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Martin Bryant: Guilty or Unwilling pawn?

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 01:01 AM
Im posting this for the benefit of most the newer members which have never heard the conspiracy behind the events that occured on April 28th, 1996, in Port Arthur, Tasmania. It is alleged that on this day 19 year old, Martin Bryant, shot dead thirty-five men, woman and children, and wounded another twenty-one. He was eventually convicted of the crime and sentenced to 35 consecutive life sentences, including another 1035 years without parole. In response to this event, the government imposed strict laws (by strict laws, I mean, it became illegal to own one) on the onwership of automatic and semi-automatic weapons (including repeater shotguns), and limitations were also imposed on low capacity weapons.

Until recently it had been assumed that Martin Bryant was completely guilty of all charges brought against him. Now there are some claims that he wasnt actually the shooter, and some of the events that occured at the time, were witheld by the media, or badly misconstrued.

The following is a brief timeline of how events were believed to occurred on that tragic day:

28/4/10 11:45am- Bryant drove (was witnessed) to the Seascape guesthouse and shot owners, David and Noelene Martin. David Martin was also gagged and stabbed.

12:30pm- A couple came stopped at the guesthouse and were confronted by Bryant. They asked if they could see the accomodation available, where Bryant told them his parents were away so they couldnt, and his girlfriend was inside. Its is believed that his car was backed up to the front door of the guesthouse, and he may have been unloading ammunition. The couple then left

1:10pm- After attending to a couple whose car had over heated (he suggested they come for coffee at the cafe at the Port Arthur historic site), he headed to the toll booth at the Port Arthur historic site. He parked his car near the Broad Arrow Cafe where he ordered a meal. At this time, he was witnessed mumbling to himself and appeared nervous and uneasy, and started random conversations with people about "european wasps" and "the lack of Japanese tourists".

1:30pm- When Bryant finished his meal, he calmly pulled an AR-15 assault rifle and fired into the crowds of people. Two Malaysian tourists nearest to Bryant, were killed instantly. He then levelled the rifle at Mick Sargent, the bullet grazing his scalp and knocking him down. Sargents girlfriend wasnt as luck, and Bryant shot her dead, with a round to the back of the head.

A 28 year old New Zealand wine maker, threw a tray at Bryant, when he levelled the gun at his wife and 15 month year old child. The mans father in law quickly ushered his daughter and grand child under a table. Another man attempted to get up and leave, but Bryant spotted him and fired shots hitting him in the neck and spine, killing him on the spot.

He then fired on a table of six people, killing three, and wounding another three. Four others had just left to return their trays and visit the gift shop. He then shot dead, Andrew Mills and Tony Kistan, both in the head from approximately 2 metres away. Tony Kistans wife, Sarah, was not seen by the gunman as she was pushed under a table by her husband.

Another three people were lucky enough to only be injured by shrapnel as they too, hid underneath a table. By this point, people had actually realised what was going on, but Bryant was already at the main exit. A trio were his next targets. Graham Colyer was hit in the jaw, and mother Carolyn Loughton was recieved a ruptured ear drum by the gun shot, as she dived on her duaghter, who was fatally shot in the head.

Another husband and wife couple still seated, were shot fatally at close range, and another man trying to distract Bryant from shooting other targets was shot in the arm, luckily surviving. All this happened in a matter of 15-20 seconds. Leaving 12 dead and 10 wounded.

Bryant left the cafe heading towards the gift shop. By this time, people had scattered and were beginning to flee the scene. The two young girls attending in the gift shop, Nicole Burgess and Elizabeth Howard didnt have that chance, and were shot in the head and chest, both dying later of their injuries. Two women hid behind a screen in the shop, while their husbands and three other people made for a locked exit.

With Bryant covering the exit, people had started to crouch down in corners. One lady, Gwyn Neader, made a run for it and was tragically shot in the head as she tried to move past Bryant, while Peter Crosswell recieved a round to his buttock as he was hiding under a dsiplay table.

Another man Jason Winter, thought he heard Bryant leave the building, or comment about leaving the building, but when he emerged from cover Bryant shot him in the neck and chest. Two people hiding with Winter under a table were lucky enough to recieve only shrapnel injuries.

Bryant left the gift shop, then returned with a loaded weapon (unknown what exactly happened here), where he came across the five people who had made for the locked exit. He killed three of them, one lady was shielded by her husband as he lay on top of her. Another man had the weapon pointed at him, but the magazine had again run out. He then reloaded an exited the gift shop.

Now, 20 people were dead and 29 rounds (reported as 29 )had been fired, all in the space of 90-120 seconds.

