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The Three word Story (First Fifty)

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posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 06:10 AM
Here it is, the first fifty pages on the now imfamous BTS thread 'Three word Story'. After
the 1 word, 2 word, 4 word and 2.5 word stories , The Three word story has remained
at the top of chit chat! We are now approaching 100 pages so to celebrate this I have
got the first fifty pages. When we reach one hundred I will do the rest.
thanks to the 'three word story crew' (you know who you are)

by Jeffrey Lysergic MaskedAvatar SE7EN Agent47 Narnia Sapphire SpittinCobra baked
Shugo drunk StationsCreation panchovilla Mig12 Pisky KayEm ZeroDeep
foodgoddess insite TrickmastertricK Jonna greenkoolaid Thorfinn Skullsplitter
smilingsarah82 dunkleskates funlovincriminal htown(shugo) Bout Time Colonel
Al benjj Curiosity Cyrus Tetsuo-51 TrueLies Nerdling Ocelot worldwatcher
CiderGood_HeadacheBad Quicksilver ausconspiracies joehayner dreamlandmafia
wondering1 EricFM Chitose ingLizard DreamRebel ShadowMan omega1 NotTooHappy
Amuk pantha kurtcobainuk DougPepper energy_wave any DiabolusKlown mulberryblueshimmer
prophetmike elevatedone MrEisenhower

(dont worry if I have missed youm I'll get you next time around (100!)

Hold on tight ........

One rainy day, I began killing some lowlife #heads eating stinky
mongoose on toasted squirrel. They began to beg for their naked
pigmy wives, whom they # like rabid earwigs with tennis rackets
and meaty balls and tofu earings. Because of this they lost weight and
their souls, which were once really big boogers from Dimension X. Located
inside Lysergic's place where the moldy old refridgerator contained stinky
foods and rotting bodies which he eats to sustain godhood and get wood for
the fireplace whcih burns brightly.

Tommorrow I am traveling to Lapland for coffee and many sexual encounters. Though doomed,
she loves to burn one off every time shes sedated, causing small hairy tits to pop. Get over it.
The next eon there was an earth shattering disaster caused by Colonel.

Then Chronic thought, "where da weed?" We found it.
It was buried with pirate treasure in my pants, where the sun never ever shines. Unlike your ass
who must pay the ultimate price! The next day we will smoke
Buds naked and start all over, so that we successfully reproduce skunks,which
squirt High people, because the levels of toxins. I started puking Hongkong technicolor
sidewalks, making beautiful art all over the smelly dead pigs."I love you" said the pig, while
fighting leprechauns with bad breath and long nails. "Bong" said Zebedee, as he bounced
through the portal. Then SG1 saw into the toilet of humanity's existence, because we thrive
in peace and prosperity. That is why I eat, spam is good. So Much Spam. So you see,
Spam is poison, makes me drunk. Puking is painful because it smells and hurts my ass when
I squat down to take a # in my mouth, where it wontleave skidmarks, unless the leprachan
makes them himself. This is funny like a piece of flying crap out my ass!

Making Pumpkin pie for the fuzzy wendigo of banana in Ocelots
mouth! He replied with a sense of disgust that the naked pigmy
chimps chased with rum!

They all lived happily ever after THe END!!
The end, mofos? Never! We must strive to continue
networking porn sites to distant galaxies while killing flamers
chug beer whilst sitting on the Head of George, the fake President
whose smirk contorts my sweaty, tattooed, throbbing index finder,
pointing to Mecca, which is stuck in chinese fingercuffs attatched by Bush
for no reason, THAT CRYPTO FASCIT!!! He cares not about our rights or
drug addictions which cause mental stimulations and insite and
drug addictions.

Disturbances throughout the dark, expansive cosmoswhcih revolves
around dillisional party ongoers who repeatedly vomit over big black
nuggets of extremely rare, potent Opium or hashish blobs from
Bob's dreadlocks. Mr Marley spoke praise jah! Boyee, lighting a spliffiddydoo
reveloution pon cock!

