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Forbidden History: The distraction of racism and the great American lie

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posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 12:12 AM
i love this post, very thought provoking. i also see race as a nonissue that shouldn't matter to anyone this day and age. S&F and i ain't talking about san francisco

posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 03:21 AM
reply to post by tiger5

ok, with all do respect man, you just pulled the old "white people immitating us" bit that a lot of the black people i know have used. ok... let me explain, and try to be pc so i'm not wrongly branded a racist.

you're missing the point. it doesn't matter who owns BET. the point is that BET exist. if there was a white entertainment television, it would be shut down immediately. because it would be labeled as racist.

the same with a scholarship fund intended for poor white kids. if i was rich and started an "underprivelaged caucasian scholarship" then Rev. Al Sharpton would be on CNN preaching against me. even though me and him are both reading the same bible.

now, the thing with rap was because it was popular in the inner cities, record companies saw that they could make huge profits off of this demographic. so they did what they do with all the music they produce. they played it on the radio. created a few fashions and viola! all kinds of people are into it. so using your logic, when nsync and the other boy bands of the late nineties were popular, only white kids listened to them? Wrong!

ok, well, i think i've probably offended this guy a lot, sorry man, wasn't a directed attack or anything, but your post just reminded me of a few pet peaves

posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 09:22 AM

Originally posted by Dark Ghost
reply to post by rusethorcain

What makes this a white man's world exactly? Care to elaborate?

Last time I checked, being born with pale skin and a pair of testicles did not automatically guarantee success or prosperity.

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No, but it will get you half way there and when you do arrive the door is more likely to be thrown open for you and when you get inside they won't be looking at your boobs or hiding their valuables.

In 1920, when women finally won the vote throughout the nation, Charlotte Woodward was the only participant in the 1848 Convention who was still alive to be able to cast a vote,

Blacks actually didn't have the right to vote at the end of the Civil War. Southern states put together governments excluding Blacks from voting. Legislatures from southern states, encouraged by the same people who led the states out of the Union, made Black Codes which stopped African Americans from getting almost all of their rights. Some of these actions were made possible by Andrew Johnson who became president following Lincoln's death on April 15, 1865. One month into his presidency, Johnson directed the states to allow only white voters to take part in conventions to rewrite southern state constitutions.

posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by rusethorcain

Welcome to the year 2010. Women, Blacks, X, Y, Z can vote, can own a home, can own a company, can pretty much do anything. And it has been like that for a couple of decades now. Why are you living in the past when things have changed drastically since then?

If a person does not have the skills needed to get a job, they probably won't. It makes ZERO difference what colour their skin is or what gender they are. As long as they are presentable, have experience, are available to work and posses the skills needed for the job then they can get a job. (There are exceptions, but according to the law you are not allowed to discriminate against people for these reasons.)

A woman that is confident in her ability to land a job does not need to dress like a prostitute to progress further.
A man that is confident in his ability to land a job does not have to act like "one of the guys".
A Black man that is confident in his ability to land a job does not need to "act white".
An Asian woman that is confident in her ability to land a job does not need to act like a White Man.

Stop spreading irrational garbage and disinformation about White Men.
Stop with the appeals to White Guilt.
Stop using White Men as the scapegoat for all of society's ills.

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posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 11:33 AM
I agree with you in that racism is reactionary (either as the oppressor or the oppressed) and is manipulated by the media (as it has been for quite some time).

I always felt that affirmative action was wrong. But, perhaps not for the same reasons that one might think it's wrong - at least the manipulated reason why you are supposed to. Affirmative action draws attention to ethnic differences and tries to rectify them through quotas. Quotas are a form of racism, though some call it "Reverse Racism," but that term is a semantic monstrosity: racism is racism is racism (no matter the "race" involved), reversing it would be non-racism, or pluralism perhaps.

At any rate, Affirmative Action draws attention to the physical differences in our nation by way of the socio-economic factors that are traditionally linked to them. The racism that truly does exist (because, let's face it, the manipulation the OP spoke of has worked, and worked well) has created ghettoization/enclavization of this nation.

