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A Doctor Writes a Letter blaming "Culture Crisis" not "Health Care Crisis"

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posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 05:09 AM
reply to post by saltheart foamfollower

Wiemar Republic might not work this time...that's if it even worked last time...if I remember right, well, they just brought in the concentration camps and removed people to work to death...I think that solved alot of their problems...
the elite, the german military and such, well, they still were living a rather good life I think.

but, people then had savings that could be drained...
much of that savings was drained via confiscation as they rounded up people for the camps.
now, the workers at least in the US don't have much in savings....high inflation will probably just starve them out of existence...
the non working poor?? well, ya, you might get them to work, but....still nothing to confiscate...
the elite....
plenty to confiscate there, and well, I see plenty of new laws aimed at doing it....but, I think in the end the elite have enough cloat now to at least crash the whole system before they suffer any harm.

I think they've gotten themselves in a nice tight fitting corner, with no way out...not even hyperinflation...
time for war, time to find a new superpower, and time to divide up the spoils...namely the US....

oh, was wondering, heard about a nice little tidbit that was in the healthcare reform law, I think it was that encyclopedia of legal mumbo jumbo they found it in....
businesses are gonna have to start reporting all transactions that involve sums over $600...
bush killed our economy and shredded the constitution, obama is just stomping the dead carcus into the dust...
if it wasn't dead before he came into office, he's making danged sure it is before he leaves...
I'm wondering if t he businesses will have to report every payroll check they issue over $600 on a weekly or biweekly basis or something....
a definate business killer! but, sure to create jobs....
every business just about will have to hire one or two new employees, just to report all these transactions!!!

oh, the interest being paid out is so much less because the bonds aren't paying crap....
and still investors have been flocking to buy them....thinking that they are "safe"
with all the happy, happy talk about "recovery".... good can things be, if those with money to invest aren't looking for a return, just hoping to preserve what they have???

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posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 01:24 PM
= This is what our Doctor really looks like!

This is the typical "Let's all support the medical/insurance industry by ponying up Obama's Fascist extortion money" propaganda that has been making it's rounds. As in, this is all the little people's fault lie.

Let us garner sympathy for the poor doctor as he rides away in his brand new BMW, after passing judgement on the lesser folks in life. Excuse me while I go puke.

I wonder how much financial support Doctor scumbag from his lofty perch got from his parents and environment as compared to what this lady got in life. Then he just shakes his head at the patient as if she's some parasite that would be better off cast adrift back to the mud puddle she was scooped out of.

People, do not be fooled by the propaganda. This kind of propaganda surfaces every time the government has a new initiative to force upon us that always involves taking more money from you.

If we want comprehensive medical coverage that keeps the greedy doctors and insurance companies at bay, and gives assistance to all by law, regardless of your background than we need to follow the European/Canadian model. Not Obamacare.

This scam that Obamacare is pushing will clean the clocks of what the Middle Class has left which isn't much to begin with. And this is not even counting the growing numbers of poor who wont even be able to think about Obamacare.

Let us examine the cold hard facts for just a second:

Most of the middle class lives pay check to pay check with with only a pittance of savings to add each week or two week pay cycle. Let us be generous and say the typical middle class family banks $200 to savings a pay period (and mind you I don't believe it is anywhere close to this.)

Now, that family who also has to maintain their cars (anyone been to a car mechanic lately and learned their present rates?), houses, mortgages, utilities, fuel costs, food, clothing, etc. must kick in to the private insurance companies an extra $600 to $2000 a month!!!!!!!!!

Can you say- "NO F#(#ing WAY"?

What will happen to the poor who subsist on minimum wage and will in no way be able to afford coverage? Well from the get go, the IRS will seize their income tax returns (In order to take out their hefty fines!). And we've all heard the rumors of possible incarcerations to add as well( This would be done to all those unemployed who did not have the fortune to make a income tax return in order to pay the health insurance extortion money!).

What will happen to the middle class who will not be able to pay an extra $600-2000 a month in medical strong arm robbery? The very same thing.

This is a IRS/Insurance Company scam with jerk offs like this doctor who will be licking their lips and swimming in the money.

People, please do not allow this propaganda to direct your anger at those who are less fortunate in their upbringing than you were. Focus your anger at the real crooks who are about to rob you blind. Because they're coming. Get ready for the biggest behind screwing you have every experienced in your entire life.

But for the love of God, don't let them fool you into believing that is is your fellow countrymen who caused your woes as you write that health insurance check each month that bankrupts you. Remember above all else that it is bought out government in collusion with the corporations (Fascism) that has squeezed you dry.

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posted on Sep, 16 2010 @ 05:20 AM
reply to post by saltheart foamfollower

if my information is correct, I believesilver just broke a 30 year record!!!

and I don't think it's people flocking to buy pieces of paper that's pushing it up!

While we've been sitting around worrying about koran burning and such....umm...what's been happening??

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