You dirty green tree stealing trolls with claws of medieval grade iron, tipped with
adamantium and dill pickles to display contrast against the shimmering, gleaming,
planktonic phosphorescence, without any questions about cheese manufacturing.
Recent bible studies prove it's fake. Armies have roamed, killing for religions that worship
extreterrestrial vibrating anal probes, which aren't pleasant unless you're into
experiencing freaky colonic spasmatic volcanic eruptions from your anus, whileyou
take the time to take a dump over Thomas Crowne while he rants about the mess
and proceeeds to wipe his ass across the nearest decent ATS member. Suddenly TC's dog
#s a cow thats so hug, it's udders completely retarded under inspection what the #
is really confusing but somewhat amusing and highly surreal.

So, let's smoke some mary jane through a bong. I can't feel my #ing
nuts with huge spoons! So I panicked, recoiled with disgust and bit my
dick off with hideously disfigured earlobes. Janet was sad when her public
nipple became erect. My mouth watered as my teeth rotted in my British dentists care,
he chewed on my package for three hours until it literally exploded. Just then my my
dyslexic brother at squirrel meat and got a new x-box to. Sometimes robots
build lots of crap that nobody uses and never will because what they do each day
behind closed doors is grinding gears and eating rubber, alien love dolls of
our President Clinton and Hillary having a great big massive huge shot of smack.

Different fruit smoothies made from badger brains and colons and fruit too. I
scoffed it up all over and suddenyl God said I am fake which,mparadoxically, caused
total destruction of the entire universe. But instead drank Smirnoff triple black
with lots of sex and rum, then started puking. Once totally intoxicated fell off the
bandwagon called poularity into abject despair. Through streaming tears once-real
God bellowed "No! Wrong Dimension!" and smited the world limit breaker That dumbass mofo....
repeatedly, omnipotently, fisting a hyperbolic antidisastablishmentarianist ...spelling
antidisestablishmentrianist wrong... into servile submissiveness. Competitive, lexicon
stratification caressing mysterious gateways she ravished him in indescribable ways
using her tenticles busting his balls so very hard. I threw up what i ate
eight weeks ago...........
Mental copulation, physically
gets me tired............................
.....when I bend.......
over backwards for.............
the same thing....................
a cheese roll.
....when will this.......
insane collaborative fiction ..
take a firm .........................
and conclusive grip.......
... on fake-God's role ...
my vengance raigns ///////////////////////////////
......we can tell........
that dreamrebel smells
like old cheese.................
he spreads disease . .
#, nigga please.............
Oh god, BEES!
Run, save yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look! A pool!.........
Yo Mama is........
a scary hairy...
anti-apiary oasis haven ...
from the depths...
of his imagination.
I smashed pumpkins...
over smelly pigs...
while the chicks
slipped and fell...
into introspective nightmares . . .
about moldy cheese...
Shaved my Balls!
Licked them too...........
despair, despair, despair. . .
with loads of who shaved that? Lets begin poetry said James Joyce. he rambled on
trying to figure reasons to live. "I am Spartigus". Spartigus loves mcgotti deep in the
Club with Lesbians, covered in citrus flavored pork and singing songs of Ronnie James Dio.
Go watch "Trainspotting" whilst shooting smack. and craps dice like crazy chimps.

herb yielding seed is our medicine and vaccine to. this retarded thread, just like T-51
you must play Or else die. Jackson blows kids so they think. Mike is pedeophile assisted
by dreamrebel and Michale Jackson is a robot. Because H-Town is Going to be owned If he doesnt
Contribute anything funny. Nerdling screwed T-51. H-Town is stupid He doesnt understand Its a three
Word story, ass. THREE WORDS ONLY, I'm very aware htown got pwnd.

come to England and kill morrisey so this story is Number One due to it's intricate
shizzle of monkey-spankin fans who incessently fondle on the excessive and
overbearingly large and over weight fat ugly little Surfup, got owned just like mig12
pulp fiction fighting in another dimension in a galaxy far too close for comfort and
irritating my rectum.

