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Are men becoming more gay and sissified????

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by sassyncute

you dropped something

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 04:48 PM

Originally posted by sassyncute

Originally posted by 23refugee

One might opine that were your husband a real man, he'd finally put his foot down and you'd be in the kitchen doing something constructive instead of posting anachronistic opinion pieces on the web.
Sure, dinner's ready and the house looks clean, but if you've had a brat on each hip all day, you probably smell like a diaper. Maybe he'd appreciate it if you spent this free time dolling yourself up a bit. Fairies aren't the only ones that benefit from a bit of pampering.

Actually he is a real man. He is a semi pro power lifter and does a proper mans job. He used to work on the North Sea oil rig and now owns a large construction company. I work professionally but I have my place in the home and still do the cooking and the laundry and still find time to workout and do girly things. My husband would never go on the "Dole" in England because he is a man and not a free loader. I am a trust fund brat as most will know from my previous posts so yes we do not have the same problems some do, but we each have a place in our marriage and it is traditional. That is why we work togehter and that is why it worked for many years for a lot of couples in the old days.

Now with all these girly men not being able to hold down a job and crying about UFO's and government cover ups (which will always happen no matter how many of you whine) fashion idols and pop stars, there is a huge divorce rate in the US and now England is following.

Men need to be men and lead by example. To much hair gel and too many hours dancing to some boy band. Too gay. Even Gay men seem more manly these days than your average man. Well they seem the same as these "normal" men.

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Most powerlifters are fat and cant run a mile without giving out of breath.

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by sassyncute

This could be true. But if I were a gay man. I would just shoot myself in the head and be done with it. I think I would rather be a criminal deviant.

Thanks for the offer but as a member of society I would rather you were a gay man than a criminal deviant.
Why not "rather be" something wherein I or another "victim" don't have to pick the pieces and repair the damage after you've left the scene?
Gay men tend to pick up after themselves.
Criminals leave a wake of heartbreak, trouble and money damages and eventually, they often do get shot in the head.

posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 05:30 PM
While i dont agree with all of the OP post i do agree on some points! I dont like farting around my woman hey they stink and nothing amusing about them they stopped being funny at 11-12 years old.

That said look at what some of the males have to watch this day and age, the wiggles? lol BARNEY? Tele tubbies from the late 90's. I grew up on He-Man,Thunder Cats, GI Joe and Transformers. And action heroes looked like they could actually kick ass. Arnold, Stallone!! Not keanu reeves! Also nothing wrong with going to a gym and keeping yourself fit and healthy. That means being able to run a few miles and strong , not just benching 400 lbs muscle bound cant put your arms up and getting gassed looking at a set of stairs!! Most mma fighters train in what would be considered a gym call them a sissy for it and see what happens

Their is nothing wrong with a woman wanting a man who can defend her, someone she wouldnt have to take up for in a altercation. Although i know some women like little sissy boys who they can slap around. Now ill give you a example and there are lots of them on the web but heres one. For instance the huge man that beats up the little bartender and the 2 men stand their and watch.

Any real man would have stepped in even if it meant getting his ass kicked to defend that small female. Guy had his back turned slipping a rnc on him woulda been cake walk. Those guys are not men! And i see more and more videos were men should have taken action.

To me a man is someone who takes care of his family. He has a heart but also knows when action needs to be taken and will defend the innocent defenseless ones and not stand by and idly watch like a coward. Keeping yourself in shape helps with that. Just my 2 cent

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posted on Sep, 14 2010 @ 05:50 PM
There's no manly man like Prince Poppycock!

Move over Chuck Norris; you've been bested! She might even kick higher.

posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by sassyncute

I choose to overlook them in preference for someone who can actually produce some testosterone.

... and you know they are grateful!

posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 07:48 AM

Originally posted by sassyncute

This could be true. But if I were a gay man. I would just shoot myself in the head and be done with it. I think I would rather be a criminal deviant.