So, instead of focusing on, say, improving the public education in this nation - equalizing it across the board rather than linking it to property taxes for the specific area - we make a quota. But a quota will not catch those students from the worse-off neighborhoods up to the speed of the middle-class in college, will it?


I've noticed something, as a person in the educational field and taking classes / working with teachers who have told me about their Charter Schools. Affirmative Action has been somewhat replaced by the concept of the Charter School (which also applies to low and mid-low income Whites as well as Hispanics of any race).

Instead of having piss-poor public schools in certain neighborhoods and then using a quota system to "elevate the noble savage" (as though the concept has never changed since colonial times), privatized schools with voucher systems (called Charter schools) have been popping up in poor areas of the country.


Well, it is tax-payer funded, but instead of being run with the bottom-line being the complete education of each and every student to the fullest of their potential; instead of this the Charter school is run with the bottom-line being a literal bottom-line - for profit.

"Oh, but what's wrong with having the private sector take over poorly run schools...they'll do a better job...Reagan told me so..."

Well, if, like any other corporate entity, profit is the only thing you are concerned with, will you:

...keep trying to help a problem kid? Or, pass the buck and cancel his/her voucher?
...will you keep class sizes to optimal levels by pedagogical standards? Or will you maximize profits by raising the teacher:student ratio (minimalizing teacher pay)?
...will you buy the best computers and up-to-date media? Or, will you go cut rate and have a 1 computer : 1 class ratio?
...will you have accurate text books? Or, will you limit the amount of information they are exposed to in order to save money or cut-rate text books (probably from Texas that will be ill-absorbed by a class of 35 rowdy kids taught by one teacher)?


Oh, send the lower classes to the privatized "universities" so they can learn the bear minimum to do a society-sanctioned service in our new, wonderful society. Perhaps they can study criminal justice and work in a private prison/police service...

posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by rusethorcain

How is this a "white man's word"?

My mother (who happens to be white), worked for Lockheed and when they merged with the Martin Marietta Corporation my mother thought her job would be safe, as her position was not being tanked. However, because of Affirmative Action, she was let go because after the merger, the corporation needed to hire more minorities, so a black person took her job. That job wasn't given away by merit, rather by race. This was purely due to racism, plain and simple and sadly, nobody looks at it as racist.

My aunt and uncle (who also have white skin) had moved to a new city because my uncle was starting a business in that city. Money was tight but they picked their neighborhood for the schools. They wanted to ensure that their children had a good, safe school to go to. Of course housing prices were through the roof but they decided to sacrifice life's pleasures (such as designer clothing, eating out, family vacations, nice cars, cable television, etc...) because their children's education and safety was more important. I believe that my aunt was even working two jobs to help pay housing costs. They were really doing whatever it took to ensure that their children could go to better schools. They were white but that didn't meant that they were automatically entitled to a better school district.

Anyway, after several years, their children (my cousins) were bussed out to the ghetto to go to subpar schools because they were bussing white children to the ghetto so that black children could go to the better schools. It wasn't based on neighborhood, it was based on race. They were actually trading white kids for black kids. My older cousin even witnessed a shooting on school grounds. Now sadly, my aunt and uncle had spent a fortune on moving and living where they do, simply for the schools and now that didn't matter because of their race. The irony in this story, is that most of the kids at the ghetto school and even the kids who tool my cousins' place at their old school, had designer clothing and their parents had nice cars with expensive wheels and probably went on vacation and nice restaurants or what have you. This case is purely one of racism, plain and simple and sadly, nobody considers this to be racist. What's really sad, is this same nightmare has befallen many of my neighbors in the neighborhood that I now reside in and thank god it didn't happen to my children. This kind of thing is happening all across the US, where white citizens are becoming disenfranchised because of the color of their skin.

When I served in the army, I was a little perturbed to see that women didn't have to live up to the same standards as the men. They didn't have to train as rigorously as the men, nor could they be disciplined the same. Women in the military had to meet standards far lower than the men and there was a whole different/easier set of rules which they had to follow. With that being noticed, I was extremely aggravated to see that enlisted males made less money than their female counter-parts, by at least several hundred dollars a year.

