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Murder/suicide, young suicide. Route of the problem? Solution to the problem?

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posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by davespanners

The two cases you brought up escape my mind in totality, My assumptions are as follows.

I guess a self hating homosexual pedophile who blames society for everything being case one.

As for case two... self hating homosexual who hates the world... because?
I guess he hated his orientation because he didn't have his parent's approval,
I mean, he DID dislocate his mother's shoulder... He killed one of his friends,
bizarre individual indeed.

I can't really add much beyond what wiki gives, not enough data to assume anything.

posted on Sep, 21 2010 @ 11:05 PM
reply to post by The Protector

Your first paragraph seems pretty spot on,
unfortunately I do not know if this is applicable to case one and two
as mentioned before. Maybe case one, but case two seems to be
a genuine mental disorder of sorts, where the subject identifies
EVERYONE as an enemy, how he comes to that conclusion evades me.
Over developed predatory instincts?

Your second paragraph seems to be explained by the first,
I guess the main idea here is that the perpetrators feel threatened
and believe that they're not going down without a fight.

The theory in my opinion only applies to people with a logical mind,
I believe that some perpetrators are unable to think logically
and make connections that simply don't exist. This is dangerous as we can clearly see.
A predictable killer is easily neutralized, I presume we all come from the same
mindset that if a specialist attempted at presenting a rational and logical solution to
the inner problems of perpetrators, their deep rooted personal issues could be resolved
with extreme ease, it would take time of course, but there is a glimmer of hope that
the subject can be pacified without the use of mind altering medication and/or forceful confinement.
When it comes to an illogical mind, no amount of rationalization will help,
these subjects are as dangerous as they come simply because of their unpredictability
and lack of will to find a solution, they would most probably believe that the individual
who is trying to help them is also an enemy that must be vanquished for whatever rubbish reason.
The only humane thing to do at this point is to lock them up before they are able to hurt anyone.

Would you agree with my assumptions?

posted on Sep, 22 2010 @ 01:25 AM
Different people do things for different reasons.

I've been angry enough to kill someone - though, generally, never simultaneously thinking it a good idea to kill myself (although I could see how someone could feel 'trapped' once they do commit such an act, and decide to take their own life). However, it should be noted that logic of a different flavor arises when someone is under stress. The logic is not flawed - but the magnitude of various factors is shifted.

As for suicide - again, when someone's logic gets shifted to the point where the magnitude of issues is far greater than they feel they can overcome, suicide is a 'logical' conclusion.

My mom died a few days before I turned 19, the day I graduated from my specialty training in the Navy, and roughly six months since I had last seen her. Being a contract reservist, I went from being active duty to being at home with a family that always felt lacking. My dad passed away earlier this year and the girl I was head-over-heels in a relationship with decided to play the field on me.

I certainly contemplated how I'd go about killing myself to make maximum impact. The logic was simple - if people cared about me, they'd be sad if I died. Selfish as can be, for sure... and - well, obviously, I never took my own life, or attempted to. But I can certainly empathize with the feelings one must have before committing such an act. I wanted a pity-party with a wamburger and french-cries - especially on the days I had to spend my time alone in a house I could only remember having five people in it.

It's not my shining example of who I am and aspire to be - but I felt pretty damned forsaken.

I can't say I'm completely recovered - but I'm better than I used to be. Spending time with friends and people, in general, helps a lot. Getting attention without having to kill yourself (or even bringing it up) is much desired. So is giving attention - it's not all about getting attention, but knowing that your actions are helping someone else out and that you are making a difference.

The cause? Could be anything. Financial problems, relationships, family/social issues.... We're not all wired the same. I was (and still am) very attached to that girl - I have no desire to 'move on' or do what-ever it is my male peers seem to imply I do. I just don't work that way - and it works to my benefit in some ways, and detriment in others. Someone could have a similarly 'extreme' reaction to being scolded by a teacher, or not getting a promotion.

The solution is, interestingly enough - simple and common. People. Giving each other plenty of attention and allowing others the opportunity to help and see their impact on the world around them. Spend time with people and do the things people do. Eating healthy and exercising also tend to help a lot, (healthy sleep cycles will follow those two) but people are most important factor.

And just like any solution - not all of the people who need it will find it or have it offered to them.

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