It's like you want to prove this point correct. The self-loathing theory is still very valid.

Originally posted by sassyncute

It is funny how you "people" still post on these threads that you find so appaulling.

Love how you throw the quotation marks around the word as if the gay guys are not actually people. Contempt is such an easy and base emotion, isn't it?

Originally posted by sassyncute

Are men pathetic these day? Are men more like women? Are gay men PART of the reason? YES.

Quite frankly I could post a thread with a picture of Chaz Bono and rant about how women are getting more manly these days. It wouldn't actually serve any purpose to start such a thread - other than to troll for replies and to flame whoever dared disagree. But to do that would just make me look like a total idiot.

Wouldn't it?

Originally posted by sassyncute

Did my original post make sense? IT must of done because it touched so many people little feelings. Do people find the truth offensive if it smacks them in the face of what they have been trying to convince themselves of otherwise? YES....proof is on this thread.

I thought my first post showed that I don't personally give a damn what you think. I'm not offended by this in the least and I actually find your whole shtick to be funny. But not funny in a really enjoyable, redemptive way. More like funny in the way it's funny when a bully gets decimated by someone he thought was weaker than he is.

Originally posted by sassyncute

Men are more sissified.

The more you speak the more I tend to agree. With a disposition like yours I imagine that you might see most men as feminine in comparison.

posted on Sep, 15 2010 @ 07:55 AM
You gotta wonder when someone gets so upset about how other people live their lives, instead of just worrying about their own. You gotta wonder about someone's self image when they spend so much of their time putting other people down -- in an attempt to make themselves less dispicable?

Then again there is that old truth, not sure who coined it, but we "hate the most in others what we hate about ourselves". Ever check yourself on that? I have, when I am about to criticize some one or some thing, I sometimes stop myself and think -- is it me I am really b!_ing about? If its the case, then I just shut up.

posted on Sep, 24 2010 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by wayno

Good lad.

The OP is a snob mate, obviously very insecrue that she has to brag about her life on the internet.

Threads like this are just stupid and sad.

And By the Way OP i think your husband may be the gay one. It sounds like he is trying too hard to be a 'real' man.

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posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 01:48 AM
Up to a point I agree with the OP and their positon.

I do not however agree with all of it.

I find todays male to be very sissified indeed. I find alot of males who have been raised primarily by women and or a television set or by movies. They have very feminine thinking and value systems. They, like many women, need help when things get difficult or hardship comes. Their problem solving skills are very lacking. In their ability to find the easy path or get someone else to solve problems, rescue them, or take the risk out of life for them, they seem to be very feminine..even female like. And these males are becoming fathers. They are often high maintenance like many females.
They know how to get to the coffee pot, microwave, and refrigerators..but shy away from hard demanding work requiring thinking and risk. Instant gratification values..not postponed gratification values.

Are all males today like but the numbers seem to be growing.

Also being a man means solving a probem or problems to a satisfactory conclusion..not how many asses you can kick. This world is full of problems needing an attention span/discipline to solve beyond ass kicking. What are some of you thinking?? And I mean male and female both!!

What I sense by the OP is that there is a generation of males out here who like women...define themselves by what they they look..;.;by the physical. In this I agree with her in that they are like many women more physical in certain arenas than the males of olde. It becomes obvious that they have been raised by anyone and anything but a man in their lives.

Watch them..they can't put the cell phone down for long. It is like a drug to them. They are hooked. They are social creatures..just like many females. What is sickening to me is people..male and female both who would rather be on the phone..;.mostly texting when work is to be done..even hazardous/dangerous work where peoples lives and safety are involved. They cannot focus outside of the phone. I find this conduct very feminine...instant gratification...not disciplined or postponed gratification.