BOW to the naked, drunken, master of Cheese! Although nobody ever smiles for the reptilian
cheese tasteing chips. Oh why SE7EN? Cause htown's owned a drugstore cowgirl that, in
reality saught to posion the goverment system which enslaves us into dark portals
in mig12's ass like htown's mom. mig-12 = spam. htown has issues with mere words to
describe the large desk throwing because I can. Now back to blowing bubbles with
big elastic condoms used with otherfruits and veggies. Wow, I need a cold one
like Budweiser or Fosters to cure these growths on her labia majora and tests showed
to look like this thread is still number 1, you know it!! weird to the
metaphoricaly everlasting gobstopper, big dawgs of metaphoricaly everlasting gobstoppers
got stuck in Baked's pulsating earlobe Till I went with a g-string to burn McDonalds
mascot Ronald the most evil clown you've ever seen made burgers with indeginous colored
people from south america who #ed him right in the gapping orifice in the backside of
An alarm clock that sounded like buttafly intha skk.

come down low till thine feet lightly graze your your tongue on RoboJesus' gun barrel
gun goes off rockin' rounds ricochet into your nothingness which I steal and melt with
eternal void ofdarkness because of his BIG BRASS BALLZ he is able SKEETER ON LALUNA


said the mouse with no house after running into a tank of gasoline with a match
and turning into A BEAUTIFUL SNAKE SHARP SHOOTER TROOPER. dont bea hoe dig a hole
six feet deep into it goes mouth spews the garbled universal message stop being gay
(not that gay) or Jesus will smoke your arss with his flamethrower of fiery justice
smoke still rising from the firey squirely gunslingers' show that was aired all across
Machupichu and mars regions past the lunar missile defense system that isn't real.
So thus continuing noodlers of nibiru hungrily munch on cheetos and pig's from Old Mcdonald
who didn't have a long working well paid job with darkness imprisoning all that he
sees absolute horror ....(GUITAR SOLO FOR the Agent47) with the future human existance
ceases, elves rule again. meanwhile another elf plays with fire in the kitchen And Lights
The oven with a flamable light fluid which caught his whole damn butt fumes, furlows, flames
were swirling around BIG DADDY CAIN.... and elephant tips which were really not as big
as those of a MIDGET MOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! started by Shugo. Chitose's tallest midget
that always killed People who don't wash between their dirty eye sockets.

Chitose is wrongabout his apointment with Mr. Spok who could use Chitose's midget army to
defend the kegs of beer Which could use a couple pumps to a microsoft represenative
from hell with sharp pitchfork that he used to stick into the comps hardrive with pure
violence and complete madness.
He pulled back
His Convirtable top
V neck sweaters
to reveal machinery !!
To Be Continued....

When spring comes deviant figures emerge, the musics over only for now until the big
bang theory resurfaces with Jesus Christ came many little apples in the back door man
was fighting bruce-lee with salad tongs taken from RoboJesus and granny panties
taken from EvilRoboJesus.
the key to the bottomless pit the doom lord tragically fell into a sugar bowl
with Michigan Wolverines painted on the Michigan State Spartans obscure, overated shoes.
Then one day it's 30 pages!
that could be the second largest Iraqi Saddam robot to have masturbated until the day
We hit 30! The Gulf waR was to be a retinal circus of assinine behaviour leading to psychosis
another banana pulled
another dork forgotten
what "#face" means
The End, Bye . no way Sapphire
this never ends . . . . . . until someone smelly becomes completely irrational and blows up
the ATS boards and then Agent47 will slip and fall into insanity which is truely
to identify with his inner woman who procreates with herself and god.
But only because she was bored with the man that has one kick ass harley but no balls
to shoot hoops the poor guy deserves to die!
but not until a really big
a really big
seasoned polish sausage finds its way on top of big orange book
lamda lamda lamda
pound pound pound
jez keepin'er real butterfly grace me football draft pick caterpillars and crawdads
three legged dog

big arss earthquake.....................................

that shakes booty

THREE WORDS MAAAAN! yelled Earthtone after i was discombobulated and turned green
melting from the purple-brick road upon which a ant had pooped fell on it and broke my
cocyx, I hope
that doesnt leave me half-cocked, but fully cocked and ready to roll but my ring
is lost in

We're sorry, we like to encourage posts that contribue to the discussion.
Your post has been determined to be too short. Please use your browser's back button
and add to your message.

... feck !

.... ok ...

