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Lets Debunk All Paranormal Investigating Myths!

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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 12:46 AM
reply to post by q_ball

OK. As a paranormal investigator of many years I'll do your debunking for you.

Ghosts/spirits/demons/angels/etc... Unknown composition. No controlled study that established a baseline reading on any instrument for anything paranormal.

K2/Ghost box/White Noise/Anything of the sort-----Millions of radio, tv, cell, cb, shortwave signals bouncing around the atmosphere. Picking up those signals, those signals leave imprints on magnetic tape. White noise gen, audio matrixing.

ACCEPTABLE AUDIO EVIDENCE- Controlled environment, actual disembodied voices verified by the controlled environment and supplemented by audio recordings(multiple). Without all sorts of audio manipulation. Kind of like DrJay is in an enclosed an inspected room by himself. He hears, "Hey Jay". It's recorded on multiple devices and heard by the monitoring station.

FLIR/THERMAL/TEMP GUAGES---Since you can't quantify the composition of a ghost, how can you determine what type of readings it will give off? You can't. Complete waste unless you have a repeating pattern with apparittions or a particular form of activity.

EMF/Trifield- Well, everything gives off an electromagnetic field. A ghost in theory should, but what reading? Again, unless you get a similar reading under repeating circumstances it's useless.

Geiger Counter-One of my theories. I think that abrupt changes in a radiation in a thoroughly inspected, controlled area could be a good indicator of activity. We have some corrollations with spikes and apparittions and poltergeist type activity. But again i takes time to develop enough contolled tests to develop a plausible theory.

What are ghosts? If they are energy(pure) they wouldn't glide across the floor. They would just fall. If they were matter they couldn't pass through solid objects. If we're seeing something behind a veil, a rift between dimensions then they shouldn't be able to effect the matter around them. So different entities have different compositions and some, especially the demonic can phase betweeen matter and energy.

Unless done in a properly controlled environement all evidence is trash. For scientiffic purposes. It you see a full body apparition on 100 occasions and it sonstantly gives a similar spike on the emf and geiger then you have something.

We do a thorough inspection of every property we investigate. We look like the secret service going through a home. Why? We want to make sure that the house isn't rigged. About 75% of the homes we visit we catch them trying to perpetuate a hoax. Why? They want to sell their story and be the next amityville horror.

Trust your senses. To an extent. I see an apparition. I caught it on video. Multiple witnesses. It's supplemented by a disembodied voice. Something grabs me and snatches me off a chair. I'm in a room by myself and an object on the floor hits me in the head and its on video.

Paranormal Investigators don't thoroughly investigate homes because they want to catch evidence. They want to make their name on something like that.

The shows on tv knowingly allow rigged houses to air. All knowingly fake or allow faked evidence on tv without a disclaimer. They speak in a scientiffic manner but it's barely peudoscience.

Did you know an unplugged disconnected home stereo speaker can speak to you without a power source? When I was a kid my dad had a CB radio with a 500 watt amp and a firestick on his pickup. I was rolling around in bed not wanting to get up. He squeezed the mic and said "Get up Jay". And the wattage was so high it blew through all my stereo speakers. How many of you pseudo investigators would label that paranormal if you were the one in bed and this distorted voice bellows through your bedroom telling you to get up? How many houses do you investigate that has anything with a speaker in it, that's within a 1/4 mile of a road that truckers or hunters use?

I may sound uppity in how we investigate and the things we've investigated. I am. I've accompanied numerous other teams and consulted for several others and even the church and other churches. And all of the investigators I've worked with I've seen nothing but garbage. The best I've seen is the paranormal debunking show on the National Geographic channel. They do damn good work.

I apologize if I offended any investigators out there. But I've never accompanied another team who did it right.

posted on Sep, 25 2010 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by Paranormal Nights

As an investigator you should use a simple inexpensive tool such as an RF (Radio Frequency)detector.
What you describe sounds like a good starting point for credible methodology (to me @least). I wonder, however, if you know that your RF Detector also has a gate, with a decay envelope, to prevent its readout from fluctuating so wildly (ie hysteresis) that you couldn't make any sense out of it as you move about in any given environment? It is perfectly possible, therefore, for extremely transitory signals to go unnoticed.
I take your point about the likelyhood of a correct answer to a specific question, which is why I said that I'm not prepared to call evp bunk. It does seem to me that there is something going on which cannot be explained by our current scientific knowledge. That said, in order for scientists to take this seriously (ie overcome the stigma attached to this quasi-religious/spiritual subject) & thus attract proper funding for studies, we must, unfortunately, produce a much more significant body of evidence than might otherwise trigger dedicated research.
I reckon that what's needed is a wide open RF Detector, with its output recorded by a computer, whilst the computer & recording device are simultaneously hooked up to an independent time code generator. That way, any unexplainable phenomena would be undeniably something other than mundane.

posted on Sep, 25 2010 @ 11:37 AM
reply to post by davespanners
That sounds likely to me also.
Still, on the subject of credibility, whilst Thomas Eddison is commonly revered in history books, in fact the man was a crook, with only a few good ideas of his own, who ripped off others left right & centre for their ideas & only got away with it because his earliest rip-offs were so successful that nobody thought to question his integrity whilst he was alive &, even if they had, he was reputedly so litigious & simultaneously such a media whore/spin doctor that nobody could have published the truth without getting sued into poverty anyway.
I'd personally have to apply a monster 'pinch of salt' to anything he said.

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