Another thing I have learned...while I am not against sexuality..if find it disgusting both male and female for anyone to define themselves by their sexuality or sexual orientation. Male and female.
For I know that people are so much more than sexuality. I am not arguing her against sexuality. I am saying that people are more than sexuality. Do not be stupid enough to declare your glory and human properties by your sexuality. You have to go to school to get this naturally dumb and ignorant so as not to be aware that people are more than sex and sexuality. And public schooling has become a television and movie education. This is obvious to thinking peoples. And who pays for this pubic education..politicians ..who are themselves become drama queens..taking advantage of peoples emotions and insecurities for votes and power....very feminine even sexual in nature.

And most peoples of today have a Television/movie education based on emotional instant gratification. This is part of what we see by people defining themselves by what they consume..not by what they know or the skills they have by knowing how to do things..both male and females. And advertising for goods and services has become highly and overdone in sexuality/insecurities.

I have no objections to a woman working or not working if she chooses to do so. Among couples this is usually decided by a process called division of taking.

I think also what the OP is describing is males who are not natural risk takers in lieu of defining themselves by their instant emotional do many females.
Being a male in certain arenas means disciplines...and disciplines means postponed gratifications. Female socialization in economically affluent social structures means more instant gratifications for them verses third world nations where neither male or female get much of this.

Do not become so ignorant that you become want to define yourself by what is around you to the point you no longer know the difference. I know more people who cannot define a thought or idea outside of some movie or television program they have watched at some time. They dont even seem to know that they are doing or carrying out this pattern. It has become an automatic response/thought. Their thoughts are someone elses thought, their emotions someone elses. They live second hand vicarious lives through television and movies and dont even know it. They buy huge amounts of goods based on someone else invading their tought processes..;they are excellent consumers..just.not good peoples. Many are copies of what they have watched in others through movie and television mediums.
This has become so perverted that the males now define themselves by this feminization.
How many peoples do you know who fit this template. I know lots of them.
Many of you will notice this now that you have read this post.

I do not watch sports with the exception of a good fishing program.I like to catch and eat fish. Not interested in trophy fishing. A photo will do. I prefer my fish in the pan or freezer.

I have no interest in living second hand through the gods of sports. This idol worship has no appeal to me.

I dont have to talk about power tools for the same reason as sports..I dont need to live second hand through powerful hand tools. I am in Shipbuilding as a machinist. I use them to make a living. I know how to make many tools do what I need them to do. I also know how to modify and adapt many to purposes not intended. Even how to fabricate many of my own in solving problems. Tools are not an idol to me of worship. I dont need to live in second hand hero worship through tools...just as do many through sports.

I had to laugh at this program years ago about the tool man...Tim Allen...I think was his name. I found this progrram disgusting and seldom watched it except long enough to show it was a program for the feminizing of the male by altering reality through humor and ridicule. It often portrayed the male as bumbling and inept..while the women sat in the back...calm and sedate..;directing the whole affair and not taking risks...but directing the risks of others. This is part and parcel of this television programming and education which many have today received. This program was followed by many others of the same genre...and pattern. the feminizing of the American male.
I cant even remember the name of this program...can any of you??

I have two cars, a van, and a truck. I ride a moped and scooters to work. I dont care what others think of me in this venue. I am secure enough in what I am doing to not care about this. I am laughing all the way to the bank.
But then again..I dont live 25 to 50 miles from work. Nonetheless others can p--s off on this. I dont care what they think of me in this regard.

Much of what is male to day is cheap advertising. I am not interested in this. I find little of interest in television or movies. Most of it is to sell a philosophy or merchandise. Same for being females. Most of the markets in Westeren economically affluent social structures is focused on the females to sell products.

For it is known that the female in these affluent nations is the determiner of where and how most of the monies are spent ..particularly on big ticket items.; Homes, cars, goods to furnish the al. It is the female who must be sold. Not the male. The male can take the bulk of risks in how the monies are earned but it is the female that must be sold...not the male. The male can be controlled in his spending habits by the female. The female can be controlled by appealing to the children in making her insecure. Now the male is controlled by the female and the children.

