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Hi, I'm a beginner at contacting the paranornal, any tips please??

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posted on Sep, 25 2010 @ 07:03 PM
Research, research research thats all the assistance i can give you

posted on Sep, 25 2010 @ 08:44 PM
For any that might think that these voices are "background" interferance or "leaking' radio is a voice capture I got while using a Raidive Receiver. This type of audio connection does NOT hear normal voices or actually receives the VOICE as an electrical signal. Many people THINK that EVP's record their voice (electrical in nature...not vibration) by imprinting on the COIL or other electrical active part of the microphone...therefore bypassing this need or requirenment of vibration. I have amplified and LOOPED this recording to help others hear it better. I do seem to have a very sensitive hearing ability while listening for these EVP's. I would say that only 7% or less people can hear as well as me. And I DO have some higher frequency hearing losses as well. Here is the link This was recorded with the Raudive Receiver I purchased on eBay and a Sony ICD-B7 aslo USED from eBay. The EVP recording from other text above was using a stand alone Panasonic RR-DR60 (BEST recorder for Spirit Voices)!!

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posted on Oct, 6 2010 @ 03:24 AM
Hmmmmm, I hope a few of you are out getting recorders to try this
Look for AUDACITY download (free) (LINK-no trojans....from MAKER) so you can upload-RECORD to PC for storage and enhancements IF needed (I don't like to enhance) *Get and install the LAME (Mp3 encoder) to convert to Mp3 for smaller file backup (follow instructions for install) (is a manual install due to regulations). Record for 3 minute sessions or there abouts....multiple sessions ok. Just don't want to record for looooong periods in one sitting because the playback at pc will get you very tired and possibly bored. You MUST use headphones as many of these voices will be very weak. I use Numark HF125 headphones. They are poor man cheapies at around $25 to $30 with shipping.....VERY comfortable and sensitive. I prefer them overy my $70 Sony's or $150 AKG's. You don't want any headphones that are noise cancelling because it will REMOVE much of the background HISS (white noise) and that is where much of the voices are heard. Well I gotta go. I hear my name being called

posted on Oct, 10 2010 @ 11:02 PM

I told myself I was going to stay away from this part of ATS but when I see people asking for advice on how to investigate the paranormal or where can I go to have a personal experience, I just had to throw my 2 cents worth in.

My name is Dan and have been investigating the paranormal for many years. I have done over 800 investigations and have accumulated a lot of information and data. The purpose of my organization is to help those experiencing paranormal phenomena by number 1, explaining scientifically if at all possible what they are experiencing and number 2, educating them on how to live with whats left.

I give presentations to the public all year long showing them evidence of phenomena we can and cannot explain. I have analyzed and reviewed thousands of pictures and video from all over the world.

However, when I am asked where can I go to find the thrill of the "hunt" or how can I have a personal experience, I say to all - be careful of what you wish for.

This time of they year is always busy for obvious reasons. Students from colleges want information for papers they are writing, local radio shows want an interview and then there are the emails from the inexperienced wanting to find a thrill.

However, there are those that are genuinely wanting to learn and those that are on the fence.

I recommend for those wanting to learn how to explore the paranormal:

1. Read and study everything having to do with the paranormal
2. Get the proper equipment and make sure you know how to use it.
3. Brush up on camera basics 101
4. Learn how to eliminate yourself as a source of contamination
5. Document everything you do
6. Brush up on religious views, electronics, construction methods, etc.

The point is that many things can be explained, but there is also much that cannot be explained and that my friends is Paranormal in the true meaning of the word.

99% or more of photos can be explained. But it takes a real understanding of cameras digital and otherwise. Electrical issues can interfere with our bodies ability to function and unless you understand electronics and electricity you will not understand. Researching people and children is a must. I can tell you how old a child is by just being told what they do. Look for things that don't match. Research the views of all 66,000+ different religions. This goes on and on.