... a pile of .... squiggly pearly goo called man milk skeeter eater buffetwhere goo
gobblins devour helpless little unborn reptilian turnips At Area-51 Army depot for crazies
no pot for babies. they'll die like nazi dogs peeling ripe bananas to boff each of their
children whos names are to the detriment OF THE CIA and local orphanage
where pigs fly
.............and get shot.......... with ice-cream bullets: mint chocolate flavoured,
midgets for all.

raaaah raaaah raaaaah said sexy cheerleaders blowing organic bubbles laced with sarin.
eww nasty stuff
smells like gasoline

Here we are at the front of another metaphoric rainbow of logic the fatlady sings itsy bitsy
spider before peacefully exploding into complete oblivion before reaching 500,000
its the aim so, so, close got it yet?

but Pisky's avatar Metatheatricality in Menander mirrors lifes tragic and unflinching
consequences that are everywhere in the world


these rainy days

this mental haze

sad emotions relayed

the soul frayed

knock knock knocking on heavens door yes I'm just a little stupid
for loving axl, Dont like GNR?
woo hoo hoo Aero Smith Air
bang crash ouch Welcome back masked! welcome back indeed
wasn't she banned Reincarnation is real kaleidoscope of dreams
three worded revelations!

I do, I was being silly, like the thread


Freaky DEAKY Words pimped out paradise......................................
whores with lice sipping coconut drinks out of skulls beneath banana trees
whispers of
gulls flying over head need to be Silenced with shotguns loaded with goldfish looking
for food from the homeless noises that unidentified street bums make anytime you park
an unwanted, melodic friendsy of croakin'
true words spoken...................................
peace is chocking it's fate unknown like james bond.
-------on the run-------
From Gooooooooooooooold Finnngerrrrrrrr
the horrorible meat grinder of love which has torn out Agent47's heart
and replaced with the beautiful Narnia
female Narnia smiles and Agent47 breathes a relief sigh of smoke that burned away children
of the corn
the undead reborn

a new generation of blinded consumerists with absolutely no consideration of others
including the aliens who continually sneeze and drool gob without considering enjembement.
till he drowns
in his metaphors . . . . .and inconceivable intentions of incestious unions of those which
refuse to masturbate with themselves because they are hand-less . .and genderless, they
and the sugar daddys fight for
spoon bending the Oracle's only working ear
huh? he says-------
and then dies.............
Another Day, Bond stopped flirting entirely with nuns that carry M16's and holy hand
ignite Cheech & Chongs that look like they are running little hot tonight
with big bannanas reachs down between our empty souls that rot in
until saved by the bell kids and cheaters of the ruthless paparazzi mafia that runs
The weathered willows down the river
fountain of youth
.............The Holy Grail........ the pope has for last supper before the execution
mastermind planned by Eddie Vedder himself in his delusion suddenly he dies and Pearl Jam
cremates his body but not before sexually exploring it thoroughly with a somewhat large
cucumber then makes salad after tossing salad

he tries to barf the concoction after trying to reanimate his body
into something recognizable..
something less human......
something most, hallucinatory....... by Timothy Leary
and the BeeGees staying alive, and Kathy Lee Gifford pan handling with a real pan
and shovel for Something other than The usual #e
Martha Stewart
Paraphernalia and Prince's razberry platforms, where she knew how to get her kicks
and wear purple rain....coats with purple razberry beret's and blue gloves made of smurfs
feet, heads, and

that was used in the west wing of the with green teeth
Robert Plant rocked
george bush sucked . . Agent47 likes conservatives

*dodges lamp thrown in his direction*

that are gay like a fox News anchor, because some are female
some are shemale . .
some, just odd.......
some spit sod . . .
some eat cod > > > > while CNN fails to report truth like earthtone does
his world tour of opium dens where the noble men roam and slaughter the innocent
but agent47 protects along with earthtone.......... the rights of angry midget
melonfarmers who speak solely of their cucumbers right to pursue truth justice and
a taxi to A place where no one ever knows your name. .

again again again . . this is getting very redundant indeed So Redundant That
Nirvana teens are putting three words on planet Uranus along with Colonel and Colonel's buddies
because he's liberal??? and his friends are conspiracy theorists
.....................who deny ignorance................. and wear frilly hemp hats which
protect the environment And Really Smoke!!
the good stuff
happy, wacky flowers
weed/pot/MJ/ is accused of molesting the children You sick bastard
I will always sing the song by the pixies . .

