up average vacation times for the US and other countries.. You might mess your pants!

Please lower your nose a bit, and realize that you sound more ignorant than the people you're so desperately trying to insult. Your words only tell me that you've met tourists, not people that are there to truly experience culture. Tourist go places to say they've been there.. Europeans, Japanese, Chinese, Indians, you name it.. Are tourists here too, and just like an American in Europe.. They're all fish out of water. When you're in a new place, it takes some getting used to. Maybe Americans are a bit obnoxious, but it's only because people here aren't so easily offended. We're laid back folks, we appreciate your culture but we're never going to appreciate it like you do.. Get over it. You aren't special, neither are we. We don't ask you to respect us.. But we don't sit around and insult you either. We're only starting to build our culture from the giant salad bowl that has been mixed with all of yours.. If Americans are such vile people.. Why do you care so much about them? Why do you waste your time thinking about how much they disgust you? Go fly a damn kite. Occupy yourself with something worthwhile.. LIVE.

Fashion? Really? Please.. If you are in places where fashion matters, you'll see the same things here that you saw in Europe, maybe 3-6 months out of "European" style, but I think there are bigger things to worry about than keeping up with the EUROPEAN Fashion. If you're in rural America, its jeans, flannels, T-shirts and beat up shoes. That can be directly attributed to the lifestyle.. How many farmers do you see in Europe wearing the latest Gucci slacks? None.. Because it just doesn't matter to them. I won't resort to insults, because that would only put me on your level, but please get your priorities in perspective here..

Sure there are heavy people in the US. There are overweight people everywhere.. That is their choice, if they wanna eat themselves into a coma, go ahead.. They're paying for their health bill (or at least they were). If you knew anything about the food market, you'd also know that healthy foods cost increasingly more here. The poverty stricken are stuck eating unhealthy processed foods, and genetically modified fruits and vegetables that don't offer the same nutritional value. It's far cheaper for a family to eat at McDonald's than it is to go to the store or market, and get some chicken, a side of vegetables and maybe some noodles or another small side.

The people of America are not the problem, don't tell me that saying I disagree with the government is "malarkey". The majority of our elected officials don't give a damn about the citizens.. It's all about the dollar, and if you think it is that much different where you live, I suggest you do some research. We vote in the people that APPEAR to be honest, but of course the media is so government controlled we're going to elect who they want us to. They're going to smear anybody that might destroy their elitist agendas and make the public believe they're the worst choice for office. You can't do research on candidates unless the information is out there for you to view so you're left with making a choice on what you DO know. Democracy is a great idea, but only when it is properly executed.. In the past 80 years or so..Our government has completely strayed from its intended path.

You're so quick to insult 300 Million people, say they have no culture and are ignorant, but you're no more superior with your astounding intolerance of our culture. Just because it isn't YOUR culture, doesn't mean it isn't a culture. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY BEFORE YOU SAY IT.

Ugh. I just wish people would realize they are no different than me or the person next door when it comes down to it. You're a human, you believe what you believe, you think what you think. I'll do the same, but rest assured I'll still respect you and what you do.. Because those are the ideals I was raised with. Acceptance, tolerance, and good moral standing.. I'd say that goes for just about every AMERICAN I know.. Of course there are a few bad apples, but it's a shame that people base their opinion of the entire US populace on what they have experienced or heard once or twice.They don't take the time to really meet the people here. I'll give anyone a chance, it's silly to expect something from a person before you've ever met them.. No matter what their background (exception for murderers and violent criminals).. Open your eyes people.. Hate, and negative energy cause our problems.. Lets graduate from elementary and move on to enlightened.

And to Shuck, I apologize for that little stab.. But you have to admit, the French are very proud people.. and sometimes they let that steer them. It wasn't meant as an insult to the French, more of an observation.

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 06:36 PM
Alot of Americans seem to be easily swayed by public opinion and main stream media, even on this forum.
Ofcourse I don't hate them, I just don't like how gullible they can be.

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by ZindoDoone
People hate Americans for many reasons. They hate Americans because when ever a major disaster takes place around the world they ignore it and spend their hard earned tax dollars elsewhere. They ignore the floods, the Tsunamis, the earth quakes and never send any food or water or shelters to those poor victims of Mother nature. They hate them because they never expect to ever be paid back the trillions spent on ignoring all these disasters. They hate them for NOT sending their best and brightest to protect them from the evil that is inherent in the tyrannical leaders of their third world.

Yup American deserves all the hate that can be heaped on their souls. One day..and I think it will be very soon, we Americans will start to really ignore the rest of the problems in the world and fix our own back yard. Won't all you American haters be surprised then when you have to deal with your own back yards all by yourselves?????


editby]edit on 9/19/2010 by ZindoDoone because: (no reason given)

As far as I am concerned that day can't come too quickly. The sooner the US stops meddling in other countries,militarily, economiciallly, corporately, the better the world will become. The sooner it stops funding Israeli State terrorism, the better the world will become.

I don't hate Americans, but it really bugs me that so many Americans still believe their country is somehow the hero of the world, helping everybody, when the evidence of the destruction they have wreaked is everywhere.

I don't hate Americans, because that is a ridiculously foolish generalisation for anyone to make.

I feel incensed, however, when Americans repeat the MSM garbage that they 'remove' tyrants, Iraq being one example, whilst at the same time conveniently forgetting that the reason for invading Iraq was a lie about WMD.

The Iraqi people are the only ones in a position to judge whether America helped them - even though they had never asked for US help - and from what I have read their answer is a resounding NO.

I feel incensed when I hear Americans talking about going into a country and bombing it, as though they believe their country has every right to do so, as though bombing was a great thing to do, and seemingly without a thought about the poor people who are going to be murdered in the process.