I do not claim to posses "proof" of the paranormal, but I have pictures and video I cannot explain. I have recorded thousands of EVPs that directly interact with what we do. Can't explain that one either. I have seen and heard things that would make most people run off.

The number one thing I want people to know is this!

99.9% of everything we have been involved in, has been mostly harmless. Never been able to prove that anybody was actually touched, hit, slapped or pushed.

The other .1%?

It's real and I have seen it twice. Hopefully never again I might add. The 1st experience indirectly, many years after the investigation, led to the death of one of my members. The other one effected a fellow member whom was an expert in the field of Demonology. It effected him to the point that he quit investigating and moved out of state as far as he could get away. I will never divulge what happened. Everything we do is confidential.

My last point is this. Evil is real however rare. No one knows when it will happen nor will they be ready for it.

Stay safe

posted on Oct, 11 2010 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by john124

Funny, I've never had much luck at gravesites. If you were a disembodied spirit why would you remain there?? The only reason I can think of is that they spent time there before they passed. Now some of the older cemetaries where people were buried alive and died in their coffins, perhaps.

I started seeing spirits after I died and was brought back. The 1st time it merely gave me a sense, the second time it allowed visual perception. Funny to think a simple seafood allergy was responsible for shaping my life.

No matter what you do you may never be able to see a spirit. It all depends on the amount of spiritual energy you possess, the more you have the more you percieve. An entity, the more it has the more it affects you.

When dealing with stronger entities it almost feels like there is a sea above the sky, the pressure can be intense, and the less spiritual energy you have the greater the impact on you.

Being near someone of high spiritual energy for extended periods of time can draw out your power. It sounds odd but people all have auras. Many people seeing auras were diagnosed with synesthesia. Seeing music, tasting sight, interesting stuff... But most peoples are quite faint because the average person doesn't have enough spiritual energy to see a spiritual entity. We did a project with 1000 people, average everyday folks. I believe less than 10 of those people could sense anything spiritual energy related and only 2 were able to even percieve anything visually.

Have you ever noticed that when you have a group of people see an actual apparition that the group generally is related by blood? Spiritual energy runs in families.

Odds are if nobody in your family has ever seen or sensed a spirit, neither will you, without doing something drastic. Crossing over. Gaining power through other means. There are ways to force it, but they are dangerous and you aren't equipped to handle it. Bad things happen.

If you sense something that's impressive, just be sure it isn't fear imagination or med related. If you see something thats even more impressive, but eliminate the conventional alternatives before pulling the paranormal card. And if you can interact with a spiritual entity, you possess a great deal of energy which you have tapped into to some extent. You must learn to control, it flows like water. The more control you have over it the more you'll see and the more you can effect them. Enjoy.

posted on Oct, 11 2010 @ 05:46 PM
I don't recommend going it alone. If you are that interested try to find a mentor so you can be safe. I tried automatic writing and the Ouja board on my own and clearly "whoever" it was was lying and manipulating me to get me to keep coming back. I got the sense it was draining me of energy and it knew what I wanted most and used that knowledge to keep me close to it. On occasion, I feel I received messages/words from an honest "whoever" and the messages were very blunt and to the point, such as "Don't be foolish," "God Loves You." Enough to shake me up and give up on my experimenting/seeking...and never be under the influence of alcohol while doing these things. Well, that's my experience and just thought I'd put it out there for ya.

posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 01:44 AM
I am a noob paranormal investigator. Started recording evp sessions about a week ago. My friends think the paranormal is horse dookie and for a very long time so did I. My grandfather passed away about 8 months ago and since then my interest in the paranormal has increased. Since my friends think it's crazy, I have been beginning my research solo.

I started a research journal and have been logging everything. I want to approach this very scientific since I basically was a skeptic not too long ago. I am using an old mp3 player that has a mic on it. It records all sessions in WAV format. I use Audacity for my software, only using minimal Db increase and only one "airbrush" of noise removal. Eventually I will acquire better equipment. Baby steps at first.