"You are the son of insentious union!"

who love jam pasted on walls by the plumbers of richard nixon wooden legged fiend
whosnt a crook he just took the wrong road..and took the road less traveled......
by Michael Jackson to the prison of the damned....... church of the Smokey Joe flyers
bandits of the back door beauties in Hunter's mind There is no fear and loathing
in Las Vegas written by great mind of balderdash while smoking a a fat blunt
bloody murder weapon of da cronik errr cronik type?.......
some blueberry skunk . . eating poisonous apples...
pass the salt.......... rock on peps

snort pixy stix and worship satan and sniff glue ...and smoke while doing so. Continuing
flying with shugo . . .


who can't fly... despite the avaliability of free acid and hydrological afterburning
which gave him the ability to summon fifty giant kegs of beer
no Budwieser please!
or Budweiser girls?----------
Stella Artois please!

Who is that in the red and yellow fellow .........Its Ron pearlman whats he doin?
with my girl trying the backdoor into my enormous shovanistic male ego
its not allowed = = = = = == =
to be questioned . . . by those who have no brains
crawling in dark smelly, damp places looking for answers to their terrible
Twisted Demented Ideals They soldier on Because, they are blue eyed bandits full of #e
They need to look beyond their fake, idealist dreams and twisted perversion to become
enlightened by fruitloops and other strange anomolies equiped with uzi's and fine china . . .

**WhoA Baby 50(!)****

shoot for 100

we'll get there!!!!!

.......Sooner or Later....... unless the hamsters beat me down with a sausage while bent
over calling out for the drunken monkeys and their depraved red glowing eyeballs
None are safe when running with pink bunny slippers with real claws... *hisssssssssssssss*
running after something
disappearing at the
next left turn . . .

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 10:38 AM

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 12:24 PM
I like...

I stopped posting after a while cuz it was just getting boring...but I was wrong.

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 12:45 PM
Why did you stop! You know the three word story is killer. You'll laugh, cry, and learn something all at the same time

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 12:58 PM
Absolutely beautiful.

This is gonna go on for a while.

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 01:10 PM

I hope it does go on for a long time, thanks for helping to make it happen you three word story maniac you!

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 01:12 PM
Thanks earthtone

If I didnt burn off my rage in TWS then I dont think I would be here.

The TWS family is the best.

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 01:14 PM
Indeed, it vents our anger, madness and thoughts and helps us remain sane (whilst being not so sane!)
Ahh three worded
joy joy joy

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 01:41 PM
The TWS has survived through hardship and adversity and became the only Numerical Word Story to survive. It outlived the 1,2,4,5 and even the Sentence story. Long Live the Three Word Story!!

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 02:22 PM
Great job, you did a wonderful job putting this all together.

Spittin, bows to you Sir!

Cant wait till it hits 100.

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 06:34 PM
Thanks alot guys. couldn't have been possible withoutya'll.
100 here we come

posted on Jun, 23 2004 @ 11:23 PM
woah! how did i not know about this? i feel so silly for not seeing the three word story thing before! how could i be so stupid?!?! i missed out!

but its great!

posted on Jun, 24 2004 @ 04:52 AM

Scat, I emplore you to join the three word story family! Don't deny yourself any longer of what you know you need!

posted on Jun, 26 2004 @ 09:38 AM
We are now on 95 pages! Not long until the first chapter of the masterpiece is complete. Man I've got so much transcriping to do.....!
Three words rock

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 04:23 AM
We reached 100!

The rest will be up here soon.
Where do we go from here.
200 here we come!?!?!?

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 08:14 AM
That didnt take anytime. We can be at 200 in 3 months easily.

posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 08:25 AM
This is true, at this rate we will have two undred pages of three worded mayhem in no time! Shall we be more ambitious? How about the 1000 page thread on ATS!

posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 08:00 PM
I'm waiting still for the 100 page post. Where is it? I'm dyin here!

posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 11:21 PM
I think we might have to copy all the famous musician names I drop in TWS or face lawsuits

Rick sprinfield is just trolling for some money.

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 01:32 AM
Jesus, if we actually published that thing think how many people would want to sue us

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