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Hello! Promoting truth on the Internet

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 02:32 AM
I am a lover of freedom, prosperity, and truth, basically everything the US says she stands for. There are tons of materials about liberty and prosperity, but the problem is, there are more materials of falsehood such as redistribution of wealth is a good thing, that a central huge government is good.

For the longest time, I thought I should wait until I make enough money before I should promote the truth on the Internet, but the gentle nudging of my convictions wont let me.

History tells us that whenever falsehood became massive, nations became totalitarians and people would suffer for decades in poverty, fear, and extreme oppression.

We can't let our beloved nation of the West to suffer the same fate. We have history on our side and we should fight when we still have the truth in the open and is still allowed to share it.


Recently I wrote an article on what real life is in the capital North Korea based on the real experience of an animator. There were two persons commented on the article within an hour it was published and they defended communism.

One even went as far as saying North Korea isn't a communist country! News About North Korea You Can't Find On The Internet

Many people haven't learned the lessons. The history of communism we think is so common is actually not so well taught by our schools.

Guys, we have battles to fight.

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