To date I believe I have captured three Evps, all able to be heard faintly without audio manipulation. Using minimal manipulation these Evps sound like answers to my questions.

1) I ask if anyone is with me and right after I ask, I captured a "yeah".
2) I ask if there is anything I can do for them, after about 7 seconds a "yessss" is captured.
3) I leave the room and tell spirits that if they have anything they want to tell me, say it into the device while I leave the room. Thinking the spirits may be shy or intimidated, I was out of the room for about 10 minutes. About half way through the recording I captured a "f*** you".

These were captured on three different sessions. I have done five total so far. While doing all five Evp sessions I have experienced cold spots, seemingly moving around to different areas. Getting goosebumps as well. I will admit, going to sleep after running Evp sessions was a little sketchy. Especially since I did 4 out 5 sessions on my bed!!

Now after reading all the posts before hand, I know someone will tell me I am dealing with dangerous things. Honestly, I do not believe so. I have been extremely respectful the whole time and have felt only calmness while recording Evps. Then upon going to sleep, the smallest knock or pop would freak me out a bit. Then I would realize the power of the unconscious mind and that I was starting to experience a unfounded fear based upon my average American consumption of spooky stories and slasher movies. Not to mention my house is not winterized at all and cold spots can be felt in my house in general.

The mind is a very powerful machine. I am very aware that all the Evps I have captured, the cold spots/goose bumps and strange knocks/pops in the house may be just my brain letting my imagination get the best of me.

I think this is a very important fact that gets looked over when dealing with the paranormal. I am going into this as geeked out as I can. I will document everything and as I acquire more information, I will probably join or make my own investigation group. For now though, I prefer to do this solo because it is very easy to let your imagination go. Especially in a group that will just influence each other and feed off each other's interaction.

I am always surprised to see large paranormal groups researching areas. How can they possibly get legitimate evidence when there are so many factors to create contamination of experiments?

That is why I feel I need to delve into this on my own. I do not want to be influenced in anyway while gathering my research. As I gather more material and start to lean more towards true believer, then I will focus on working closer with others.

I plan on creating a thread documenting my journey through the paranormal in tangent with my own personal research journal. I will also be setting up a Boobtube channel to present my audio and eventually video evidence. I want to say thank you to the people that posted positive encouragement and I respect the people's opinion that recommend not delving into this subject. We all got to live on this crazy rock, dead or not.

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posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 11:01 AM
I am currently studying channeling and trance states in medium and psychic development. As a member of a metaphysical based paranormal group, there's a couple of items/concepts we talk about that will help if you are trying to communicate with spirit. And will prevent problems that usually arise.

Invitation vs. Invocation. An invocation is an agreement you already have that you just need to establish. An invitation is a new agreement.

Don't perform an invitation unless you know what kind of spirit you are dealing with. In cases of possession, the source of the possession is always traced back to an invitation. (as mentioned by Malachi Martin in his book on exorcism called "Hostage to the Devil) We do an invitation only after doing our research about the location and nature of a haunting well before investigating.

If you ask a spirit to speak into a recorder or through some device, that is an invitation.

Ouija boards operate in the same way as any other object that works off of invitation. There's a bit more than that, but let's just say all problems here come from invitation.

Pendulums are slightly different. I mention "slightly", because you can still create problems with pendulums. These will allow the person to communicate with spirits without the need for invitation. It uses a combination of muscle testing with personal intuition to communicate with spirits. There are arguments that the intuition is a communication with spirit guides as a part of invocation. The amount of audio manipulation needed to prove that this is the case through EVP's makes the audio invalid.

Our group recommends only speaking to guides and angels using a pendulum. Pendulums work differently for everyone. Have it show you the response for "yes" and "no". Stick to one question at a time.

After knowing that, it never hurts to say a prayer to protect from harm.

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