However ..if you feminize the male..;you now can create an alternate market for goods and services. No matter that it is destroying the social feminizing him to the point where he cannot defend a male position outside of his consumption levels. This is not accidental..nor is the previous description I presented.
Both are designed to neuter the male through feminization and disregard his risk taking ability.

Ever notice closely that the political dogma called Wealth Redistribution is not talking about Risk Redistribution?? Very Feminine and it not?? Watch these political whores closely for this fingerprint. Once you notice this know that the King is Naked..the King has on no clothes. You have to go to school and become stupid/dumbed down not to notice it. And it has been successfully done by politics paying for and financing public education and a media shilling for it. Very feminine in preying on your it not??

I recall reading a magazine someone brought into work called Maxim. I was shocked to see that it was the male equivalent of Cosmopolitan. The same overpriced advertisements for goods. The same cheap selling points. By this stuff or be no one. Be a player by purchasing this stuff. Sickening. The only thing missing was the Quiz format. Apparently men have not been sufficiently feminized to respond to quizzes.......yet???
Nonetheless I found this magazine and others of the genre to be cheap versions of another cheap magazine called Cosmopolitan. Take the sex and sexuality out of all of them and you have nothing.
What does it take to get some people to wise up to all this glitter and glitz.

I use a comb or a brush..I dont care who approves or disapproves of it...they can all P--s Off. I'm driving this bus and paying for it.

As to farting or breaking wind...;it can become uncomfortable. I dont expect my woman to suffer for it. But I do expect her to be somewhat discrete as will I. I feel it is worse to suffer or be uncomfortable with it. I expect the same from her. Get used to it or get lost.

I dont need to lift weights to prove my manhood. I work in shipbuilding..I haul lots of steel around.

I dont like the smell of piss or puke...male or female. I dont approve of men who cannot hit the target and piss all over everything for everyone else to suffer or clean up behind them. I find this detestable and unskilled. If you cannot hit the target sit down like a woman. Dont inflict your handicaps on others.

This also does not mean the correct position for the seat is down. If you cannot determine the position of the seat before you do your are high maintenance..male or female both. Look before you jump dummy.

I had a bunch of males and females staying with me during a hurricane some years back. I found the men could not hit the target and we would quickly have a sanitation problem. I got all of them in the bathroom and lectured them on what I thought and expected of them. If they cannot hit the target sit down like a woman or clean up behind themselves every time. No need for such selfishness in making others suffer for their lack of skills. I find this conduct sickening.

Women too are not the cleanest in their bathroom habits. This is not just a male issue.

If a male wants to model to make a problem with me on this. If the market will pay him for this skill..Bon Appetit. I dont think any less of him. This world takes all kinds of skills to keep going.

In like manner, while I dont watch sports, if the market is willing to pay these salaries to keep the sport going no problem with me. They just wont be taking my monies as I dont watch such sports nor buy the products advertised. Not interested in this. But if the market will pay them for playing and or modeling or advertising products..Bon Appetit.

Real men do not cry over everything..I agree with the OP on this. She did not say never cry but dont cry over everything. Most men do their crying and suffereing in private. Prefering to not make a public display over it.
Most men of any caliber are under disciplines..meaning postponed gratifications..not instant gratifications..including crying.
Female socialization is usually different in this aspect. Women as a whole expect socially to cede/cater to their emotions....not discipline them.
In this aspect the men are becoming feminized indeed.

I will also add that the women who understand this are themselves becoming a rare are men.
To many males out here..not men. To many females....not women as well.


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posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 02:34 AM
reply to post by orangetom1999

Interesting rant. Feel better?

I can't say I disagree with much of what you said; except that what you were talking about was really more about character than male vs female characteristics. I would venture to say that there are many more women than you think who know all about delayed gratification, about thinking thru and solving problems -- motherhood anyone?

