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Requesting rational explanation concerning "spiritual" experience....

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posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by IgnoreTheFacts

The human willpower is a very strong thing indeed, you ever watch Chriss Angel? He gets all the ones around him to concentrate on moving an object, and it moves. Our minds are the strongest thing in the universe, and can do anything at all, if the will is there, and if one dares to do it. "To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Keep Silent." That is the tenet of Magick, and what Magick is is nothing more than mind power, concentrated and sent forth with purpose and will.

I too have been very near death, and although I know what to do when this happens, it is still a scary feeling for anyone having it. I have discovered that the famous "Light" can be questioned, and will send you to wherever you wish to go, or will simply recycle your soul material for insertion into a new born human body.
I also know that if one can form a Merkba, which is like a magnetic field, one can take one's memories with him or her to the next life, the next universe, next world, or where ever you may go. Remember, the only ones that go to Hell are the ones that believe they will go there, the ones blinded by church dogma and fear.
Have no fear whatsoever, friends, for the death cycle is like tuning in a new station on a radio.

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 01:21 PM

Originally posted by brilab45
reply to post by Greensage

What a mean spirited post. Give the guy a break. You obviously have never experienced the either world. It exists as much as you do. Good love to you and the man with the experience. You are lost. Reality is what you experience and perceive. He experienced much more and you belittle him. This is ATS , a place to exhale and defend your beliefs. Go back to GLP if you want to vent in a trilobite way.

You are right, I apologize to anyone that has been dropped on their head! Come on, he experienced "much more" (your words). Well I am so sorry, he obviously did not experience "enough".

I have never been a part of GLP and I am sure a trilobite defecates the same as you do!

You sound so personally offended by my words yet you don't even know me. I am sorry Atheists are self serving individuals that partake in Prayer Vamparism and act like they sensed something happened; maybe it was the air conditioner!

You yourself said, "Reality is what you experience and perceive", what kind of reality are you thinking that Atheists perceive beyond this Realm? Yeah, Nothingless! So telling him to choose is quite in line with your own thoughts, but oh that's right I don't know that World according to you. Sad time to take an offense when I just openly said what you are afraid to.

Atheism is a Farse and is a Lie to deceive those that will ultimately lose their place in Heaven. It isn't being nice that should worry you.

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 01:30 PM

Originally posted by eight bits

then the most rational explanation is that God touched you at that moment.

Why? All the OP reports is that he calmed down when his friend performed a little monolog, and that he and his wife felt what other people feel when they let go of what is sometimes called "body armor," a not-quite conscious general tensing of the muscles that for many people accompanies stress.

Okay, perhaps "most rational" is an overstatement, lol. I was attempting to point out that if God exists, and he does interact with us, in some fashion, then it is not "irrational" to believe it was divine intervention, which is what the subject of this thread implies.

I also took that his doctor's prognosis was that he was going to die, I see now that he said "likely" to die. Guess I need to read a little better, lol.

Originally posted by IgnoreTheFacts
It would have been so cool to have a real experience, rather than nothing more than "warm fuzzy feelings" that could have easily been brought on by the power of thought alone. I would imagine if there was a god, and he/she/it choose to intervene in my meaningless life out of the billions out there, that maybe the sign would have been a little more clear to me.

One should not assume that God's intervention in one's life will be evidenced by anything other than the act. No bells, whistles, parlour tricks or burning bushes. There are those who claim it, but I've personally seen the influence of God in my life, without any accompanying trumpets and cherubim.

I would also point out that most perspectives of God have it that your life is NOT meaningless, and that he has the ability to intervene in everyone's life, so it's not like he chose you at the cost of ignoring someone else.

Our beliefs or doubts drive our interpretations of events like this -- if you wish to preserve a doubt, you will find an explanation that does not support God, while if you wish to preserve a belief, you will find an explanation that requires him. The important thing is what happened -- how it happened is likely unknowable.

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