All of this is only my experiences (and only a few of them), though many other anti-white policies are in place and sadly, people don't look at them as racist, so long as they are anti-white. Want a scholarship or financial aid and happen to be white? Good luck, though if you were black, there are many, many to choose from. In fact, it would be racist to have a white scholarship fund or financial aid that targeted white kids, though to do the same for black children seems to be okay. People are getting denied either jobs or promotions in their jobs, simply because they happen to be white (and Latino in some cases). In other words, if they aren't black, they are going to have a tough time. These promotions and jobs are given out by merit, experience or achievement, rather by race and it's the law.

Remember the New Haven firefighters? They handed out promotional tests to all of the firefights and because not a single black person scored in the top percentage of the promotion test, nobody got promoted (I believe 12 promotions were needed to be filled). In fact, the city then issued an easier test, only to the black firefighters so that the promotions would go to blacks. When the firefighters sewed, the excuse of the city was that they were only following the law, which they were. The court happened to agree and this case went all the way up to the Supreme Court which finally ruled that it was discrimination, though that ruling was probably only because the massive attention the case was getting.

This kind of thing happens all of the time, though hardly ever gets attention. The only reason why this case got so much attention, is because Sonia Sotomayor was being nominated to the Supreme Court and it is a case that she had previously ruled on, saying it was okay to discriminate against white people. Low and behold, the racist judge, Sotomayor was nominated to the Supreme Court. If this wasn't bad enough, the city then promoted some of these fire-fighters and then extra black people, who didn't earn the promotion, simply due to the color of their skin.

Then we go to the President, Barack Obama. Before his winning election, the media would go on and on about the few people who wouldn't vote for him due to his race (which statistically proved false) and they would call that racism. Whoever didn't vote for Obama due to his skin color was racist. However, they failed to mention that plethora of people who would and did vote for him based upon his race. Somehow, that was considered racism and is perfectly fine to do. In fact, there is nothing wrong with even admitting that, according to the society who has been molded in this racist way. People are actually proud of the fact that they voted for Obama because of his race, though these same people are the ones who are so quick to condemn any unfair action against a black as racist. We are clearly living in a society with double-standards that are against the people with white skin.

I can't seem to understand how you could even imagine this is a "white man's world". Have you been asleep? Have you left your house in the past 50 years? Surely, you misspoke, right?


posted on Sep, 18 2010 @ 01:19 PM
The OP's basic tenet about an elite being at the heart of historical problems, such as slavery is true. In fact it is still happening today. It is the elite that like to keep the poor man down and in their place. So they (who own the means of communication) perpetuate the myths that keep the poor man fighting amongst themselves. Immigration for example!!

Let's not forget who created the current economic mess : the financial elite. They are still running the show and OUR TAXES bailed them out. Throughout history it is those in power that have stirred up bigotry and hatred for our fellow man and it is the poor man who stupidly and blindly believes it, fights for it and dies for it. Meanwhile the elite gather the spoils of war.

This is not NWO elite just pure and simple rich greedy individuals who want to remain rich and greedy.

The blindest country is the US followed closely by the UK. We are indeed turkeys voting for christmas (or thanksgiving if you are a US turkey ;-) ) at every election.


Poor man : anyone who MUST work for a living to pay the bills.
Rich Man : anyone who can live without needing to work (they usually avoid taxes as well !!!!)

NB many rich people continue to work earning more money in a year than we could retire on if we won it in the lottery !!!!! They constantly tell us (and some poor people believe it) that they must be paid that wage to attract the best ........ what a crock of ...... Note how "immigration" raised it ugly head during the banking crisis. Well what a coincidence NOT!!!!

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 12:07 AM
reply to post by Dark Ghost

Stop spreading irrational garbage and disinformation about White Men. Stop with the appeals to White Guilt. Stop using White Men as the scapegoat for all of society's ills.

It is still a white mans world. Be a man and own it.

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 12:09 AM

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posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by rusethorcain

Lol, your lack of any kind of rebuttal or explanation as to why on earth you could possibly think such a racist notion is indicative of either your intelligence level or a trolling tactic. I'm inclined to believe a little bit of both.