Sure, there are the cliche's about the sexes, but in reality everyone is their own unique combination of male and female characteristics. Quiet strength is admirable in either sex in my book, but we all have our own preferences.

Perhaps the smartest thing you said was that it takes all of our various types and personalities to make the world go around -- even the ones we don't like so much.

posted on Sep, 27 2010 @ 02:55 AM

Interesting rant. Feel better?

No not really wayno..but thanks for asking.

I can't say I disagree with much of what you said; except that what you were talking about was really more about character than male vs female characteristics.

This is an excellent point wayno and made with an economy of words which I seem to lack. Thankf for clearing it up with such brevity.

I was indeed speaking more of character traits. I don't approve of character traits being replaced with consumptioni levels. I find this a very poor substitution scheme. Thanks.

I would venture to say that there are many more women than you think who know all about delayed gratification, about thinking thru and solving problems -- motherhood anyone?

I did not say that motherhood was not postponed gratification. It is indeed. However there are numerous governnment programs to assist in motherhood are there not? How many programs are there to assist in fatherhood?? Or even in being a man?? This topic is about men being sissified....feminized.

Sure, there are the cliche's about the sexes, but in reality everyone is their own unique combination of male and female characteristics. Quiet strength is admirable in either sex in my book, but we all have our own preferences.

Quite strength is indeed admirable and becoming more and more rare in the day of self promotion and self glorification/instant gratification.

l disagree in this regard in that everyone is their own unique combination of male and female characteristics. I see to many stamped out like on a xerox machine. Punch in 50 copies of what is advertised/promoted in movies and television and you have 50 copies of great consumers...not individual thinkers. Often just emotional robots jumping to a stimulus not of their own doing per se..but defining themselves, without knowing it, by someone elses template. Even unto a voting booth.

Perhaps the smartest thing you said was that it takes all of our various types and personalities to make the world go around -- even the ones we don't like so much.

It does indeed take all types. Problem that they variety is narrowing down to mosty two legged wildlife in its natural habitat. And I dont think it is accidental.


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posted on Sep, 28 2010 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by orangetom1999

I have to agree that media and advertising seem to have a stranglehold on a lot of people. It is to the point that someone who does not buckle under the social pressures to buy and have every latest gadget is somehow not quite right.

By the way, my father's favourite expression to use against me was "sissy" when I was a kid and wasn't meeting his expectations in some task or other. So it still holds a bit of a sting for me, when I hear people branding it about in an attempt to put someone down. My dad was neverthless a fantastic, warm and caring guy who I loved dearly.

As an aging gay man I have to say that the more feminine nature of today's men can be somewhat disconcerting to me as well, (perhaps for different reasons than yours) and is for most of my friends as well. The same goes for women, who are straight but very butch. But in the end, I think if you are comfortable with yourself then you are usually also comfortable with just letting other people be themselves too.

Being slave to the commercials and big business is a cardinal sin that is not forgiveable.

posted on Sep, 28 2010 @ 02:08 PM

Stranglehold...hmmmm..?? Indeed. Once again I had not thought of it quite in those terms but it fits to a tee.

And exactly...those who do not buckle under the social pressures to conform/buy...are criticised or ridiculed. It becomes like some kind of social treadmill. No thanks..not for me. I am not interested in keeping up with the Jonses.

As to your father using the term sissy...Yes I can understand it to a point. I dont necessarily care for it in peer group..but a proper father or even mother ...wants to know that their child can survive when they are not around to wipe their noses and or backsides after they are gone. If this means toughening be it.

I am not much of a group type person..more of an individual..;going my own way for most of my life.I am somewhat anti social and I don't care who knows or approves/disapproves. I find that much todays of social baggage is not worth my time or is mostly high maintenance and high profit for someone else's benefit.

As to other people being comfortable with themselves. As I takes all kinds to make the world work. Mostly I prefer that people are comfortable away from me.