I hate American corporate greed, and the untold suffering and exploitation which is common practice to these callous monsters.

I hate American lies about them going into a country to 'do good' when in fact they are going to exploit and pillage.

In fact, perhaps the answer to your question, which I would suggest might better be wordered as 'Why do people hate America?' - is summed up in three simple words. Iraq, Israel and Monsanto.


posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 08:57 AM
I'm sure the OP knew exactly what he wanted to say when he asked.. "Why do people hate Americans?". We all know the reasons why people hate "America" which should be called by its proper name.. The United States of America. The OP isn't asking that though. He wants to know why people hate "AMERICANS". Honest, hard working, intelligent, humble people.. All of which are probably a lot like yourself.

The common theme is to throw the citizens of the US into the same basket as our government and military affairs. The same basket that holds all of our economic problems, which go back to the policies and laws our government has created. We don't have the power in this country that we used to. We could, but not enough people realize where we stand. There aren't enough citizens that know how much power we truly could have, or there are just too many people comfortable with their current lifestyle to really want to change. Maybe we need some help? I think we do sometimes.. But when was the last time someone really tried to help the US? How often do we at least attempt to help on good terms? I know it's pretty often.

So the question still remains.. "Why do you hate Americans?" not AMERICA. Or as I would ask.. Why do you hate yourselves? All of you are who made all of us. Your cultures, traditions and backgrounds have all culminated here.. To create what you love to hate.

Think about it.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by LeBombDiggity

...and a hearty hello to you, too.

Firstly, it's hillbilly, not hickabilly. Who's culturally ignorant now?

Oh, dear...tourists like to dress dare they. Though, visiting a cathedral does call for a bit more than jeans and t shirts. I'll go along with that.

It's quite apparent from your post that you know next to nothing about my country save what you've read in leftist newspapers, or on line... You've never been here, otherwise you'd not be exposing your incredible ignorance for all the world to see.

As for your dirty bomb remark? Who's insensitive, again? Culturally ignorant? I would dare to say it would be you, sir.


posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 09:17 AM
i wouldn't say i hate Americans... certainly not any more than any other kind of people on this planet

but if there's one thing that always pisses me off, it's how everytime some American politician or another so-called celebrity comes to Europe, they start telling us about our own history as if they knew it better than we do. seriously, what's with that? are they just used to nobody knowing anything, are they trying to look smart or what?

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by Naphariel

I find it kind of distasteful too.. It's all PR. They want everyone to like them, it increases sales/chances of getting re-elected/fanbase.. Etc. It's just a stunt. Of course there are those that are truly interested.. But they aren't the ones trying to tell you about your history, those are the ones asking questions. Those are real Americans.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 09:39 AM
If you want to hear the reasons certain people dislike Americans, you can't make this into a discussion. There is nothing to discuss when it's just a person's opinion.

You want a reason... so there is no point in trying to correct this person in his/her opinion. I see this topic as a thread for Americans to understand what kind of impression they are making on the rest of the world. There is no point to tell a person he/she is wrong with their impression of Americans. Maybe this is something that would annoy the rest of the world?

The thing that annoys people around the world is being made to feel different. For example... pointing out a person has a different colour skin/religion/ect, when there is really no need to point out this fact. Making threads about the US & the rest of the world... is just making it a you vs us situation. By trying to distance yourself from other people, you are not making friends, but you are making foes.

I personally don't like people from China, for feeling superiour towards the rest of the world. And pretty much having a low opinion about anything or anybody that is not from China, even Chinese people that weren't born in China. This is based on my college experience where over 40% was from China.

My point is... most people don't mind other religions or cultures...until they start throwing things in your face time after time, when there is no need. I like Americans... but that does not mean that an American won't be able bore me to death about how great his own country is (and greater than others).

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by EGO84

I tend to agree with most of what you said. People are always going to be different. It is all in how we approach one another and how we focus our energies. If we always focus it on what we don't like, everything that comes of it will be negative. Accept our differences and be happy with who you are. Don't meddle in trying to change other people via insult. Let them be. Coexist and spread the peace and love.

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by Onet Wosix

I try to remind them that thousands of Americans gave their lives all across Europe to ensure our Freedom, and to think before they start with the Anti American BS.

That is BS history, the US went to occupy Europe, and it did, and it still does, that is why Europe is in Afghanistan, I didn't know there was an attack against Europe in Afghanistan, was there now.

Heard of the rogue empire?

Heard of the cold war, two empires trying to take over Europe? Why was there a German wall?

Ahh, the mainstream history is propagated too much, and anyone who questions it is insane, and shouldn't think beyond the BS history they force us to eat.


posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 02:59 AM

Originally posted by oozyism
reply to post by Onet Wosix

I try to remind them that thousands of Americans gave their lives all across Europe to ensure our Freedom, and to think before they start with the Anti American BS.

That is BS history, the US went to occupy Europe, and it did, and it still does, that is why Europe is in Afghanistan, I didn't know there was an attack against Europe in Afghanistan, was there now.

Heard of the rogue empire?

Heard of the cold war, two empires trying to take over Europe? Why was there a German wall?

Ahh, the mainstream history is propagated too much, and anyone who questions it is insane, and shouldn't think beyond the BS history they force us to eat.


You are a total moron..

America DOES NOT occupy Europe! They have a few bases here but that is not occupation but part of being in NATO.. During the cold war we were glad of those bases because without them the Soviets would have marched across Europe in a day..

I thank my American cousins for all you have done to protect my way of life. Thank you for your sacrifices in working alongside us and ridding this continent of Nazi evil. Thank you for being by our side whilst the vast Wasaw Pact plotted to take our continent, our lives and freedom..
Just know we will stand beside you too come what may!

Much love


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posted on Sep, 28 2010 @ 08:24 AM
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