Let me guess, you most likely think it's a "white man's world" because white men have controlled the powerful governments of the world, along with the powerful corporations of the world, therefore white people are the root of all evil and we have been ruthless towards everyone else, right? Well, by that logic, all Jews are responsible for the world's debt, blacks for the world's crime and Asians for the world's car wrecks. Do you see how unreasonable and racist such logic is? No, I don't expect you to really comprehend such reason and logic. To blame the whole race or even a majority of a race based on the actions of a few, is not only ignorant, but racist too.

In fact, I'm sure you can group those white men who control the world through other variables than their skin color and it's these variables that are most likely responsible for their behaviors (the freakonomics effect). They are probably all narcissistic and rich, which is far more likely to be the common denominator, not their skin color. Obama should be a testiment to that. Money and power cares not what your skin color is and instead depends on your attitude, lack of empathy, drive, cunning, ruthlessness and a little bit of luck.

Let me be the first one to say, power and/or riches don't really care about your skin color and white people are not born with any easier of a life than anyone else, simply due to our race. In fact, we are born with less advantages, due to the anti-white policies and legislation. Just because those who happen to be in power were white, doesn't mean that white people have anything any easier and that goes for sexes too. I wish what you say is right, I might have been rich and powerful or at the least wealthy.


posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 05:11 AM
reply to post by rusethorcain

In your head, yes, and the heads of other people who want to keep the issues of racial tension and sexism alive in the minds of others that want to move on. Your underachievements are due to your own insecurities and lack of skills - not because White Men are oppressing you. Take some personal responsibility in your life and things will start to change.

Stop with the appeals to White Guilt, they will not work on me.

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 01:04 PM
Neither of you seem to think it is significant women did not warrant equal pay for equal work until 2009?

Does that not, in itself tell you something?
The word OBEY was only recently removed from marriage vows.
You ever see the lines outside the "ladies" restroom?
An episode of I Love Lucy ends with Ricky taking Lucy over his knee and spanking her. There was a time when this would not have raised to many eyebrows as long as it was behind closed doors.

I am not trying to convince either of you of anything any more than I would step outside and begin conversation with a rock. I am just sayin'...

White men are the only ones that do not seem to know it is a white mans world.
This is because they have nothing to compare it too.

posted on Sep, 19 2010 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by 2weird2live2rare2die

I don't log in much here anymore.This site has become pretty much just internet pablum controlled by mods with their own agenda.

That said this is one very well researched and presented thread!

My two cents is this.

The racism exhibited toward blacks who fled the south to the north during the war was not from Americans!

During this period and prior to the war there was a large influx of European immigrants in to the major coastal cities and states in the north.

The free blacks were in competition with these immigrants for employment and housing!

The Irish were a very large majority of these immigrants.

The mid western states that had at this period a very small percentage of immigrants were more receptive to these people.

Religion had a lot to do with it.

Even today through out the heart land of this country you will find people of color living in complete harmony with white PROTESTANT people.

Only within the large cities will one find discourse and ethnic groups living in sequestered groups.

Look at all the cities where there is racial social issues and determine what ethnic group and what religion are of those that control it.

ALL roads lead to Rome.

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 11:58 AM
reply to post by poet1b

I don't know about you, but i have read actual slave narratives and accounts, Fredrick Douglass the most prominent. Have you read any? If you had, then you would get the jist of what slavery was like as told through the eyes of the slave.. and not the owner.

Yes there we good slave owners, hell some even allowed their slaves to gained their freedom by hard work and diligence. However the OP made it sound like slavery in America was all sunshine and rainbows and that the slaves were done a favor.. no, i disagree with that.

"Are you really going to claim that slaves in Africa were treated better?" Yes i am. The nomadic tribes and various principalities treated there slaves differently than how they were in America. I know the History channel is slanted but you might want to look up the show that dealt with this issue.. that is if you choose to believe it.

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by cenpuppie

Yes there we good slave owners, hell some even allowed their slaves to gained their freedom by hard work and diligence. However the OP made it sound like slavery in America was all sunshine and rainbows and that the slaves were done a favor..

