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Satans science you say

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posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 06:30 PM
i recently read a thread with the following criteria which stated the ways in which science is evil. here is the criteria:

1) Science has built unimaginable killing technology from the gun to weaponized viruses.
2) How many people have been killed through modern transportation.
3) How many have died because of technology grown cancers.
4) How many animals have gone extinct in the name of progress.
5) How often do you push things of God's away to watch TV or sit on the computer?
6) Science is killing our planet (God's beautiful creation) with pollution.

i'd like to respond to each of these statements

1) Science has also given each of us a greatly increased standard of life, longer life expectancy, democracy, civilisation. let us examine the world in the times of jesus christ, i would say there you stand a greater change of horrific death. weapons today are far more advanced but how many times have you been shot at in your life? im sure the average person 2000 years ago was in greater average peril.

2) How many people has modern transport saved? how many old wodden ships have been lost to the sea because we made them with wood, ultimatly all transport is dangerous, would you have us all walking around ?

3) how many people have been saved from cancer with treatments.

4) how many animals would go extinct in the case of a natural disaster. Furthermore science has not caused extinctions, civilisation has caused extinctions. people making choices to build large factorys polute and destroy enviroments, not books with information in them

5) this point is a matter of personal oppinion but id like to point out if god is infinatly powerfull forgiving and knowing, then why would he feel the need to be praised, im sure hes not lacking self confidence because not enough people say praise be to god every day.

6) science is helping us understand natural events in the universe and on the earth, if we had no science, the next super large asteriod to hit earth would end our existance. science means we can stop this, dams stop floors. fire engines stop fires

and id like to finish on a rehtoric question of my own, if we had no science how could you read your bible, making paper is science, cooking food is science. what can u reduce science down to, i say the moment a monkey picked up a stick and used it as a tool, science was born. thats just my opinion but whats yours?. where would you set us back to? the point at which the gun was made, when we discovered electicity? the wheel? the first mathamatical sum conducted? dont answer, my suspicion is that devoted religeous supporters will decide on one of two dates, the point at which science began to challenge the word of the bible. or simply the moment adam and eve bit the apple and became self aware ( which in my book is the moment a monkey picked up a stick n thought tool )

its interesting to read such opinions and i enjoy voicing my own, but i hope everyone takes these type of threads with a pinch of salt. being on ATS id expect most people to have a more open and aware mind than that of the average person, putting that aside iv noticed the ways in which people cleverly use tools like emotive pictures and language, fear and such in order to convince others of their opinion. i just hope most of the neautral people managed to avoid being sucked into one side or another.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 06:34 PM
Why create a new thread on my topic? You should have just responded to me in mine.

posted on Sep, 12 2010 @ 06:41 PM
Please continue with the active thread still ongoing, here: Satan and Science, His Creation to Mislead.

Please do not post replies as new threads in the future.

Thread closed.



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