I dont care for the feminine nature of men today because when hard times does not bode well for the species if the men are now competition for goods and services with the women. Risk taking takes on a non benificial viewpoint than in times past and based on instant gratification principles/dogmas/religion. They are not complimentary..but competition. And I know women and the effeminate understand competition from a very different angle or viewpoint than the average man.
Competition covers alot of ground, subtilty, and nuances for which mostly the effeminate understand.


posted on Oct, 19 2010 @ 01:37 AM
It's all a symptom of the decline of the west. You see the same syndrome in rodent colonies, when the population density crosses a certain threshold, a lot of peripheral males just refuse to compete for a limited supply of females. The weaker ones have to do without. In humans, the "sour grapes" stance is to say you never wanted one in the first place.

Just look at the adds on TV. Watch any "Progressive Insurance" commercial. Just look at the guys. Other than the motorcycle dude (who quickly knuckles under to Flo because she rides a manlier bike), none of them is believable as a breeder. Ditto Geico commercials.

Or check out the hunting index. Part of the deer overpopulation this year is due to the record low turnout of hunters. Fishing is down as well. Because those are manly pursuits, and now, less popular.

Its just like Paris in 1788....

Yes, it IS the decline of western civilization. They don't have these kinds of questions in Iran; and no, not because they are outlawed. But simply because they live in a culture where ACTING LIKE A MAN is still a sure-fire recipe for sex. With a woman.

*Raise shields, set for forward deflection*

posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 04:12 PM
I'm with the OP, but you can be a manly man and still not be into weights or farting in public. (besides, I'll bet there are far more gay weightlifters than straight, in any given we're usually simply too lazy to do so!)

I may not be big into watching sports (I just don't see the attraction in memorizing a bunch of idiotic stats and rooting for someone getting millions for recess).... but in most respects, I consider myself a man's man... I like power tools, not afraid to loot at the engine of a car, wouldn't be caught dead with one of those man-purses, etc.

There's a fine line between being clean and being a nutjob guy spending two hours in the bathroom. I get up, shower, shave, brush teeth, use some deodorant, get dressed, and run a brush or comb (whichever my wife didn't move on me) through the hair real quick, spritz on some spray, and I'm done....

posted on Oct, 25 2010 @ 04:59 PM
Personally, I don't have a "man's to-do list" that rates how manly you are.

Hobbies and interests don't get it done, either. I know some real he-men whose pastimes include collecting art and wine. Not that those are points in their favor or anything; they just don't apply.

Personally, I like Italian coffee; capuccino, espresso, latte, etc. Again, I don't think I "lose points" for those things.

So, to paraphrase Sinatra.... "What is a man? What has he got? If not himself, then he has naught....."

I think manliness resides in the knowledge that no one is going to come in here and clean up the situation FOR me if I cannot handle it. Suppose there is a rattlesnake in the garage again. Am I going to ask my wife to "get rid of that thing for me?!?!!?" Of course not. She is the one with the husband---she calls me.

Or if the car runs out of gas because she didn't look at the gauge during this election cycle; again, we know who is walking with a can back to the exit ramp, and who is sitting and playing with her fancy phone.

Do I mind those things? Do I mind being the fixer, the closer, the spider-slayer or the solver? Of course I don't mind. I'm a man. It's what I do.

Stay thirsty, my friends.


posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 10:38 AM
I think that men are simply finally letting go of those ridiculous hyper-masculine stereotypes. I'm glad of it. I doubt that there's more than a very few men who are genuinely Lone Ranger clones.

posted on Nov, 23 2010 @ 09:55 AM
Part of the change in western culture has been the increase in population density. When individuals cannot effectively compete, they change the rules and method of score-keeping. The growth in alternate, "new" expressions of sexuality is also a growth in the number of individuals who see diminishing prospects in the competition for mates.

It's sort of like saying, "if I cannot win the race, I'll call it a parade, and overwhelm the judges with my style."

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