Bryant approached where tour buses were parked and shot, and severely wounding one of the drivers, he managed to find cover but died later of his injuries. A group of people, ushered into cover by an employee of the historic site were also shot at, but nobody was hit. Two other people guiding a group behind the buses were both shot. One lady recieved a round to her thigh, while a man was hit by fragments of the womans thigh bone. Both were able to escape and lived.

Another group of people hiding behind a coach, were shot at, one lady Winifred Alpin shot in side, while another escaped with a grazed cheek bone, by hiding in a bus.

One couple trying to flee this area were shot at. Janet Quinn was shot in the back and was left unable to move on the ground near another man Royce Thompson. Doug Hutchison almost ran into Bryant and was shot in the arm. He managed to run in the opposite direction and flee to safety.

At this point Bryant went to his vehicle and retrieved his FN FAL assault rifle, briefly sitting in his vehicle, before then getting out and firing at a lady hiding in nearby ruins.

He then went back to where he had shot Janet Quinn, and again shot her in the back. This time fatally. Bryant then entered a bus and shot Elva Gaylard in the chest killing her instantly. On a coach opposite to this, Gordon Francis rushed to close the door to the coach. Bryant shot him too, but he survived. Janet Quinns husband returned to look for his wife, but was shot in the neck. He survived but his wife finally died in his arms soon after.

Bryant got in his car and drove towards the toll booth where he encountered a mother and two children who had run from the area. Thinking Bryant was a good samaritan they stopped. He got out of the car, forced the mother to her knees and shot her at point blank range in the temple.


Bryant drove up to the toll booth where there were several vehicles and blocked a BMW. The car was owned by Mary Rose Nixon. The car, driven by Russell James Pollard, was also occupied by Helene and Robert Graham Salzmann. An argument with Robert Salzmann ensued, and Bryant took out the FAL and shot Salzmann at point blank range, killing him. Pollard emerged from the BMW and went towards Bryant, who shot him in the chest, killing him. More cars then arrived, seeing this, but were quickly able to reverse back up the road. Bryant then moved to the BMW and pulled Nixon and Helene Salzmann from the car and shot them dead, dragging their bodies onto the road.[9] Bryant transferred ammunition, handcuffs, the AR-15 rifle and a fuel container to the BMW. Mary Nixon, Russell Pollard, and Helene Salzmann, as well as Graham Salzmann, are the people Bryant was charged with killing at the toll booth.

Another car then came towards the toll booth and Bryant shot at it. The driver, Graham Sutherland, was hit with glass. A second bullet hit the driver's door. The car quickly reversed back up the road and left. Bryant then got into the BMW having left behind a number of items in his Volvo, including a shotgun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.


Graham Sutherland, who just had been shot at in his car, reversed back up the road and drove to the service station close by, where he tried to inform people what was happening. Bryant drove up to the service station and cut off a white Toyota Corolla that was attempting to exit onto the highway. Glenn Pears was driving the car with girlfriend Zoe Hall in the passenger seat.[9] Bryant quickly exited the car with his rifle in hand and tried to pull Hall from the car. Pears got out of the car and approached Bryant. Bryant pointed the gun at Pears and pushed him backwards, eventually directing him into the now open boot of the BMW, locking Pears inside.[9]

Bryant then moved back to the passenger side of the Corolla as Hall attempted to climb over to the driver's seat.[9] Bryant raised his rifle and fired three shots, killing her.[9] Many people around the service station saw this and ran to hide in nearby bushland. The service station attendant told everyone to lie down and he locked the main doors. He grabbed his rifle, but by the time he could retrieve some ammunition and load his gun, Bryant was back in his car and gone. A police officer arrived several minutes later and then went in the direction of Bryant

(Apologies, it got to long to continue writing, so the last part was taken from wikipedia)

He then hid in the guest house where the killing started, and was soon captured after a stand off with police.

Soon I will be discussing the things that contradicted the official story of what happened on that day, and some of the bizzare decisions and incidents that preceded the event


posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by OzWeatherman

Good to see this topic again OZ..

It has more holes than the 9/11 OS..
And was used just to take my guns off me


posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 02:36 AM
While the official story is well known and accepted, there are still many questions left open by theis tragedy. Detailed below is a lost of a few of them

1. The main one was how did a 19 year old man kill so many people with shots to the head, in such a short amount of time, with so few misses? In as little as 15 seconds, and no longer than 20 seconds, he killed 12 people, with most dying from head shots. Even military special forces, have not been able to recreate such a scenario in a short amount of time.