I did not. Not once did I use those words or even imply such a thing. However, what I did say, is that slavery isn't anything near what we are lead to believe. The picture of slavery painted out for us in the 21st century, is that most white men were involved and that whites went in to Africa, raided villages only to club families over the head and shackle them to large slave ships where they would undertake a horrifying journey to America. Then after getting here, they were shackled, thrown in cages and only let out to do back-breaking work for the white race. Then after a day's work, they were thrown back in their cages for a few hours of sleep until they were to get back out in the fields to do more work, whereupon white slave drivers would be whipping them across the back to force them to work harder. Somehow most, if not all whites benefitted, as the black man did all of their labor and services. We are lead to believe that blacks were slaves and whites were slave owners/drivers/oppressors and for the most part, none of this is really true.

My point was, that most whites had nothing to do with slavery and it wasn't only whites who owned slaves, as there were black slave owners too. In fact, on a 'per capita' basis, more American free blacks were slave owners than American free whites. Also, not only blacks were slaves. There were Native American, Oriental and even white slaves. Also, Africans were the engine of the slavery market, as it was they who were selling their slaves to the slave market (mostly from already indenture peoples). Slavery was not a black and white (racial) issue, as we are indoctrinated to believe. It was more of an issue of class, money and status. The white race, benefitted nothing from slavery. If slavery didn't help the white race, nor was slavery committed by even small percentage of white people, then it is innaccurate to suggest that slavery was done at the hands of white people. There are many more reasons why such a notion is inaccurate and I'll explain only a couple of them below.

While of course some slaves were mistreated, it isn't what we are lead to believe, for the most part of course. Generally speaking, slaves were still seen as "god's people", however uncivilized they were perceived and this view was even held by many of the free-blacks. In fact, there were even laws inacted about mistreating slaves. Contrary to popular belief, if you were a slave in the beginning to mid 19th century, chances are that you were simply a second class citizen who worked for room and board only. You wouldn't be thrown in a cage at night, beat senseless or even worked harder than whites in the factories of the North. For the most part, the worst disrespect and dehumanizing treatment was their perception as 2nd class citizens, the idea of ownership and their lack of choice in employment. Considering the times and socioeconomic climate of the era, it isn't as bad as if that kind of thing were to happen today.

Was it all rainbows and sunshine? Of course not, but it also isn't the evil picture painted for us in our textbooks. You see, if the whole issue is blamed on an entire race, then it allows those responsible to escape any kind of accountability and sews discourse in race relations. It creates a divide in the American people, which ultimately allows us to be conquered. Most white people did not benefit one bit from slavery and in fact, it is arguable that most whites were kept down because of it, from an economic standpoint, seeing how it took jobs away from the whites who were not of the elite class that would allow them to afford or benefit from owning slaves. In fact, it could even be argued that out of the people who did own slaves (both white and black), a good portion of them didn't even believe in slavery, though it was necessary to even compete in the same market and so they were forced to anyway.

Slavery was not a problem brought about "whites", rather it was a problem brought about by the elite. By blaming it on the entire white race, you dilute accountability and by making it sound much worse than it was, you sew discourse in our current race relations, thereby opening us up to be conquered.

What if in a couple hundred years, our great-grand children start to learn in their history books that 20th and 21st century [petty] crime (murder, robbery, theft, drug sales, rape, etc..) was committed by blacks and the 'evil black race' terrorized the white race, due to their out of control crime. Then, what if these history books and popular media made it sound like whites were held hostage by this crime, where every time we left the house, we became victimized by said crime? It would be kind of silly, wouldn't it?

What if historians even brought up letters written by white victims of crimes? Letters that speak about the brutality of rape or kidnap or even robbery and murder? It would only reinforce our indoctrination and help paint the picture of the paragraph above, wouldn't it?

Such a notion wouldn't even mention the majority of blacks who weren't criminals, nor would it mention that whites were criminals too. It would be silly because instead of blaming crime on responsible variables, such as class, social status, culture or economic circumstance, it would just be blamed on race. It would be heavily exaggerated and and inherently ignorant. The notion that all blacks were criminals and all whites were the victims of this crime, would not only be misleading, but inherently false and plain silly. It would take a seed of truth (that some whites were victimized by crime committed by some blacks), then exploit that seed of truth to paint a picture that is inaccurate, while ignoring anything that doesn't fit the intended picture.

