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The Humane Genome, GMO's, vaccines and Viruses A means to an end?

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posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 09:01 PM
Hello all,

Now as per my usual format I like to state my views for the record so people do not become confused. I fully support genetic manipulation, GMO's to a CERTAIN extent and vaccines, this will all make sense later in my post. Keep this in mind.


Many if not all of you know what a GMO is for those of you who don't its a Genetically Modified Organism. This is not a NEW thing. Technically selective breeding which has been used for centuries is GMO since you are selecting a mate and thus getting the desired out come. Most of us know these as high demand foods and are evil, but we have been doing this for a long time. But, is this one means to an end?

There are many pro's to GMO's. Save global hunger, produce higher crop yields, stronger crops, in some cases more nutritional for example Golden Rice. Though this is a wiki page I don't have a scanner to upload my textbooks definition, also its illegal. Anyways this is the very good side. Don't worry GMO haters I'll get to the con's I have a larger picture so stick with me on this.

Tidbit on GMO's

The Human Genome and Genetics

We are in an age of knowledge, we can read the human genome. This has lead to medical advances, uses in cold cases to compare DNA. This technology may even be able to help repair damaged DNA, spot disease so that people can help prevent them from being triggered, and can even lead to cloning and being able to grow organs for transplants.

Human Genome Project

Human Genome Project Govt. Site

Vaccines and viruses

Now what does this all have to do with the end of the human race?

Well If we aren't careful we could loose focus and cause our own destruction with our creations. There are two types of research, Basic: looking for just an answer to a question, and Applied: Looking for an answer to solve a problem. Similar right? Nope, the scientist who split the atom were not looking for a bomb but rather they were looking for answers. It was others who saw the potential for a weapon.

Is our curiosity what will kill the human? We know so much about genetics and manipulating genetics that we think we can defeat anything that comes our way. Well what if the genes we are selecting for end up causing us to be destroyed. We look for bigger and stronger but sometimes its the little things that get you.

Will we start Genetically modifying humans? If we all aim for the "perfect genes" we will no longer have genetic variance, something very crucial to the survival of the species. Cheetahs have very little genetic differences due to low populations. They essentially become an easy target for a virus to attack and wipe out. Not to mention our vaccines are possibly leading to the rise in deadlier viruses.

So I ask you this Is our science moving too fast for us to keep up? Or can we beat mother natures wrath? Is it worth the risk?

Well I am off to bed and can't wait to see what all you smart ATSer's think Good night and happy conspiracy hunting!


posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 12:38 AM
There are currently no therapies that modify human genes, either for medical or aesthetic purposes. Vaccines have no means of altering your genome, nor do any other treatments.

Altering the genome of an adult human is essentially impossible, as you would have to alter every mature cell in the body, as well as every stem cell, some of which we don't even know where to find yet. In addition to altering the genomes of these cells, you would have to alter the entire immune system, as it would suddenly find cells that may not be recognized as "self" tissue, and would then initiate a cascading auto-immune reaction that would kill you in a matter of minutes.

For any genome alteration to work, it would need to be performed in the first few weeks after conception, if not within the first few days. Anything beyond this time frame is in the realm of science fiction, not science fact.

posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by VneZonyDostupa

Oh I'm definitely not talking about that, we are far from altering the genome of a fully grown person. However I'm saying our altering of other items could cause us to become weaker rather than stronger by eliminating diversity between plants we eliminate mutations that prevent viruses. If we do start altering humans, which is unlikely, we are more susceptible to mutated viruses. You could also say that by altering species of animals by giving them genes of another or selectively choosing traits, we can become more susceptible to inter-species mutated diseases. For example the swine flu, lets say we selectively breed pigs so that they are less susceptible to transmit that virus, lets then suppose that a pig gets a mutated strand of another virus called Virus X. This virus X normally not deadly or easily transmitted virus but because of a gene in the pig it is able to replicate and spread faster in this GMO type pig. Virus X then starts to spread very quickly from pig to pig due to the similarity in their genetics due to selective breeding and modification of genes. This Virus X then goes to farmer Bob and farmer Bob becomes the first victim of the virus spreading.

A very hypothetical case, as in totally theoretical in the sense that the right conditions are met. My point of the thread was to discuss really if our science is moving too fast trying to outsmart mother nature or can we beat mother nature, or should we even tamper with mother nature.

I am no doctor, or geneticist, I'm actually a psych major but find biotechnology and genetics fascinating. I know that genetics is much more complex.

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by VneZonyDostupa

So true. But probably we will be able to do it in future. Not just in the next 50 years.
I think once we will be able to get hold on teleportation technology we will be able to modify human on atomic level (How cool is that?!), anyways before that we will be probably able to modify human genes to some extent. Even then the procedure would be risky as it could cause auto immunological response and many other side-effects. For example we might use radiation therapy combined with modified viruses to inject foreign DNA. Such treatments would definitely take some time and not over night. Before that we will see genetical drugs tailored to clients DNA. For example drugs, which are tailored to be more effective on people with certain genes. (already happening...)

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