2. I cant say for sure with this because Im not a complete gun nut, but with an AR-15, there would be a significant amount of recoil involved every time the weapon is fired. Almost all the people killed were shot with one bullet to the head. How does one maintain control of an assault rifle and kill 12 people in 15 seconds, with such a weapon?

3. From Seascape Cottage, where he held up. Bryant fired over 250 shots, which did not hit anyone in the vicinity. How is this possible given his current accuracy at the historic site?

4. None of the witnesses, could accurately identify Martin Bryant as the shooter

5. Bryants fingerprints were not found at the cafe where he ate lunch

6. Martin Bryants mother and sister who visited him, claim their son was forced to plead guilty, otherwise "he would be responsible for their death".

7. Their were two police officers within 11 kilometres of the shooting site. Both of these officers recieved an anonymous call sending them to an abandoned coal mine, in an isolated area west of the shooting, where there was allegedly a large stash of heroin. Shortly after they discovered that the heroin was in fact jars of soap powder, they recieved a phone call about the unfolding incident. But by this time, they were half an hour away, and got their only to be pinned down by gunfire from Bryant holding up in the seascape guesthouse.

8. Bryant had an IQ of 66. He actually outsmarted police by doubling back to where the rampage first strarted. How can a man with below normal intelligence think in such a tactical manner? Firther more, all the knowledge of weaponry and tactical manouvers he knew, had come from survival guides and military magazines

More to come soon.....

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 02:58 AM
reply to post by OzWeatherman

1. The main one was how did a 19 year old man kill so many people with shots to the head, in such a short amount of time, with so few misses?

It is also well accepted that "the gunman" shot from the hip...

Incredible shooting that many SAS etc have agreed they could "not" match..

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 03:01 AM
reply to post by CynicalM

Also, he used a few clips in the cafe..
They recovered the used clips and they all had "one" round left..
Usually the sign of a well trained soldier who doen't keep firing till he's empty..

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 03:22 AM
I'm Australian, and, along with friends, long ago realised the Bryant story, as it has been told, was impossible. It's like the Virginia Tech shooting: too many kills for the number of bullets used, and too much that didn't add up.

It's much harder for one person to shoot a number of people dead than these stories would have us believe. Potential victims don't stay still, they run and hide. And shooting moving targets while you are moving means missing more often than not.

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 03:48 AM

Originally posted by CynicalM
Also, he used a few clips in the cafe..
They recovered the used clips and they all had "one" round left..
Usually the sign of a well trained soldier who doen't keep firing till he's empty..

Indeed. A bullet is always left in the clip in case the shooter is jumped or taken by surprise at the last split second before reloading. Such 'calmness' of mind to achieve such a feat in such chaotic circumstances would test a trained professional, yet this was achieved by an individual that had all his life shown learning difficulties and had an IQ of 66. He was also 'smart' enough to know to stand near the door when he began his rampage so as to ensure no-one could exit the cafe. The rear door to the cafe was locked (in fact the lock was broken and couldnt even be opened with a key).

Bryant's 'trial' was also a farce with him being persuaded by his own lawyer to plead guilty even though it is obvious from transcripts he had no idea what the implications of this meant.

Other anomalies include:

1. In the months before the massacre, a specially built body-van was ordered and constructed which could hold 19 or more bodies. This van was used to remove the bodies from Port Arthur. Shortly after the event, the body of the van was removed, and the vehicle was sold!

2. On the day of the massacre, the only two policemen in the area were called away on a wild goose chase to what was supposed to be a drug haul. It turned out to be a false flag.

3. One of the people in the Broad Arrow Cafe, the scene of the shooting, - Graham Collier, was shot in the neck at point blank range. He had the presence of mind to play dead. The killer stepped over him twice, so he got a good look at him. Graham survived and emphatically stated, "It was not Martin Bryant who shot me."

4. Several other witnesses who survived have stated that the killer was not Bryant, and that the killer had a pock-marked face. Bryant has a smooth face.

5. A number of foreigners, including Americans, were amongst the victims. There was never an autopsy on any one of them.

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by Nonchalant

True, and our Primeminister, good ole Johny, has sealed "all" records for 30 years...

Sounds like 9/11 only 5 years earlier...

May have been a test for 9/11 to see how much BS the public can swallow???

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 04:08 AM
Black op by Israeli special forces

Next question?

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 04:27 AM
reply to post by anglodemonicmatrix

There were apparently some Israeli specop guys on holiday in Australia at the time..

The kill count in the cafe was incredible yet later, the real Martin Bryant fired 250 shots from the house without hitting anyone. I actually wonder if he even fired a shot..But who knows?