This same future scenario, is just about the same thing that it happening today, only against whites, about slavery, instead of against blacks, about crime. What we hear about slavery today, is just as silly as what that potential future generation could learn about crime.


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posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by airspoon

Lets for the sake of your argument say that it is all a level playing field.
Affirmative action has been revoked and indeed, men of color and women enjoy
the very same benefits and opportunities given to white men of the same age range.
What is your point?
What do you hope is done differently.

Is this a bid to change hearts and minds?
Is it a prelude to introducing some type of legislative changes?
What do you hope to gain by so many wearisomely verbose posts?

posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 06:41 PM
My main goal and only intention is to deny ignorance and expose the truth. In fact, the main reason for this entire board to exist, is to do the same in an entertaining way.

Affirmative action has been revoked

Lol, yeah, we could only hope that was the case, though sadly, it's not even close to being reality. Affirmative Action is alive and doing better than ever. Thousands of whites across the country are being denied, promotions, jobs, social welfare benefits, educational oppurtunities, charities and other resources everyday. They are being denied these things simply because they committed the offense of being born with white skin. Just several months ago, the New Haven firefighters were in the news because of Affirmative Action and although they were the ones who deserved the promotions and earned them, they were denied because they were white (and Latino).

Sadly, they only made the news because of Sonia Sotomayor was being nominated to the Supreme Court and had ruled in favor of their disctimination, though their story is repeated almost everyday all across this nation with out so much as the slightest bit of public attention. Had that have happened to one black person, heads would be rolling and every news station would be reminding everyone how evil white people are.

In fact, I don't blame black people, though ironically I blame the same class of people, the elites, who were responsible for slavery. It is because of the ignorance they sew in society through the false history and exaggerated racial tention that leads to AA laws being enacted and discrimination becoming law.

In a perfect world, people would see others as people and judge them on their merit but so long as we are being spoon-fed information about how one race is discriminating against another, people are constantly going to be hung up on the superficial differences. Take Katrina for instance, do you really think that the Bush administration failed to help the people of New Orleans just because most of them were black? Don't get me wrong, I think that the Bush admin did plenty of things wrong, but I highly doubt that they would be stupid enough to discriminate against blacks. For one, it does them no good and instead, brings a lot of heat and unwanted attention. However, according to the media, it was only because the majority of those trapped were black.

As long as racism is being exploited by the media and our text-books continue to teach false history, both ignorance and racism is going to continue to flourish. Blacks will continue to believe that anything unfair is due to racism, discriminatory laws are going to continue to try and compensate for that "unfairness" and white people who lose out due to that discrimination are going to harbor hate and both sides will continue to be angry at each other, thereby causing the division that we see today.

In this day in age is not only okay to discriminate against whites, but it is also PC to do so, though on the other side of the coin, to do so against blacks is tatimount to the most heinous crime. As long as these differences are being sewn into society, race will remain to be an issue in the minds of most people, both black and white. You see, this all stems from the false history and the indoctrination that we all recieve.

We should never be affraid of the truth, even if that truth makes us reconsider our whole believe system. We should always er on the side of truth because the truth is what we all deserve. Ignorance will get us nowhere.


posted on Sep, 20 2010 @ 07:09 PM

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posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 04:29 AM

Originally posted by airspoon

Affirmative action has been revoked

Lol, yeah, we could only hope that was the case, though sadly, it's not even close to being reality. Affirmative Action is alive and doing better than ever. Thousands of whites across the country are being denied, promotions, jobs, social welfare benefits, educational oppurtunities, charities and other resources everyday.

Yet unemployment amongst Blacks are over TWICE that of Whites?
According to your exaggerations it should be the opposite.

Prove what you just said please.
Don't ignore this. PROVE IT.

Show us where thousands of Whites are losing jobs to the handful of Blacks that possibly benefit from the all but useless affirmative action.

Affirmative Action is a useless talking point for people striving to divide the races.

