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9/11 The who done it installment one.

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posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by Drunkenshrew

good stuff there shrew....very impressive....also if you look at my mapping of the ONAC you can clearly see how connections lay.....thank you for your additions

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by Yankee451

Yes Yankee your so right as i seee the anti semetic card get dropped so many times in over abundance when ever the Zionists(non-jewish) relationships gets portayed...but no worries there because people just need to really reiterate the difference between an orthodox jewish religion and a political Zionist movement.

I give people credit for their own intelligence to know the difference.....

Yhe world is being prepared for a great many events that are going to push the human race to it's very limits of existance and exposing the culprits behind the mask is a challenging job....the true fight back is not now....there will be a time soon when people will come together under very trying circumstances and they will be blinded by the ones whom portray themselves as the saviors of mankind....and these same people are the very ones commiting these crimes against humanity at this moment in time.

posted on Aug, 31 2011 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by Drunkenshrew

I would like to add Shrew that documentary is very impressive indeed and this was the first time i have watched it.

It states very much of the things i have said throughout this thread...and this is the train of research that i had taken upon myself to do....It is good to see i am not alone in my thinking and i will promote this footage in the future as it is very well presented indeed....thank you for you contribution.

posted on Aug, 31 2011 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by Yankee451

Just one thing Yankee...i mention more so the Zionist involvement within the US's own government and how the SOR(state of Rothchilds) has been the manipulators behind the organizational and political agendas of world political movements and the banking sector.

The banking sector of this world wants the political power house of the US to shift to the SOR and it is doing a fine job....this economic crisis that we are all experiencing is a engineered crisis by the banking sector....Ask yourself who will benefit from this crisis.....the wealthy and the banks as they crate failure upon the middle classes and then buy up the world markets at bargain basement prices....yet again stretching their influence of control.

The thing is I know these crooks in this thread will not be brought to justice just as you know it in your own heart....but when the time comes to fight back....the people of this fine planet will have to know the enemy within in order to fight back will they not....the enemy is not a bucnh of half cocked terroist who got lucky on one given day......they are a cohesive set of extremely well focused and well off individuals whom have had a plan of action to get to their endgame for a very long time using false flag operations throught the world to achieve their goals...and to use peoples fears and ignorance to further their cause.

posted on Jun, 4 2012 @ 12:59 AM
This is a good analysis of some of the key players surrounding 9/11. I was not aware just how deep Australia was in on it too with so much of our money in the same circles. It is clear the Rupert Murdoch is in on it with the journalistic culture that has developed since. It also helps explain why Australia is so far up the US butt on the global stage as well when it comes to all this and other issues at the UN.

I do find a lot of consistency with the research I have done over the years. As for actually making any progress will be a huge job as it has been a big one. Well done in keeping the reasons and motivations alive.

posted on Jun, 4 2012 @ 01:26 AM
reply to post by kwakakev

Cheers for that....I have been digging deeper and it has been a bit....but i will be adding more i am tracking some movements of of of the conspirators....And Lauder is someone to be wary of.....his connections really surprised me ....but then if we look in the Zionist people it is very interesting how they seem to get perpetual positions in halls of government around the world...they don't try to get into elected positions but rather into great positions of power with in back room government.

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 07:59 AM
been awhile since I added to this thread...but there was a reason for this delay....It has been years after the fact and I feel like we need to revisit some people here....

George Pataki

he moved office out of the twin towers just months before the attacks.

September 11 Terrorist Attacks

Pataki’s New York City office had moved out of the World Trade Center in the months before the September 11 attack to new offices on Third Avenue. The images of Pataki and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani giving press conferences on the day of the World Trade Center attack are burned into the history and lore of the date.


Frank Lowry

now I wrote this years ago...

Fifty days before 9/11, Larry Silverstein's Silverstein Properties and Frank Lowy's Westfield America secured a 99-year lease on World Trade Center Buildings One, Two, Four and Five.

remember westfield group....Mall...Shootings.

Ronald Lauder

now he is writing of how the west is failing.

Once again, we see world leaders incapable of acting, refusing to see what is right in front of them, pretending that what the Iranian mullahs say and what they do isn't real, that it's not really happening. We see a Western world that is lulled into a false sense of security by a new Iranian president whose track record is not nearly as good as people think.


Oussama Ziade

Do we recall PTECH

invested approximately $10,319,815 into Ptech,. a computer
software company located in Quincy, Massachusetts through
companies he owned,

who did this investing

Between on or about 1994 and 2001, Yassin Kadi alkla
"Shaykh Yassin Abdullah Kadi," "Yassin A. A. Kadi," "Yassin AlKadi,"
"Yasin Kahdi," "Yasin AI-Qadi," and "Yassin Qadi" ("Kadi")


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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 08:34 AM
Ptech the company that rocks

Yassin al-Qadi, a Saudi multimillionaire. He will invest $5 million of Ptech‟s start-up money. The US will declare him an al-Qaeda financier shortly after 9/11 (see October 12, 2001). In 1998, al-Qadi will come under investigation by FBI agent Robert Wright (see October 1998) for potential ties to the 1998 US embassy bombings (see 10:35-10:39 a.m., August 7, 1998). Al-Qadi is also a major investor in BMI Inc., an investment firm with connections to a remarkable number of suspected terrorist financiers (see 1986-October 1999). Al-Qadi later will claims that he sold his investment in Ptech in 1999, but there will be evidence he may continue to hold a financial stake after that year, and even after the US will officially declare him a terrorism financier (see 1999-After October 12, 2001).


lets not lose focus on the perps.

Dov Zakheim

“QME, which pertains to Israel’s ability to defend itself by itself against any combination of Mideast adversaries, was always implied but never explicitly linked to long-term FMF agreements or security assistance planning,” said Dov Zakheim, formerly Pentagon comptroller and undersecretary of defense. - See more at:

protecting the homeland with your tax dollars

Paul Wolfowitz

As President Barack Obama makes the case for airstrikes in Syria, one of his chief tasks is to persuade Congress and the American people that this is not another Iraq. He has an unusual ally in this effort: Paul Wolfowitz, the former deputy secretary of Defense for George W. Bush and one of the chief architects of the 2003 Iraq War

Man just gets better does it not....what is coming soon.

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 05:31 AM
I started this thread years ago...was wondering if anything had changed...but you know all still stands to this day....and even more so as things have come to light...

But a good addition to this thread is this video

core of coruption

Some new info...just realise how old this thread is...and compare

This event set the stage of many things that are happening now.

Wake up and welcome to the totalitarian prison....The World.

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