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 04:37 AM
On the same day a quite a number of police were on the North-West Coast attending a huge drug bust.....

which ended up being soap powder.

Will find details and post a link..


posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 05:09 AM
I just want to state also what perfect sense it makes for the government to take away the right for all the people to arm and protect themselves in response to people being massacred by a criminal with a gun. Yeah that makes sense? Seriously the logic is amazing.

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 05:26 AM

Only drug decoy in history The only personnel available to stop or interrupt the slaughter were two policemen, one stationed in Nubeena 11 kilometres from the Port Arthur site, (map) and the other at Dunalley, a small town to the north with a swing bridge capable of isolating the Tasman Peninsula from the rest of Tasmania. Shortly before the massacre both policemen were sent to the coal mines near Saltwater River, an isolated location on the extreme western side of the Tasman Peninsula, in response to an anonymous caller reporting a large stash of heroin. On arrival they found only glass jars full of soap powder, and reported this via the police radio net.

I knew there were drugs involved, just couldn't remember the details.


posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 05:45 AM
I have an issue with quite a number of the points you guys have brought up. I'll address them tomorrow but until then I ask this: Cui Bono. Who benefits and most importantly, how do they benefit?

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 05:48 AM
Ive written a couple threads bout martyn bryant over the years, dont really have much more to add that hasnt been already mentioned in this thread already by the members other than this....and I cant find the link to it unfortunately, but Ex Prime minister John Howard had the legislative bill for the prohibition of semi automatic arms already written and ready to go before this happened......the speed at which the new laws were rushed through was ridiculous and could only have been done if it was already prepared beforehand.....

I want my semi auto back!

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 06:18 AM
reply to post by Melbourne_Militia

I want my semi auto back!

Met too, I loved that little Ruger

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 06:24 AM
Seems to me if it was an Australian doing it, logically it would be an SAS guy (or several) to perform that efficiently, and they would not have been left alive long afterwards for fear they talked.
But no SAS guys died or disappeared around that time.

Besides, they're a pretty patriotic bunch, the ones I've met. They'd kill anyone who even suggested such a thing.

After Mossad's tricks they get up to, I would not be surprised if they did this just for a fun exercise, and got the PM's agreement to keep a lid on it by promising it would enable him to ban guns.

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 06:48 AM
reply to post by DeltaNine

Prior to this happening, gun laws were very lax in Australia.

In Tasmania, you could own basically anything you wanted to...

My father shipped via Aus Post a SKS rifle fully functional from Queensland to Tasmania in 1991.

After the Martin Bryant episode, we were forced (my ex-husband was more law abiding than I), to hand in 2 Ithaca Pump Action riot shotguns with consecutive numbers at a buy back price of $230 each AU.

Pre Martin Bryant, there was no way they could begin to have any kind of control over the gun laws, because there were too many recreational shooters, and target shooters, along with a lot of farmers, along with collectors, and the ones that 'just wanted to keep Grandad's gun' for sentimental purposes that were against anything stricter than the current laws at the time.

So they were frightened into it. Like: 'wow, he can do it, it must be easy'

I would love to know the truth, but how do you find it?

Thank you OZ, for introducing this to others that may not know about it, this day holds a special chord for me as my youngest son was born on April 28, 1996.


posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 06:49 AM
reply to post by Kailassa

How do you know whether or not any SAS were missing at that time?

There is a reason they are SAS you know.


posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 07:37 AM
Unwilling pawn! - No way. He was at the scene & went there intending to do what was done. We all know he had help & we all know Bryant was not aware this help was there. It was obviously a "Mission" of sorts (As to who ordered & executed it is up for debate).

After researching I believe Bryant is guilty of some of the murders but not all. Bryant's low IQ .... Hmmm. That was part of the plan! they needed a patsy to blame & someone so dumb is the perfect candidate to be talked into doing this & later be convinced to plead guilty. Any normal person could not be talked into doing this!.

I believe Bryant should be locked up forever (For all peoples safety) because he is extremely dangerous as he can be talked into doing ANYTHING!. Imagine if he was left to his own devices he would be a target for all the intelligence agencies, governments & criminals to be manipulated to do their dirty work & more people could die ..... I accept he is a victim of sorts but he is just to dangerous to live in the community.... sorry if that offends some.

The trail starts with bogus investigator Joe Vialls. Is he alive or dead? & is Joe Vialls really Ari Ben-Benashe or vice versa?. For those who don't know Joe was an investigator who first started to reveal the inconsistancies in the OS. It was then proven he was actually at the cafe that day & later allegedly died in Perth WA. No wonder he knew so much!

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