Nationally the unemployment rate is at 9.5 percent. But for black men, the rate is closer to 17 percent. That's compared to 8.6 percent for their white male counterparts. - NPR

Lets talk about the Negro Scholarship Fund-

In a country where Black and Latino Males are more likely to end up in jail than in College, how exactly is this and other scholarships just like it, taking away from the overrepresented White students?

The scholarships and ones like it, are in place specifically because of the fact that minorities tend to be severely underrepresented in most Colleges. It isn't however, making a large impact on the number of minorities attending selective Colleges, and it isn't even close to eclipsing the number of White students. You will in fact, find THREE TIMES as many Blacks in prison as opposed to a College dorm.

Reading through this thread though, you'd get the impression that it was the opposite and you couldn't find a White face at Yale.

More blacks, Latinos in jail than college dorms
Civil rights advocates say Census Bureau figures are startling

WASHINGTON — More than three times as many black people live in prison cells as in college dorms, the government said in a report to be released Thursday. MSNBC

What about those gold ole "Legacy Policies" we never hear the people screaming for equality criticize?

What is a "Legacy Student"?

It's a student who receives preferential treatment when applying to a selective College that their parents (or other family members) graduated from. Since most selective Colleges in this country at one point played along with the segregated policies of America, those graduating generational families have of course been all White.

The Children of disproportionately White alumni have historically been the beneficiaries of such polices, and thus, such policies disproportionately benefited White students more than any other.

A fact these Colleges wouldn't even dispute.

Yet where is the alarm from those screaming for racial fairness?

Recent studies have shown that 53% of Black males drop out of High School compared to 22 percent of White males in America. Only 47% of Black Males are even graduating High School. - Huff-post

So again, the point about the Negro Scholarship Fund (and others like it) locking out White students from positions in Colleges, in light of such facts, seems to be moot. That or just plain ridiculous.

Lets talk about the BET-

This is the network no longer considered a Black-owned business, since it is now owned by two "White Republican males".

Still, the reason why channels such as BET (with Asian, Latino counterparts) even existed in the first place should be obvious.

Again...from the Museum of Broadcast History:


Historically, as MacDonald has shown, U.S. television perpetuated U.S. cinema, radio, theatre and other forms of public communication and announced people of color overwhelmingly by their absence. It was not that they were malevolently stereotyped or denounced. They simply did not appear to exist. If they surfaced, it was almost always as wraiths, silent black butlers smiling deferentially, Chicano field-hands laboring sweatily, past Indian braves whooping wildly against the march of history. Speaking parts were rare, heavily circumscribed, and typically an abusive distortion of actual modes of speech. But the essence of the problem was virtual non-existence.
The Museum Of Broadcast Communications

Has anything changed?
Not by much.

Since they first started making studies and saw the grim figures, roles for minorities in mainstream television continue to be dismal.

The television business is a male-dominated industry, with only 1.9% of television stations owned by women, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. According to the RTNDA, 92% of television news directors are Caucasian, and 80% of all news directors are men. The average number of minorities on staff is said to be at 8.6%, also according to the RTNDA. PBS

92% of television directors are White?
Wait...but...BET should have solely changed all of that right?

Still confused as to why an underrepresented minority group may want to get their own severely ignored faces shown on television?

Mainstream television isn't called "White Mainstream Television", but that is exactly who it has historically featured at the forefront of its programs. White people.

The same goes for Award Shows, Video Games, Cartoons, Magazines...I mean, this stuff should be obvious.
There are simply non-White Americans who feel they are ignored and thus want to be recognized for their talents.

This thread and its revisionist take on the historic racism, discrimination and segregation practices of the United States of America sets out to white-wash our past. It paints those Blacks who faced historic racism as simply being "happy Negros" that didn't understand all the fuss being made by those pesky Northerners.

It's the ATS Amos and Andy show!

"Everything is just fine, boss! I don't need to vote, learn to read, and I love the back of the bus!
I'll keep my eyes on the ground when your wife passes by, yes siree!!"


The OP has stated that he believes "separate but equal" was in fact just that, with some cases being that Black facilities were better than White ones or simply didn't have the shiniest digs(??!), when even our own Government admits it wasn't:

Although the Constitutional doctrine required equality, the facilities and social services offered to African-Americans were of lower quality than those offered to whites; for example, many African-American schools received less public funding per student than nearby white schools. In Texas, the state established a state-funded law school for whites without any law school for blacks.

Seperate But Equal-wiki

What Blacks have the OP been talking with that told him that segregation was the time of their lives?
I'm guessing none. I've yet to met one Black Vet that said they loved sitting behind Nazi prisoners on trains or at a Lena Horne concert.

Maybe Sammy Davis Jr. loved how he was treated when he was in the Army as he strove to break the segregationist barriers in America through simple entertainment:

They wrote “coon” in white paint across my forehead, and “I’m a 'n-word'” across my chest. Then they ordered me to dance for them. “Dance, Sambo—fast!” Man, I fought to get at them, but they pinned me and punched me in the gut until it looked like I’d have to dance or die. Don’t even like to think about it! Sick cats! I danced until I couldn’t no more. Then—bam! In the gut again—and I had to dance some more, until finally they saw I was ready to pass out. Then they poured turpentine over me, and told me the reason they’d given me “this little lesson”: They’d been watching me “making eyes” at the white WAC captain. She was my boss, man, my commanding officer—and that’s the way I treated her.

- Sammy Davis Jr., on the racism he faced in the Army

He wrote a lot about the difficulties he faced as an entertainer in a segregated America.
Sounds like fun times!

Seriously...nothing the OP has stated has been groundbreaking.

You can find it in the rants of various White supremacist groups who seek to prove minorities are taking over the country.

I'm surprised at how many are approaching this thread as if it is shedding some sort of light on the subject when in reality it isn't revealing the distraction of racism, but simply adding to it.

It's erroneously playing the "White Victim" card.

Don't let the facts stand in the way of your agenda though, Spoon.
Keep whooping up the sentiments that fuel racial division.

- Lee

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by lee anoma

Prove what you just said please.
Don't ignore this. PROVE IT.

Unfortunately, it is considered racist for the media to even hint at such stories, or at the very least, it isn't politically correct, however if you want proof, just look the laws in your area or for your state. I think there may be only a handful of states that don't force racial discrimination.

With that being said, there is the story that I mentioned earlier, that did get at least some airplay, though only due to Sonia Sotomayor having ruled on it just before being nominated to the SCOTUS. Either look up your own local laws or simply google "New Haven 13" (I believe it's 13) or "New Haven firefighters". The law is the law and most companies abide by the law, though regardless, it is still law. If the law says they either have to give promotions or employment to blacks first, then rest assured that is what they are going to do. In fact, it's not even as cut and dry as that, as the law generally says something to the affect that a company has to to have an equal amount of minorities (usually only blacks) and if they don't, they have to hire/promote minorities/blacks over whites, based solely on the color of their skin.

Yet unemployment amongst Blacks are over TWICE that of Whites?

I highly doubt that is due to racism and most certainly is due to factors outside of racial or Affirmative Action issues. There are a whole bunch of variables that determine those statistics and it has little relevance to the issue at hand. I suggest you look up your local and state laws to see that it doesn;t have to be that way, due to laws that force discrimination. Again, if you have a hard time looking up laws (as there are so many) a quick shortcut to prove that they do in fact exist, is to google "New Haven firefighters". Sadly, most media outlets didn't call the New Haven incident what it is, discrimination, as that would be politically incorrect though most semi-intelligent people can clearly see it for what it is.

Look, I have nothing to gain things being as they are and arguably, nobody does not even blacks, as this discrimination only seperates us further (the premise of the OP). I wish I was wrong, but I'm not. That is the reality. Sadly, we don't hear about it because to even mention it is considered racist and most likely due to our indoctrination, as is evident by some of the replies in this thread alone. Because we have been brainwashed to think in this way, the popular media doesn't come forward with this injustice, as they would if it was reversed. It's just how things are and unless you have lost a job, promotion, acceptance into a school, own your own business or are a lawyer specializing in this type of law, then you are most likely not going to know about. Unfortunately, due to our indoctrination and brainwashing, such policies aren't even seen as discriminatory, racist, unfair or even wrong and therein lies the problem.

Just to note: I have been extremely busy with work lately so it may take me a while on any future replies. Have a nice day.


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